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My name is Robert and I am glad you are here, because I have a ton of knowledge that I want to share with you. This blog is intended as an educational learning tool for newly registered MMJ patients in Vermont, specifically clients of CVD/SVW, who don’t really have much of a clue what they are doing. 188 more words


African-Americans in lower socioeconomic levels have increased risk of heart disease and stroke

American Heart Association says that African-Americans, especially women and young adults at lower socioeconomic levels have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The findings underscore the need for increased awareness and education about prevention and early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease in African-American women and younger adults. 250 more words

Heart Complication

Does Diet Really Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease?

Some people that I know seem to think that the way they eat is okay and that nothing will come from it.For example, people who are diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure continue eating foods that they should not and well in some cases they are okay and do not actually worsen their condition.  263 more words


AmateAhora Thanks WomenHeart

Celebrating – Celebrando National Women’s Health Week. Semana National de Salud de la Mujer.

Gracias a ti… Gracias a WomenHeart The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease soy Campeona de mi Salud Valvular! 90 more words

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Stop marginalizing heart disease

“Women still think: ‘You better not talk about heart disease because it’s an old man’s disease,’” said Barbra Streisand during a discussion that shattered some of the myths surrounding heart disease and exposed the issue of gender bias in medicine. 945 more words

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Alternatives to Diamonds - Simulants Today

Two more noteworthy simulants were introduced in the recent years.

“Diamond-coated” cubic zirconia (CZ) uses a Chemical Vapor Deposit (CVD)-like process to deposit a thin film of polycrystalline diamond on a cubic zirconia core. 432 more words


Nearly 400,000 American women die of heart disease each year

Maybe it was fate. Way back in 1991, a leading cardiologist coined a term for a dispiriting fact of medical care: If a woman suffers a heart attack she is not taken as seriously or given the same life-saving treatment as a man unless her symptoms look like a man’s, much as the title character of the 1983 film Yentl was afforded educational opportunities only when she disguised herself as someone with a Y chromosome. 923 more words

Gender Equality