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The Work away from Work...

I feel suffocated. Working two jobs and yet I still am over drawn in the bank. My bills never stop climbing and my roommates are no help. 410 more words

The Beginning Of The Fall

This is a story about orientation for my current program, from last August.


I hate dressing up.  I hate the rules and the customs that say that I have to be in a suit so I can look professional.   739 more words

Mental Health

Check in on my bulk!

Hey all!

So great news so far ALL my lifts have improved and i’m sticking to the 200-250g//week weight gain :)

dead 120kg, squat 110kg, bench 100kg… 46 more words


Growing Up: Going Back to Old Habits

I have red lines across my thighs and I realized I forgot how good it felt when I used to let the blade touch my skin until now. 144 more words

Cutting Edge Video Marketing Takeaways from VidSummit 2015 - YouTube

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Trapped in the Dark World

“If you ever touch my daughter again, I will rip your dick off!”. Those words still run through my head leaving me to wonder if she ever truly cared. 1,130 more words

Suffering Of The Flesh

The torrent of thoughts and images never leave. They always accompanied by voices. Like a fast flowing river crashing over a cliff, the thoughts, images and voices never stop. 214 more words