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Chicago Skyline


Large Scale, no longer have this (moved it around with me a bunch and it just didn’t hold up! wahh)

B+ Project for a class a few years back.. 18 more words


"Try Telling That To My Baby" The Heavy Blinkers.

Candyland explodes into a Busby Berkely like musical with a small cupcake in the lead. Set to the sugar pop orchestre of The Heavy Blinkers and dipped in the visual taffy of FH.


"On Your Way" The Album Leaf.

The Album Leaf’s first track off of the acclaimed album “In A Safe Place” manifests in the form of a lush woodland filled with musically inclined balloon like creatures.



The 2nd annual Montreal Student Film Festival opening credits. Music by No Luck Club.



129mmX126mm, 2B Pencil and Red Pen on White Cartridge Paper on Black Sugar Paper

This is the single art of Louis Hudson’s “Scars”. The lyrics are as follows: 256 more words