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I love how the girl in this picture looks like she’s sitting on the stack of magazines! It wasn’t intended, yet there she is.

But this post is about her, it’s about paper. 91 more words

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The 100th Post: Robotech (The Movie): The Untold Story Part 2


The film opens with a narrated Star Wars-esque crawl expositing the backstory of The Macross Saga, without mentioning anything from Macross. Explaining the crashing of SDF-1, the ensuing battle the resulted from it’s crashing, subsequent repair, and most of the resulting damage done to the Earth. 2,671 more words

Cutting Room Floor

The 100th Post: Robotech (The Movie): The Untold Story Part 1

100 posts, Isn’t this amazing how far we’ve come? With this post, I wanted to do something very special, luckily for me, a couple of months ago, this little gem fell into my lap. 934 more words

Cutting Room Floor

The Ballad of Shannon

Once a flirt, always a waitress,
Shannon had a brief existence.

Shannon, with her blond hair and blue eyes,
Sauntering walk and husky voice,
She practically threw herself at him. 31 more words


I don't think Napoleon Dynamite is going to last very long.

Lumpy has seasonal help every year and he has started hiring for this season. He also likes to give nicknames to the guys that work for him. 299 more words


She blushed at the memory of his consoling embrace. Nothing had felt more right, more calming than his hands enfolding her in his strong arms, pulling her to his slowly beating heart.

Sunny Hugh © 2015



Her fire red hair, her moss green eyes, the light smatter of freckles across a small upturned nose. He had memorized all the details so many times, yet every time seemed like the first.

Sunny Hugh © 2015