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Honeybees, Wasps, or Yellowjackets?

It’s that time of the year again when we get lots of calls to remove flying insects that are actually yellowjackets or wasps, and not honeybees. 24 more words

Honey Bees

Rainbow Bliss

This lively textured print is one of a kind. Similar to lace, the colorful floral cutouts make this dress standout with a plain white bottom underlay. 49 more words


Palo Alto Wall Cutout

This may have been the longest bee colony I’ve ever seen – it extended all the way up to the top plate and all the way down to the sole plate between studs in the wall in Palo Alto. 25 more words

Honey Bees


The summer is in its full and it is quite difficult to handle the hot weather. I watch girls in long skinny pants and wonder if they do not boil in it. 87 more words


July 2, 2016 Who would do such a thing?

Bob Booker & George Foster, The New First Family 1968, Verve 15054, 1966

So the idea for the American political week came from me trying to find one of the all-time great comedy records, Vaughn Meader’s  373 more words

Redwood City Roof Bee Removal

This swarm has been in place for about three weeks and were coming and going out of a beautiful tudor style roof. I was able to save the decorative shingles and get right into the colony that had filled the roof area and started moving down into the wall, and pulled a good 2 pounds of bees, 10 pounds of honey, and enough brood to make 3 frames. 14 more words

Honey Bees