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FALL-ing for CVNP

Fall has been a busy season here in Cuyahoga Valley National Park! Many awesome groups have come out to celebrate NPS’s Centennial year. Here are just a few to showcase our Autumn! 307 more words

Winter on the Tree Farm Trail

In reading about the various trails throughout the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I found the description of the Tree Farm Trail especially appealing. It starts from Horseshoe Pond, a peaceful and scenic spot, covers an easy 2.75-mile path, and was once part of a local Christmas tree farm. 389 more words


On the First Day of Winter

For many years, I’ve struggled with Christmas and finding meaningful ways to celebrate the season. I know it’s supposed to be a happy time of year, but it tends to make me feel more lost than uplifted. 670 more words


Cozying Up for Infinity

I doubt I’m the only one in this region of the country who knows that once the cold hits, it feels like it’s cold forever. So, what else is there to do on these cold and gloomy Ohio days other than bundle up and go for a hike in the #CVNP? 185 more words


Locked In

After yesterday’s rain — ALL day — I greeted the parting of the clouds this morning with enthusiasm. I had plans to spend the morning hiking around the Cuyahoga Valley (again), and I wanted nothing to spoil it. 342 more words


Opt Outside

In the midst of all the Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday hoopla, I’ve heard more about people deciding to #OptOutside instead of shopping the day after Thanksgiving. 556 more words


Go With the Towpath

Now that I’ve achieved two of my fall hiking goals — the SMP Spree and the County Line Trail — it’s time to finish my last goal for the year: to finish hiking the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 466 more words