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Gone To Fort Wort

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Fort Worth!

Any time there is an opportunity to get in the truck and go, I’ve already got it running! 334 more words


this is where the old me dies

“Another crash, another fall, another failure

Another choice I don’t want to remember

Been here too many times

Every day’s another fight

I’m at war with the person I could be… 164 more words


Sent Some Text Messages

Since I almost got caught in the act yesterday I guess maybe it’s time to take the next step.  I sent some text messages to some random guy I sold an external hard drive to and in a passive away I asked him for help with something.  47 more words


Bound Up

Your arms now retreat,
Bound up in bandages that
I have had to set.
“My lady, you must take care.”
“But then, no Knight will save me.”


Understanding why Depression/Suicide Speaks

Those who suffer with depression often feel isolated and alone.  They’re usually asked, “Why didn’t you talk to someone or why don’t you seek help… 1,040 more words


Cutting vs. Drinking

It can be extremely difficult for people who do not self-harm to understand the motive behind it. My most frequent method of self-injury is cutting, and the most common question I’m asked about it is “Why do you do it?” It’s hard to comprehend why someone would take a blade to their skin. 309 more words