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CVP Final Evaluation

My original intentions were to develop my skills and understanding in portraiture illustration by experimenting with a number of different approaches using a multitude of techniques and methodology. 753 more words


|| Final Evaluation - Creative Vocational Practice ||

My original brief for this module was to create prototype pages for a potential children’s book. I chose to do a ‘cute’ children’s book that would be accessible to those aged 2-3 years old. 1,427 more words

CVP Bike Editorial


in the above piece ive taken a bike illustration from Google Images (im aware i wouldnt be able to do this in real life) but i have just tried to experiment a little quickly and wanted to use a cut out of a face from a magazine to show realism. 418 more words


CVP Realism Portraits

Using a number of influences i did these long studies using coloured crayons and pencil.

I’ve really tried to capture the details and emotions of the subject and make them as realistic as possible. 42 more words


CVP sketchbook work

Sketches and experiments in my sketchbook:



|| Specialist Field Artist Evaluation - Amadeo Bachar ||

One specific field within Illustration that I find quite interesting is the scientific illustrations aspect; and one artist whose work I have found very nice to look at is the work done by Amadeo Bachar. 777 more words

|| Cycling Brief Part 2 ||


Above are more close up shots of the food I coloured in with the watercolour brushes on Photoshop. My favourites that have been coloured in are probably the honey stick and the strawberries because of the way they have been coloured in, the coloured watercolour paint has been placed around the edges and it looks like they have been painted traditionally, then dried, then scanned into the computer and the outlines of the dried watercolour paints have been left in. 1,042 more words