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SSDD at Cana

When I was a kid I would ask my Dad how his day at work went. He would often reply: “SSDD” (Same Stuff Different Day). 216 more words

NT - John

The 150th Post: Regular Show The Movie

So, originally I had planned on doing a Q/A, but I don’t know I guess no one was interested, so I thought instead I finally talk about Regular Show The Movie. 1,131 more words


Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice Review (April Fools)

No, it was not worth it.

This movie sucks and I want nothing to do with it. DC, Warner Bros., and Zack Snyder should just throw in the towel right now! 16 more words


Cutting Room Floor: Interruption - Frameworks & Filters

We all operate with certain ways of thinking, certain frameworks about what is Christian or not-Christian, what is good or not-good, what is right and wrong and best. 397 more words

Rich Hagopian

Cutting Room Floor: Keep Short Accounts

On Forgiveness:

Justice, for God’s people, means mercy, forgiveness. If justice is a transaction, forgiveness is the opposite of one. It’s writing off a debt. To forgive is the hardest thing, because to forgive means you absorb the costs that you’re forgiving, it means the loss stays on your books, stays in your heart–until, of course, we take up God’s unending offer of peace and healing, and find it. 191 more words

Rich Hagopian

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie AKA Sonic OVA (3rd Anniversary Review)

Happy Anniversary everyone! I’m aware I’m late, but damn it, anniversaries only come but one a year. So, once again we are looking at a Sonic movie, but this one isn’t fan made, this was an actual movie financed by Sega. 992 more words


Last Post of 2015

Well, another year has come to a close, and as such it’s time to look towards the future. First, we’ll start with the bad news, I’m toying with the idea of stopping the Girl Meets World Recaps after Season 2. 381 more words