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The illiterate of our 21st century will no longer be people who cannot read or write or those who have not been to the four walls of a university. 87 more words


How To Get Job References For Your First Job

Many graduates will focus on writing a great CV and cover letter to start applying for jobs after they graduate but often get caught off guard when during their first job interviews they get asked if they have any references. 486 more words


5 Important Resume Writing Tips

1 Less is more

Have you ever seen a resume that looks like a short essay? A mistake many resume writers make is trying to put as much information as possible into their resume, writing long paragraphs about their background, experience and job roll. 637 more words


How Extra-Curricular Activities Improve Your Resume

Finding and applying for your first job can be a daunting task. Especially when you feel like you have yet to learn the skills and experience of the role you are applying for, and are worried on how your potential employer might think about you. 463 more words


10 mẫu CV dành tặng bạn

​Cảm ơn bạn đã đăng ký nhận ’10 mẫu CV miễn phí’ cùng website anhtuanle.com.

Đây là phần quà gồm 10 (+5) mẫu CV dành cho bạn.  277 more words


CV References Explained

If you’ve worked for an agency before or been part of a recruitment process, you’ll know that we ask for references to check but you might not understand why. 627 more words


Practicing to See - the art of making Art

Making electronic music in a DAW is a very complex thing. Most people find it really hard to learn because they approach it wrong. They want to run before they can even crawl. 1,717 more words

Driving Music