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Dragging My Heart Around

One of my favourite Second Life designers – riri Bazar – has a wonderful new dress in black & white (as well as other shades) available now at Flux Sur Mer. 385 more words

No Distractions Here

Well, as my friend Jasmine Ballinger noted on my Flickr post, Alles is wearing a white chocolate Aero bar in this picture – which has been cunningly disguised as a beautiful bikini!! 643 more words

Touching Talons for Lexi

Cancer is a lousy, rotten disease which can cut people down at any time of their lives. It claimed the lives of both my father and grandfather when they were in their early fifties and in May of this year it claimed the life of a Second Life creator, Scarlet Chandrayaan. 677 more words

CX - Funding

For decades (literally) I’ve heard plans funded by “closing tax loopholes” plan planks, something accomplished legislatively and something that assumes a working collection system. Often skipped is the collection role the IRS plays. 156 more words


The Last Stand of Sinful Bacon

This little piggy has been rude to me once too often so it has come to this – a showdown between Sinful Bacon and Alles, in which he’s armed merely with chocolate biscuits and I have my trusty shark handbag by my side. 452 more words