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Style that gives back

You’ve seen it everywhere… The beanie with a brown leather patch inscribed with the words “Love Your Melon.” It may seem like it’s just a new trendy name brand, but it’s much more than that. 582 more words

Summer Edition of Learning Rep magazine out now

Summer edition of Learning Rep magazine out now

The latest issue of Learning Rep magazine has just come out. There are some really useful articles covering a wide variety of subjects. 49 more words

We are the 29%

My fellow college students, we are among the 29% of American citizens receiving a higher education.

More importantly, 71% of Americans are not receiving a college degree. 350 more words

Healthy Living

What is trending today? A healthy lifestyle obviously. Everything we see in pop culture is about a new diet trend (juicing), the best new workouts… 326 more words

Live: Over 50 protestors from Coventry and Leamington on anti-austerity protest

Live: Over 50 protestors from Coventry and Leamington on anti-austerity protest

Over 50 protesters from Coventry and Leamington have joined thousands on the anti-austerity march in London today. 39 more words

A working-class response to the EU referendum

I don’t think there’s much point in picking a side in the EU debate. It’s a referendum called by the Tories, and one that takes place entirely on their terms: there is no lesser evil to choose between Cameron and the international institutions that have imposed austerity across the continent on one hand, and Johnson, Gove, UKIP and the Taxpayers’ Alliance on the other. 456 more words

Stuff That I Think Is Pretty Awesome

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Near UW

Jane Comfort & Company

Friday April 8, 2016

Meany Hall… 541 more words