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San Carlos Wall Colony Removal

This medium sized honey bee colony had set up shop in a wall in a garage in San Carlos. Usually they like a larger space but these guys extended their comb down 5 feet in a narrow space between studs. 20 more words

Honey Bees

Verizon Cell Tower Bee Colony

“Hello? Hello? I can’t hear anything but a bunch of buzzing!”

Honey Bees

Hillsborough Wall Honey Bee Removal

These honey bees swarmed in on the Fourth of July and started to set up a colony in a wall in Hillsborough. They were very peaceful bees and the removal was very straightforward. 12 more words

Honey Bees

Parque Pesadelo (2015)

A cutout-style animation from Brazil involving otherworldly creatures in a folktale…

Visual Vocab

Floral composition in bw. Cutout illustration by Alisa Knatko

Floral composition in black and white. Cutout illustration by Alisa Knatko

Original cutout illustration (2017)

This illustration is made using a new technique I started this Spring. 32 more words