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Cutscene 32: Things to do, places to be

(Note: So sorry everyone and thank you for being patient! The good news is that the rest of the serial is completely written now. Normal updates resume today. 2,693 more words


Cutscene 31: Birthday

(Note: SO sorry for being so floppy lately! I’m hopeful things will be back on track now. Next week’s update should be out on Oct 7th or 8th, depending on how my travels go on the 7th. 2,382 more words


Cutscene 30: Discomfort

(Note 8/27: I made a small edit to the beginning of the second part of this update. After sleeping on it, I realized that the reason for the trip had never really made it out of my head and it might be a little confusing.) 2,067 more words


Underland's Missing (cutscene)

Alice regarded the Red Queen warily. The way her lips curled into a grin was a bit too disturbing to her liking, and the red-black axe resting in her hands wasn’t helping it, either. 363 more words

New Book

Cutscene 29: Human rehoming

“I swear this drake gets cuter every time I see her,” Ami said, reaching out to rub a finger against said drake’s cheek.

Nyx let out a low grumble and stood, turning around before settling down again on the couch behind Zane’s head. 1,747 more words


Cutscene 28: A favor

It was Liam that opened the door. Rick hadn’t told him that he was coming over or why. He’d considered it, but had ultimately decided that that might make the situation more stressful. 2,072 more words


Cutscene 27: Precautions

(Note: Sorry y’all! I severely overestimated my ability to keep up with writing this month. Normal updates resume today.)

Nico followed his nephew and the human into the living room of the house. 2,126 more words