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Tasty Toxin

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you may know about my addiction to dark chocolate, and to sugar in general. It was something I just assumed I’d never be able to give up (having tried many, many times), and figured I’d just have to learn to live with the consequences. 1,073 more words

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Are you addicted to sugar? How do you cut down?

Are you a sugar addict? I am. If you’ve ever tried to cut down on sugar and sweet foods I’m sure you’ve realised how difficult it can be. 2,476 more words


Oxfam Saved me from the Sugar Monster

I’ve been feeling rough today. I’ve got a bit of a cold, which wouldn’t usually bother me, but I’m beginning to feel feverish. Not only that, but I’m both anxious and depressed. 407 more words


Weigh Day, and I’ve lost 4lbs. So this week was all about getting into the zone while using what was in the cupboards and freezer. Next week should be a little different, and I intend to add a wee bit of that exercise stuff. 179 more words



Hands can be very dangerous to people on diets; they might be a long way from the brain but they do things instinctively, before the mind can engage – they snaffle sweet stuff. 317 more words


Went the day well? Aye.

I was reading back on this today, sniggering all the way down at how I distance myself to entertain me as well as you. Far be it from me to weep and wail – I am who I am, and just get on with it. 352 more words


The Resurrection

The new diet, excluding sugar, begins today! I stuffed myself into a new pair of 80 denier black tights, X-Large, and felt liked a turkey in micro leggings. 300 more words