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Spring Snuggles Anyone?

If I had an online doggie dating profile, this is what it would say.

Looking For: Casual snuggle buddies, dogs, cats, monkeys, humans and otherwise. Must be in it for the chase, and enjoy playing fetch and tug-of-war. 143 more words


The Story of Our little Buddy

It was exactly three years ago this morning that James received an “urgent” email with a photo of a scruffy little dog wearing a necktie. The message read, “Do you know anyone at all who may be interested in adopting this little guy? 1,542 more words

10 KM Walk

March 6, 2015

You wanna go for a walk, Darla?!

They said.

It’ll be fun!

They said.

And it was… but holy jeez it was long! 195 more words


Vote for Me on Canine Casting Call

I’m not an ugly dog am I??? 


Validate my cuteness!

But don’t just vote for me, vote for all the cuties.

Especially all my fellow squishyface dogs. 8 more words


My First time Trying Apple

Some Day in February, 2015

At first when Momma H handed it to me, I was like, are you sure? That doesn’t look like something I’m allowed to eat! 55 more words