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Cutscene 35: One night of celebration

Summer, 2015

William and Ami borrowed the house outside Everfier for their wedding. They’d initially been hesitant about being in the Overcurrent for it, but their desire to have Rick and his family there was strong enough to outweigh their concerns. 1,310 more words


Cutscene 34: Time skips

November, 2013

“Ami and Will said you tried to pawn off Nyx on them when they left the Overcurrent,” Risa’s voice said through their communication crystals. 1,908 more words


Which game made you cry?

As men, that would be hard to admit if it happened I bet. Actually as a woman I think it is to…but I am brave. Seriously though, has a game give you the tear? 206 more words


Cutscene 33: Network status

There hadn’t been any indication during the journey that the Angel meant her harm. Still, Whitley couldn’t let herself relax just yet. This was, after all, the same Angel who’d firmly planted herself at the Dragon Lord’s side in such a short span of time and the same Angel who had supported that phoenix’s actions before the Council. 2,056 more words


Cutscene 32: Things to do, places to be

(Note: So sorry everyone and thank you for being patient! The good news is that the rest of the serial is completely written now. Normal updates resume today. 2,692 more words


Cutscene 31: Birthday

(Note: SO sorry for being so floppy lately! I’m hopeful things will be back on track now. Next week’s update should be out on Oct 7th or 8th, depending on how my travels go on the 7th. 2,382 more words


Cutscene 30: Discomfort

(Note 8/27: I made a small edit to the beginning of the second part of this update. After sleeping on it, I realized that the reason for the trip had never really made it out of my head and it might be a little confusing.) 2,067 more words