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Simulator under development for race driver training

Our RT-1 racing simulator is being developed specifically for race car driver training. All aspects are as real as possible.

Full tubular cockpit designed for proper ergonomics in all forms of racing except open wheel. 96 more words

Laughter and Stress

“You gotta get mad… really pissed off, and harness that energy into your racing to beat the competition.”

This is the advice I was given before race day as a High School racer.

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Invader By Trace

The light.  Just easing over the edge

of the window sill and pouring down, into the room, like a waterfall, moments before the flash flood engulfs the entire river bed. 808 more words


Future of work

My friends at CXC Global are holding a very interesting Summit about the Future of Work at the Marker Hotel in Dublin on Thursday 18th of June. 46 more words



“Diffusion is a form of passive transport (no energy required) in which substances flow from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration:” 60 more words



Hello everyone. One of the first things we learn in Biology is cells. All living organism consist of cell, and many structures (organelle) within the cell are common to most organisms, with a few exception. 190 more words


To the BSTU teachers, have a heart...

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The recent SBA saga has taken centre stage in the educational conversation of Barbados. One might have missed the Minister’s pronouncement of a number of new codes including mobile technology, or the launch of the new school for troubled teens or even the good news coming out of BSSAC, NAPSAC and some schools’ Speech Days. 567 more words