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Puppy Videos to Brighten Your Day!

Tuesday is really just a second Monday. Bitsy decided that it was a brilliant idea to roll in wet dead leaves RIGHT after coming home from the groomers. 60 more words


Nightmare since leaving hospital!

Once again my apologise for not blogging sooner.  Since leaving hospital everything has gone wrong for me.  When I left hospital I wrote a 2 page blog and when I went to post it my computer broke and it took me weeks to have it fixed then I lost all my work I did!.     344 more words

Daily Updates

Live Long and Prosper...With Puppies

Forget multivitamins or fish oil, or whatever’s billed as the secret to longevity these days. The REAL secret is not just to live long, but to live long HAPPILY. 286 more words

Wing's Words

Puppy Love Part I

Meet Murf – Livy’s puppy in Sapphire Secrets. Isn’t he cute?

Here’s another little guy who isn’t having a very good day…click here.

Stuff 'n' Nonsense

coffee love

Happy National Coffee Day from Bentley and I <3

We’re (aka I’M) sipping on our second iced coffee of the day and feeling fantastic. There may be a third in the future because it’s a holiday…duh. 14 more words

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