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The Ford Foundation long ago planned centralized distribution

– 50:35 min. mark … interview by Ed Opperman

LINK  – https://youtu.be/mbYyPYbv2rI

51:08: “Dr. Carrol was the directory president of George Washington University in the early sixties before that he was a director at the Ford Foundation when he was at the Ford Foundation – his nickname was the fifth liar of the Apocalypse” … “ 82 more words

Cuttlefish Flies Over The Empire

Ray McGovern Arrested at CIA Torturerer, Gina Haspel's Hearing - VIDEO

LINK –  https://youtu.be/riD5BwrAyIw

RT – Former CIA analyst dragged from Haspel hearing by Capitol Police after anti-torture protest

“McGovern was dragged from the room by Capitol Police after demanding that Haspel answer questions put to her about the waterboarding of terror suspects at a CIA “black site” in Thailand.” 19 more words

Cuttlefish Flies Over The Empire

John Bolton was Dick Cheney's thug/enforcer on run-up to Iraq Invasion

“We Know Where Your Kids Live” John Bolton threatened head of chemical weapons commission as part of effort launch war against Iraq https://t.co/p8uluxbWGH

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) …

98 more words
Cuttlefish Flies Over The Empire