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Death Eater

Jesus went down to the graveyard for the same reason David went down into the Valley of Elah: To kill a giant and slay a dragon. 285 more words

NT - John

Happy days, indeed.

You may (or may not have noticed) that I have a new blog layout and have also switched from Blogger to WordPress – mainly because WordPress is more mobile-friendly. 81 more words

Cutting Room Floor

Sheep for Life

Now, if you believe that you are part of God’s flock, that you are a lamb or a sheep under the Shepherd’s care,

how shall you live, move, and exist, 179 more words

NT - John

Shepherd and Sheep

A Brief Reflection on John 10 and Psalm 23
by JMT

In John 10, Jesus reveals himself as the Good Shepherd who risked everything to lay down his life for his sheep. 1,040 more words

NT - John

"We are the dreamers of dreams.."

I love my prints – I love creating them (because I love switching things up in my bare wall), and I also love sharing them. 46 more words

Cutting Room Floor

Eat Flesh and Drink Blood?

Christ Covenant Church
Jon Marq Toombs

Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 2,490 more words

NT - John

Jesus's Church-Growth Strategy

Jesus is the greatest church planter the world has ever know.

According to the Gospels Jesus’s public ministry only lasted about three years. In that time Jesus performed many signs and proclaimed massive truth.  228 more words

NT - John