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Introvert Problems

Me at social gatherings!

This was a Facebook video and I converted it to a GIF. :p


Who Can Resist Some Puppy Love?

Definitely not me!!

My sister (who lives next door) has 3 Yorkshire Terriers and within just 4 weeks, her 2 girlies have both had puppies so we currently have a ‘puppy fest’ next door. 84 more words


Adrable Teacup Puppies

Some breeds are so small they can fit inside a teacup, hence the name! Here are some of the most adorable ones the internet has to offer. 19 more words


Happiness — Wicked Aww Pics

Absolutely adorable! What a great picture. I particularly love how happy the puppy is. Blissfully unaware of any problems. A huge thank you to Wicked-aww-pics for this awesome picture! 6 more words


Charlie's First Bath

Charlie has been in the family for about two weeks now, and there has been a definite doggy smell around him that has been growing stronger and stronger. 599 more words

My Musings

Everyone Loves A Labrador

Last Tuesday the best thing happened.

My boyfriend’s sister, Beth, bought a puppy.

I’d like you all to meet Charlie. He is a long-haired labrador and he is almost 9 weeks old. 607 more words

My Musings