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The Most Impressive CV I Have Ever Seen

Today’s post was written by one of our founders, Melikshah Ünver. In it, he describes why the best CV he ever saw contained a list of fuckups. 183 more words


CV Update

Since I am now in my second year, there have been new changes since I last updated my CV which was last year. I had a summer job, and now currently volunteer as a graphic designer, although my boss have been busy for months so I wasn’t really actively involved since then. 128 more words


Tuesday Feature Episode 30: Adam Hugill

This week we are speaking to the employability intern Adam about his role here in the Faculty. You can follow their twitter account @employabilityLS

Briefly explain your role here in the Faculty. 502 more words

Tuesday Feature

43 Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Whеn уоu haven’t updated уоur resume іn а while, іt саn bе hard tо knоw whеrе tо start. Whаt experiences аnd accomplishments ѕhоuld уоu include fоr thе jobs you’ve gоt уоur eye on? 3,367 more words


About Enlin Yang

2015.7.7-present, Humboldt Research Fellowship, hosts: Hélène Esnault and Moritz Kerz

Research Interests: Ramification theory, algebraic K-theory and intersection theory.


Dusting off the CV

Now many of you that have been on this little journey with me know that I hate job hunting. It’s frustrating, overwhelming, disheartening, and all those other words. 232 more words