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Review: "Moss Witch and other stories" Sara Maitland (Comma Press, 2013)

Not simply because it’s been a miserably long time since I last posted here but because of the subject to hand, talking about Sara Maitland’s fusions of science and fiction is truly a long-overdue pleasure. 1,153 more words

Dinesh Allirajah

Café Shorts: Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants"

“Would you please please please please please please please stop

I’m going to take heed of what she asks here in the sense that I will attempt to talk about…

1,171 more words
Dinesh Allirajah

What do you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?

Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) makes a valid point. Humour can be highly personal, unpredictable and idiosyncratic. It might, as Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) assures Tommy, come down to “just…you know, how you tell the story.” … 491 more words

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What Do You Want To Know?

I know little about cars. Until I learned to drive in my mid-30s, I knew even less than that.

This week, my lack of knowledge proved costly and, while it’s safe to say that the little I knew about cars has now increased, I regret that the lesson was so expensive. 985 more words

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Real Time Reads: "The Monkey's Paw" by W. W. Jacobs

It’s been marking season, blending into the new teaching semester at the various universities in and out of whose payroll I flit, leaving this blog short of even the single hand it normally occupies. 1,444 more words

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A Holding Post

Like the lucky Robert Pattinson, who gets to be pictured above with Sara, a “seat-filler” at some awards ceremony , you get to read this post, which simply exists, like the Porter in… 251 more words

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An A-Z of Short Fiction Shorthand: L-R

< A-D E-K

L is for C.S. Lewis’ 5 Tips for Clear Writing

I was reminded of this list when it was posted on a Facebook page for creative writing students at Liverpool John Moores University, where I’ve been luxuriating in short story pursuits since the end of September. 1,193 more words

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