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Tories have unmade almost 5.5 MILLION #NHS bed-spaces a year - so you can't lie in them

The availability – or lack of it – of NHS hospital beds is big news at the moment and rightly so, with the public imagination caught by the image of toddler Jack Newman, who had to be… 333 more words


It is an amazing thing how human body works. It is built to sustain adverse conditions, recovers and heals itself from injuries, finds ways to protect itself from the defects we are born with. 346 more words

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Sony Cuts Prices To Celebrate PlayStation Store’s 10th Anniversary

#PlaystationNetwork Sony Cuts Prices To Celebrate PlayStation Store’s 10th Anniversary Sony released the PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 11th, 2006 and brought it over to the United States six days later. 42 more words

“Leicester’s Planning Story”: Demanding a Future Without Cuts!

The Conservative Government care not a jot for the people of Leicester, and, in the name of austerity, are relentlessly demolishing public services by slashing their funding of local authorities. 559 more words


Accident Claims Due to Deep Cuts

Recently just completed one of the claims. she/he given me a call of the situation and ask me whether is it claimable. i reply yes and i urge for she/he to go to seek treatment as the cut are deep, and when she/he call me, she/he has being self medication and does not heal well. 65 more words

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Lies, damn lies and mental health promises...

Talk is cheap. Something I’m sure Theresa May is aware of as she continues to embark on her programme of saying nice-ish, sensible things whilst backing them up with fuck all. 1,351 more words

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Families left with just FIFTY PENCE for rent after merciless Tory cuts

By Steve Topple

Many families have just 50p to pay their rent, thanks to government cuts. The shocking statistics come as rental prices are forecast… 726 more words