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Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 94) – Cutthroat Island

Problematic production, re-casting, re-writing, re-shooting, incoherent plot, flat characters, lifeless on-screen chemistry, countless near-death experiences with nary a scratch….

There’s a reason this movie bankrupted a production company, holds the record for largest box office bomb, and made pirate movies laughably unprofitable for nearly a decade.


On the Rocky Shores of Gozo

The rocky shores of Malta’s Gozo Island are inhabited by an eery beauty, derived from desolation rather than decoration. The scenery is harsh and unwelcoming, but a uniquely wonderful experience. 89 more words


PTS Presents Director's Chair with RENNY HARLIN


Podcasting Them Softly is overwhelmingly excited to present a chat with veteran action director Renny Harlin, a man who needs very little introduction! Die Hard 2. 68 more words

Film Review

CutThroat Island

Renny Harlin directed his then wife Geena Davis in a couple movies in the mid-90s. Why couldn’t I be reviewing The Long Kiss Goodnight?

We begin our journey in Jamaica. 1,393 more words


The Rise and Fall of Carolco

In the mid-to-later eighties, Carolco was riding high on a steady diet of action movies.  Midway through the next decade, it collapsed.  The story has been told in bits and pieces across various articles here at Le Blog.   41 more words


"Bad Dawg!"

Sticking with the piratical theme, Cutthroat Island (1995) was on Film4 a couple times this week, so I set my recorder to catch it, fully expecting to check out as soon as the characters left port and sailed off in search of buried treasure (if not sooner)… but, once again, I got drawn in by the action, and saw it through to the end. 339 more words

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