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The latest creative experiment ...

A few months ago, I took down my online shop for a little while – to take a little break and to revamp it. Since then, I have been daydreaming about creating/designing my own journals, notepads, and of course, prints. 286 more words

Cutting Room Floor

Cutting Room Interviews: Oliver Harper

Hey everyone, I know I promised a new Ranger Spotlight, but this took more precedence, I’ve finally have managed to get my first interview, and it’s with one of my favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper. 2,404 more words

TV Series

All for One

As someone has said: A sermon is never done until the Wednesday after you preach it. That is truer some weeks more than others.

In… 547 more words

NT - John

Mothers of the Disappeared

In the apocryphal book 2 Maccabees (a popular theology of Jewish history), there is a story about a young man, standing before a Gentile king and facing certain death for his devout faith. 911 more words

NT - John

Tear Jar

In John 11:35-44, Jesus wept outside the tomb of Lazarus, and his tears were not lost on God or man. He prayed to his Father and rejoiced that he was heard. 249 more words

NT - John

Death Eater

Jesus went down to the graveyard for the same reason David went down into the Valley of Elah: To kill a giant and slay a dragon. 285 more words

NT - John

Happy days, indeed.

You may (or may not have noticed) that I have a new blog layout and have also switched from Blogger to WordPress – mainly because WordPress is more mobile-friendly. 81 more words

Cutting Room Floor