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This Christmas, explore my Christmas issues

Therapist: So. Do you want to talk about your Christmas issues?

Jane: I don’t have Christmas issues.

Therapist: You do.

Jane: I don’t.

Therapist: Jane, I’ve read your books.

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Thalidomide survivors say 'degraded, insulted' by disabilities minister

When will it end???

If you want a country that you can be proud of and how it’s run and it’s leaders, contact us ASAP, or things will continue as it has been. 854 more words

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Pregunta a tu especialista

Debido al gran número de funciones que incluyen los teclados y pianos digitales muchos usuarios no sacan partido de todo el potencial que estos instrumentos nos ofrecen. 178 more words


Good evening Everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog post, officially, of the Eric Jones Blog. I wanted to start, given that tomorrow is the Lord’s day, by writing a blog about my church, … 635 more words

Which iPhone model is the most profitable for Apple?

In late September 2017, Apple Inc. (NYSE: AAPL) announced that it would be releasing three new models of its iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2017: the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8. 212 more words

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Liberals hate the military

Happy remembrance day.

If you care about Canadians, veterans and active military personnel, this story will upset you.

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Thank you Rick Mercer. The rest of the media has forgotten, but you haven't.

Phoenix continues to destroy peoples lives. Don’t forget, people received bonuses for this Gov’t embarrassment.

Justin: How about getting out there with a little hands of, instead of… 44 more words

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