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My portfolio...

For my university applications last year, I had to make an online portfolio to show my experience, some of my personality and my artwork skills. I made my portfolio on Microsoft Powerpoint and actually really enjoyed the process! 144 more words


How to write CV/Resume?

Guidance for JOB CV

I have seen the CVs and Resumes of most the Job Seekers but I am afraid almost every CV/Resume has almost the same errors. 479 more words


7 Spooky ways I'm going to scare myself this Halloween:

  1. Watch basically any movie that’s a little bit scarier The Nightmare Before Christmas because I can’t deal with horror movies at all. (Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Goosebumps are all TOO MUCH)
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Why recruiters are still relevant in the Digital Age

Things have changed for recruiters: the access to information on candidates and candidates themselves are now available to employers. Employers can directly fish for candidates online through Linkedin, Google, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other commercial platforms. 734 more words

Non Classé

27.10.2016 - Loppupään ajatuksia Työvoimalasäätiön pestistä

Tässä tekstissä tulen kertomaan ajatuksia viimeiseltä kolmelta kuukaudelta.

Aloitin työharjoittelutyyppisen toiminnan Tornion Työvoimalasäätiön Daattori-pajalla elokuussa. Lähdin työpaikalle aluksi avoimin mielin, mutta pidemmän päälle työ alkoi vain henkisesti rasittamaan minua. 321 more words


Why traveling is beneficial for your CV

‘What have you been doing this past year?’ the interviewer probes. ‘Erm ya know just travelling the world,’ you hesitantly reply. Selling yourself and trying to get a job is hard at the best of times, let alone when you have to explain a year gap in your CV. 412 more words


Design Competition// This is Me, Totally Unique Outcomes

We had to create a USP (Unique Selling Point) for ourselves as Graphic Designers. This was a harder task than expected, I feel know what… 258 more words