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Menace of Iran Regime's Hackers Increases

Iranian regime’s hackers are becoming more and more dangerous and are able to conduct spying operations in many countries. There are a number of Iranian criminals that are wanted by the United States and they have the ability to potentially create a lot of chaos. 454 more words


The new frontier of Cyber attacks - physical damage

We all know something about cybercrime and cyber attacks, right? Many experienced some kind of virus and/or had one of our accounts violated by some unknown wannabe hacker (the definition of hacker is something different, see below). 362 more words


Closing Thought--13Mar18

Since the 2016 election there has been an on-going tale that the Russians were responsible for the tampering…..and of course the Trumpians out there have accused everyone with the exception of Putin and his gang of thugs…..so make my Trumpian readers happy I will pass on the words of Putin about the tampering allegations…. 252 more words


Cyber risks to your finances are rising as big banks rely on the oligopoly of big tech

It is often said that practice makes perfect. Maybe that’s why a few of Canada’s larger financial institutions were recently asked to participate in what one regulator called a “severe but plausible cyber scenario.” 1,568 more words


Bitcoin's Price Wobbles as Japan Cracks Down On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Japan suspended trading on two cryptocurrencies on Thursday, following a reported $530 million cyber heist at Coincheck, one of the country’s largest crypto platforms, in January. 180 more words


Step Right Up!

Let the meddling begin.

It is a prove fact the the Russian meddled in our 2016 election…..I do not care at this point who won the goddamn thing only that a foreign entity was brazen and emboldened enough to actually get into our process and fuck around. 391 more words

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