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Everything’s Gonna Be Fine One Day*

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. Two different things needed rescheduling. Dear insurance companies…your year plus one day policies are screwing me over this year with July being a no-fly zone. 699 more words


Drill: V-Cuts

Introducing the V-Cut to youth will help them to understand how to create space between the defender and themselves. The V-Cut drill is very simple to teach and helps them to improve creating separation through fakes, hesitations, and change of pace. 229 more words


Cutting and Self-harm, My Story​

\*disclaimer\* I am not advocating that cutting is right or wrong. For some people, like myself for a good portion of my life, it is just a way that you have to live with when emotional pain becomes unbearable. 1,298 more words


I've Gotta Get Out of Here*

Seems like we can’t go two months without our current government giving us yet another reason to march so they actually see and hear our disapproval. 1,220 more words


Leave me be...

There are days where looking, talking and seeing other people make you cringe… where the warmth of your bed is all you want. This is one of those days. 203 more words


Bulking or Cutting? - How to know which way you should go

People join a gym and often have the goal of ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting their summer body’ but more often than not tend to lose their way and their focus. 574 more words


Class show and tell

Double show and tell for the first of the month!  (Well, triple really cos I’m a week behind!)

Firstly from the class at the quilt shop… 206 more words