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Cy Recommends -- Year of the Ox (YOX)

As everyone here knows I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for one Dumbfouneaded. His unabashed honesty and undeniable ability to build a story with ferocious lyricism are attributes of his style that I thought were unmatched. 241 more words

Country: Korea

Cy Recommends -- Junoflo

We here at Rock N’ Seoul have a definite soft spot for the Feel Ghood Music’s little brother. As such, it’s no surprise that we’re all elated that he’s coming back for SXSW this year to reintroduce himself as one of the hottest MCs coming out of South Korea. 268 more words

Country: Korea

Cy Recommends - CIFIKA

With SXSW just around the corner, it seemed pertinent to introduce readers to some of the artists invited to this year’s festival. 2018 is looking to be even bigger than previous festivals, “K-pop Night Out” taking on the more apt “Korean Showcase,” thus allowing for a wider range of festivalgoers who may not be all that interested in the “pop” side of “K-pop.” 267 more words

Country: Korea

[Out of the Box] JOJO ABOT

2018 has been dripping with Black Excellence since the clock struck midnight. The arts have been affected in a way that can only make me smile and laugh in outright delight. 298 more words

Cy Recommends

[Out of the Box] SingerSen

Today’s Out of the Box is a bit of a throwback. Several years ago, coming on six years now, a friend of mine introduced me to an artist making big noise in China. 217 more words

Genre: Electronic

Cy Recommends - A-Fuzz

If you think I’m focusing a lot on women in the first part of 2018… you’re right. You’re absolutely right. And what a group of kick-ass females they are. 260 more words

Country: Korea

[Out of the Box] -- Joyce Wrice

You know what I love? When artists that share a label or just a similar aural aesthetic recommend music from artists they also love. Such was the case when one of my favorite producer-cum-artists, … 195 more words

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