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A Summer Season of Spear Phishing

Spear phishing: A cyber attack typically sent via an email message that appears to come from a trusted source and requests that the victim take some kind of action. 464 more words

Could an 'unhackable kernel' keep all computers safe from cyberattack?

AN AUTONOMOUS helicopter gunship is flying over a military base in Arizona. Suddenly, officers on the ground lose radio contact: hackers have taken control of an on-board computer. 147 more words


Fingerprints From 5.6 million People Stolen in Huge U.S. Data Breach

Via: Mashable.com

More than a quarter of the victims in a cyber attack on the federal government — which lost data belonging to 21 million people — also had their fingerprints stolen, a federal agency said Wednesday. 205 more words


Edgar Perez memulai Asia Tour dengan Cybersecurity Boardroom Lokakarya 2015 di Bangkok, Jakarta, Sydney, Seoul dan Tokyo

Edgar Perez, penulis Knightmare di Wall Street dan Investasi Super Kilat, mengadakan Cybersecurity Boardroom Lokakarya 2015, seminar di New York City, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Sydney, Taipei, Seoul dan Tokyo yang sasarannya adalah anggota Direksi dan eksekutif senior guna mencari cara baru untuk mendapatkan dan mempertahankan keunggulan kompetitif bisnis di salah satu mata permasalahan yang paling penting bagi perusahaan dan pemerintahan di seluruh dunia. 2,116 more words

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Protect Your Identity

The need to protect your information and control access to intellectual property is more important than ever. They are business realities that CyberSafeID can help with.  Read more.

Large-scale cyber attack on Apple

Apple’s App Store has become the target of a large-scale cyber attack for the first time. The company has stated that the malicious programs found on a number of applications have been removed from the App Store.  Read more.