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 I cut up my old school shirt to make a cropped white shirt with a v in the back. I think it turned out pretty well however I think the v should have been thinner at the back. 20 more words


delusions part II

I had been writing the previous post during the last couple of days at work, which were basically filled with me busting ass like a mad woman, so I didn’t get everything into it that I had wanted. 808 more words


Body Basics: 3 Principles to Hack One's Body

I’ve been asked many times on how I got my present physique and how one can gain lean mass (LBM) and cut fat mass (BF) — what did I eat? 3,167 more words


What No One Tells You About Relapsing

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m a recovering self-harmer. On a weekly, sometimes daily, basis I would scratch my arm open. I don’t understand why, but just feeling the sting of raw skin and seeing the blood on my arm calmed me down. 369 more words

I'm killing myself 

I decided I want to die. I continuously watch the YouTube video of my best friend, Ken. He killed himself three years ago. I’m ready to follow suit. 154 more words

That Awkward Moment

…when you search Google for “why do I like cutting other people” and nothing shows up except this.

It’s no secret that I’ve always had a tiny little streak of sadism. 166 more words