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The Future of the Nation

In my country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the entire month of May is designated as “Child’s month”. Throughout this month marches are held in the streets, radio and television programs are created to inform the public about activities, the general public is sensitized on issues facing children in general nationally, regionally and internationally, and…well….its exam season….quite fitting. 1,323 more words

Be The Taste, Be The Shine!

Guyana Education Minister opposes students writing numerous CXC subjects

there’s a lunatic fringe in Guyana who revel in children writing and passing large numbers of subject
to this fringe this represents success!
am so glad the minister of education is making steps to confront this fringe… 208 more words


Warlord Revival

Is it possible for a game to make something of itself using both the engine from the frankly disappointing ‘Alphadia 2’ and a new freemium model? 1,331 more words


Cross Country 

 So after my little tantrum yesterday about excuses I decided I would still go to cross country but walk the short course.
The start line,the heat of the moment and the day got to me and i ended up doing the 4km medium course. 101 more words


Trust the Process

When I was in High School, I had a teacher that believed letter grades were simply an arbitrary requirement. He went on to explain that, with the way our school system currently works, these letter grades measure instantaneous intelligence and are very poor at representing how much a student actually learns in class. 646 more words


The Origins of RAW and a Lost Lynch is Discovered

Lost Jay Lynch Painting Featured on Roadside Antiques

The inaugural Cartoon Crossroads Columbus event (CXC), held mostly on the campus of Ohio State University in early October 2015, was a terrific time and one that gave historians of the field ample material to digest. 79 more words


How to download CSEC, CCSLC and CAPE Syllabuses for Free from CXC

Getting CSEC, CCSLC and CAPE Syllabuses and Past papers has now become very easy. You can now purchase them online using your Scotia VISA Debit Card… 215 more words