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Los Altos Wall Bee Colony Removal: The Birds and the Bees

This one was pretty straightforward – move aside the creeping fig –
unscrew the covering board, expose the colony, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum,cage the queen, and seal all the entrances. 22 more words

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Palo Alto Church Bees

Stucco, paper, sheetrock, plywood, more wood, then the bees! Holy moly. 7 more words

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Roof Bees in Los Altos

Somehow these bees find the most interesting places to live. Staying warm and cozy by the fireplace I suppose! 6 more words

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Huge News: Magazine Kevin Love Has Been Given Shotgun Privileges While Channing Frye Is In The Back Seat


Wow!!! Haven’t see a twist like that since the ending of the Sixth Sense! Just when you think MKL has been relegated to the backseat for the rest of his life magazine life, RJ gives him shotgun privileges and tells Channing Frye to get his ass in the backseat. 82 more words


The Eichler, the Bees, and the Wardrobe

Well it doesn’t get any cooler than this!
Inside a wall, inside an Eichler, and behind a wardrobe, was found a brand-new colony of bees. A magical sawzall, a bee vac, and some moxie restored the portal to normal. 30 more words

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Santa Clara Ceiling Colony Removal

This was the biggest, angriest, and messiest colony to date. The brood nest was easily identified using thermal imagery but when the ceiling drywall was removed about an inch of mouse poop pellets rained down. 25 more words

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Belmont Bee Colony Rescue

A spring swarm recently moved into a wall in Belmont through a tiny external hole. The colony was easily localized using thermal imaging and removed all within one hour. 13 more words

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