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The RiverCityGamers Podcast: 4-14-2015

Zeromaster gets voted off the podcast while AngelHalo comes up with ways to use his dead OnLive gear.  Unreal debates the cutscene-to-gameplay ratio of modern games and SCXCR flips out over Fatal Frame getting localized.  67 more words


Kill the Cutscene: Interactivity and Storytelling in Games

A video about the disparity of storytelling and interactivity in video games. This is a broad criticism about storytelling trends in gaming right now and how not enough of them are unique to gaming. 36 more words


Cutscene 24: Master plan

(Note: I hope anyone affected by the blizzard in the NE United States is warm and safe! I’ve been hiding inside with my roommate, watching the snow pile up. 1,936 more words


5 things that should be in Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima’s main series, the saga about Snakes, hours and hours of cutscenes, giant nuclear mech-weapons and tactical espionage gameplay, the Metal Gear Solid will have a new episode in a few weeks, month or years (theres no official release date yet), so as a (metal) solid addict of the series, I’m gonna list some things, that I definitely want to be in it. 733 more words


Cutscene 23: A different dinner

Fresh laughter erupted in the other room of the human family’s house. Aubrey tried to look through the doorway. The angle wasn’t quite right, so she only caught sight of a piece of a feathered boa and some other similar flashy accessories. 2,431 more words


Cutscene 22: Dinner with a side of depressing

(Note: Replacement modem should be in soon. Yay for public wifi hotspots in the meantime!)

As far as Risa was concerned, the one thing that William’s dad was absolutely awesome at was mimicking a puffer fish with his face. 1,970 more words


Amazing Final Fantasy VII Fight Scenes Not From Final Fantasy VII

Here are two of my favorite fighting cutscenes from gaming and though they both involve characters from Final Fantasy VII neither are from the Final Fantasy VII game itself. 67 more words