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Cutting Room Floor: Keep Short Accounts

On Forgiveness:

Justice, for God’s people, means mercy, forgiveness. If justice is a transaction, forgiveness is the opposite of one. It’s writing off a debt. To forgive is the hardest thing, because to forgive means you absorb the costs that you’re forgiving, it means the loss stays on your books, stays in your heart–until, of course, we take up God’s unending offer of peace and healing, and find it. 191 more words

Rich Hagopian

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie AKA Sonic OVA (3rd Anniversary Review)

Happy Anniversary everyone! I’m aware I’m late, but damn it, anniversaries only come but one a year. So, once again we are looking at a Sonic movie, but this one isn’t fan made, this was an actual movie financed by Sega. 992 more words


Last Post of 2015

Well, another year has come to a close, and as such it’s time to look towards the future. First, we’ll start with the bad news, I’m toying with the idea of stopping the Girl Meets World Recaps after Season 2. 381 more words


Cutting Room Floor: Love

When was the last time we said no to that urge to give voice to something that takes away from another person? Because love does this, more than anything else: it makes other people more human than when we found them. 149 more words

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Cutting Room Floor: "Let me talk about guilt, here"

Sometimes the most dutiful among us are the most guilty-feeling, no matter what’s going on: We feel like we should be doing more, we feel like we should be better than we are, we feel guilty about something, and until we’re sure of what it is, we’ll let that sense of guilt motivate our behavior in all sorts of ways. 701 more words

Rich Hagopian

How To Promote Your Blog!

As Bloggers, we must be aware of the vast competition that is out there from New to well-established Blogs. Self-publishing authors face this as well, everyone wants to get noticed in hopes of walking to the bank one day and or the hopes of that 15-minute slot on a talk show. 1,148 more words


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The Soul On Paper!

Pity Parties can sometimes get your creative juices flowing, somewhere between feeling sorry for yourself and reflections on the past creativity is born as your soul pours itself onto paper. 78 more words