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Art Spotlight: Cutscenes, Part II

I’m happy to report that as of today, the demo’s final cutscene is complete. This signals the end of an era – we won’t be updating the demo much more after this. 1,452 more words

Where Shadows Slumber

Art Spotlight: Cutscenes, Part I

For the past few weeks, Jack and I have been working on transitioning from the Demo Version to the Final Version of Where Shadows Slumber… 1,373 more words

Where Shadows Slumber

//BFIG, cutscenes, and decent work

It’s been exactly a month since my last update. Too long. I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw the date.

I’ve been working, of course. 256 more words

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On Being Beaten In Cutscenes

Another quick note before I start – this was again written on my phone, and entries will be like this for the foreseeable future. They’ll be short and have strange typos, so please bear with me! 333 more words

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The Lost Crash Bandicoot Animated Cut-Scenes

Last year, David Siller uploaded this video to YouTube.

Siller was a producer on the original Crash Bandicoot title, and the video contains the 2D traditional Saturday-morning-cartoon cutscenes intended to book end the first game. 331 more words


Are Quicktime Events Fun?

Quicktime events. Love them or hate them, they’re there. Sometimes, games do them well. Sometimes, they don’t. Some people say they’re fun. Some say they’re not. 873 more words

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