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Cutscene 26: Furniture work

“Thanks again for helping with this.”

William looked up from the bed that they were in the process of disassembling. “Of course.”

Rick fiddled with the screwdriver in his hand. 1,229 more words


Cutscene 25: Herding birds

“Get. Out.”

The words were said slowly, with emphasis, like the person talking felt that she was talking to an idiot who wouldn’t understand. Someone she was debating the merits of removing from her life permanently through violence. 1,739 more words


Day 199: Opening Cutscene

After two days of work, I have finished the opening cut-scene. I have managed to recycle a lot of the animations from the game, but in the end I had to create a few new bespoke animations. 33 more words


The RiverCityGamers Podcast: 4-14-2015

Zeromaster gets voted off the podcast while AngelHalo comes up with ways to use his dead OnLive gear.  Unreal debates the cutscene-to-gameplay ratio of modern games and SCXCR flips out over Fatal Frame getting localized.  67 more words


Kill the Cutscene: Interactivity and Storytelling in Games

A video about the disparity of storytelling and interactivity in video games. This is a broad criticism about storytelling trends in gaming right now and how not enough of them are unique to gaming. 36 more words


Cutscene 24: Master plan

(Note: I hope anyone affected by the blizzard in the NE United States is warm and safe! I’ve been hiding inside with my roommate, watching the snow pile up. 1,936 more words