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Smallest colony cutout ever

Look how tiny and helpless this little colony of bees in a wall is. Less than 1 hour from start to finish to locate the bees, remove them safely, seal off their entrance, and put the wall back together again.

Honey Bees

Hilsborough external colony removal

This is a very interesting colony of bees. Another beekeeper was called a few days ago to remove a swarm outside of a dormer window. Within 30 min about half of the bees took off and left behind at this beautiful sheet of exposed comb. 169 more words

Honey Bees

South San Francisco live bee colony removal

This was a 4 year old colony inside a garage wall that extended from the floor up to the firebreak about waist high between the studs. 32 more words

Honey Bees

Sunrise Cutout

What I love about sunrise: the colors, the birds chirping, the quiet, and the peace.

When was the last time you enjoyed a sunrise? What is your favorite part of sunrise?


Die Cutting

Group Photography

Basic Photo Manipulation starts from $10 55 more words


Pet Photo Manipulation

Pet photo manipulation edit starts from $10 127 more words