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Lipstick Review

I decided to ditch talking about my makeup today and looked through my mom’s collection. She’s not a big lipstick addict like myself, but she does have her share of lipsticks…mainly burgundys and dark browns, lovely shades that I have acquired loads of myself. 260 more words

II. A major new study reveals that American adults are shockingly less religious than ever before!

Both “Escaping Common Core” and “Indoctrination” are completely accurate: Churches today are failing because Christian parents left their children in Public Schools, in the “Pharaoh School System”!

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I. Government is out of control, now at war with “We the People”!

Time to “Circle the Wagons” to protect what freedoms we still have!

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Problem-Solving with Catherine

Question: I work in a level 2 NICU and we are seeing a rapid increase in infants referred to us with NAS. Are there any courses on this population to help us better support them? 524 more words

Continuing Education For Speech Pathologists

2015 Seminar Updates:

I am excited to bring back my seminar on Pediatric Swallow Studies: From Physiology to Analysis this year! I get so many requests for information about not only how to interpret what we see during the swallow studies but also the… 186 more words

Continuing Education For Speech Pathologists

NEWS BRIEF: “Pastor Huckabee Warns: If Court Rules Gay Marriage a ‘Civil Right,’ Pastors Must Comply or They’ll ‘Be Breaking the Law’, CSN News, 4/4/15…

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You Have a New SMS Account; Now What?

Congratulations! Your organization is now the proud owner of it’s very own Raindroppers Account, but now what?

You may be considering the power that is now at your fingertips, but realize you have no idea how to start using that power to help your organization grow. 538 more words