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Happy International Puppy Day

Our pets mean everything to us.  They bring joy and comfort to many.  Join potluckycom in celebrating this happy puppy day and remember our pets are special too.

It's National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day is intended to encourage puppy-seekers to head to a local shelter and adopt a fur baby.

I recently got a puppy. An 8 week old chihuahua who’s name is Molly Monsoon. 115 more words


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Cute Puppies

VIDEO: Behold Puppy Wrestling!

Chance and Duke wrestling when Duke was just a teeny puppy. Need I say more?


Facebook Remix: Puppies v. President

My longtime Facebook friends can be divided into two groups, neither of which appreciate my recent online negativity about your president. The “give-him-a-chance” crowd loves the man and is irritated that I keep complaining. 789 more words

My Sunday Photo: We know how to play!

My Little, she loves her Gatsby so. This was going on this Sunday morning. That is joy!

Not everyone the dog barks at is a thief.  

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Doggie Days Adoption Festival

On Saturday, Jan. 24, 2017, Steele Indian School Park hosted the Doggie Days Adoption Festival. Over 35 dogs were given new homes by the time the festival ended. 36 more words