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Black Lightning PILOT Episode 1: First Impression - IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Out of all the Arrowverse shows that currently out, only The Flash stood out for me as my all time favorite. I tried watching the other series but I ended up dropping them for various reasons. 546 more words


Riverdale Recap: Issue 12.13

What a silent, deadly night in Riverdale High, folks. It’s time for your Riverdale Recap.

Lunch Money, Please?

Money is an issue. The Blossoms aren’t able to have anything, but a “hard candy Christmas,” and Fred Andrews just received his hospital bill totaling at $86,000. 716 more words


Riverdale Recap: Issue 12.06

Riverdale Recap time!


We go through much of this chapter’s beginning with Veronica and Archie smacking lips endlessly. We promise the smacking has a point–Archie has fallen in love with Veronica. 900 more words


Review: Crisis on Earth X (TV crossover)

When watching any of the CW DC comics shows you have to keep in mind the network that they are on.  The writers are targeting a single market, and alienating others.  1,884 more words


Day Twenty Two: of Sunday Movies

On Sunday for the first time in a really long time I actually flat ironed my hair carefully so it looked nice, not a rush job. 263 more words


Riverdale Recap: Issue 11.29

Phew, The  Blue & Gold team took a break, but now we’re back! Your Riverdale Recap is here!

No After-School Favors

We begin with Betty and Jughead in bed, and he receives a phone call from the… 888 more words


Riverdale Recap: Issue 11.15

What’s up, Bulldogs? Thanks for picking up this issue of your Riverdale Recap. Let’s dive in!

Listening in The Hallway 

We begin with another phone call from #TheBlackHood, after Betty gives Nick’s name as his next possible sinner victim. 892 more words