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Fan-ta-sy Hair story

Fan-ta-sy, noun

Synonyms, fantasy pretense, day dreaming, imagination, invention, fancy dream fabrication, make believe and vision

The faculty or activity of imagining things especially thing that are impossible or improbable. 156 more words


Adventures in Editing

Parallel Editing (Cross Cutting): Parallel Editing is the technique of alternating two or more scenes that are both happening simultaneously but in different locations. This is a example of Parallel Editing (Cross Cutting) from Inception (Nolan, 2010). 286 more words

My Film Studies

Friday Fades-Jan. 2018

Check out our Friday Fades. If you need a good barber in Mcdonough come check out the shop. We are located at 222 Jonesboro road, Mcdonough. 19 more words


Don't Train Like a 9 to 5er. Take Your Job (Getting Ripped) Serious...

It’s really not that hard to get ripped, yet most people in the gym look the same day in and day out.

It’s not that they are training wrong per se, but more that they are either not training hard enough or not dieting correctly. 413 more words

A Fragile Recovery: Life in a supported housing unit

To experience a psychotic episode is to temporarily lose your connection with reality. It can involve hearing voices, delusional beliefs, confusion and difficulty communicating. Psychosis is common to a number of severe mental health conditions, including schizophrenia.
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On psychology getting its priorities right

Well, it’s been a year since I last blogged, and frankly that’s probably a good thing. I had anticipated a reduction in productivity and so it came to pass. 1,380 more words

Professional Practice

Campaigners lobby Coventry council against cuts to disability transport

Campaigners lobby Coventry council against cuts to disability transport

Members of Coventry Socialist Party were supporting parents on Tuesday, 16th January, who lobbied Coventry Council for three hours against charges of up to £600 for school transport for children with special educational needs. 264 more words

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