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October 20th 2017. A day I’ll remember for terrible reasons. The day that my calendar had to start over. The day that I relapsed. It started as a normal day. 518 more words

Mental Health

Cutting Part 3 …

Cutting Part 3 … I know part 3….

So it has been a long while since I have posted and yet again I come back to the same subject because like I mentioned before it is a struggle every day. 543 more words

Mental Health And Addictions

Let's talk about carving

‘Tis the season for carving pumpkins, but this post is actually about something more serious and not talked about nearly enough. I get it, for those of us who do and have done it, it’s a very personal private thing; and for those who haven’t, it’s scary and impossible to understand. 1,097 more words


Self Harm: There Will Be Blood!

Mayo Clinic: Self-Injury

*First of all please click this link if you think someone you know is harming themselves.  Or yourself. This lists possible causes, signs, and what to do professionally. 898 more words

Strength Training

Most people decide on their fitness goals a long time before they sign up for a gym membership, before they buy their new leggings or gym shoes, usually before they even move from the sofa. 364 more words


Horizontal Nonparallel Squares

I like parts of this and don’t like other parts.