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My favourite poem in the entire world!

Me at age 12 with my nana and papaxx

Me after I got up out of bed while taking heavy benzo’ and crashed face first into a door and broke my nose. Nasty!


Part 1: The bottle is finally full 

In case you’re a little bit confused with the title, as you all may know, i don’t usually show my soft side to people. Thus, bottling up my feelings and thoughts. 1,519 more words

Back To what I Truly Am

History repeats itself for me.  How do I know that?  I started cutting in 2006 and when I started my self-esteem was shattered.  I couldn’t do anything but seclude myself and waste my life away.  109 more words


Buy chinese paper cutting online - Zodiac, scroll

Chinese paper cutting is a traditional art form which has long history. In some of events or celebrations including wedding, promotion and new house relocation. The Chinese paper art will be used for decoration to symbolize happiness and good luck.

A Weird Animal

“17, yikes. I remember that. They bite back.”

I thought this was a strange comment for a waitress to make, but I liked the way she said “bite back”–like we had been bitten before and were just now starting to do something about it. 278 more words


Cloudy with a chance of more crazy!

My morning started with a spilled bowl of oatmeal on the floor and chair, puke on the couch, and realizing I left the car windows open as it rained last night.   337 more words

A Spring Moment in the Garden

To calibrate the spiritual meter inside, get up close and personal with the world outside. 

The spring sun gently permeates into the tissues and bones. Time to shrug off that blanket of winter malaise. 511 more words

Bird's Nest