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India has over 1.3B people, but none can cook.

Yes, such a sad state when a country has a population has over 1.3 billion people but our Prime Minister has to fly a famous celebrity out to India to cook, all expenses paid for by Canadian tax payers. 53 more words

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Jugular Venous PRESSURE- so why do we use it to assess volume?

There is perhaps no physical exam sign more enthused about by consultants and more bluffed by students than the jugular venous pressure (JVP). While initially I was not a believer, I have come recently to appreciate its usefulness. 825 more words

Sorry office... ok, no charges for you.

Just image that all you had to do was say that you are sorry and POOF, there are no consequences or charges for you after you have broken the law. 87 more words

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NEW ISSUE :: Current Vascular Pharmacology 16, ISSUE 1

Current Vascular Pharmacology publishes clinical and research-based reviews, original research articles, letters, debates, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited issues to update all those concerned with the treatment of vascular disease, bridging the gap between clinical practice and ongoing research. 270 more words

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This Christmas, explore my Christmas issues

Therapist: So. Do you want to talk about your Christmas issues?

Jane: I don’t have Christmas issues.

Therapist: You do.

Jane: I don’t.

Therapist: Jane, I’ve read your books.

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