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4 Ways for Students to Avoid Online Identity Theft

Identity theft is thriving today because hackers can carry out cyberbullying from the comfort of their bedroom. The internet is so versatile that someone can set up a fake Amazon page or a phony facebook login address to steal people login details. 447 more words

Digital Identity

Misogyny, Malayalis and Game of Thrones

Kerala has a history of topping most of India’s human developmental indicators, especially when it comes to literacy and sex ratio. Two events that unfolded in the past few weeks have posed important questions on the validity of these indicators. 656 more words

When Online is out of Line: Worth the Risk

Even though the rules of the board clearly stated that if you suspected someone of lying on the board you were free to call them out on it, we knew that it would be risky for Bernadette to do so regarding Marcia. 823 more words

Internet Drama

The death of Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett should be a wake up call. Words hurt

Content warning; bullying, depression and suicide

People were understandably shocked and upset to hear the passing of 14 – year – old Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett, the face of hat manufacturer Akubra. 513 more words


The Power of Social Media in 2018

It is easy to think of Facebook or Twitter and President Trump when you hear or see the words social media.

Those in the political and athletic realm are able to use their following and the power of social media to influence and connect with people not only in the United States, but also the world. 776 more words

Social Media Marketing

Working on My New Research Project- Bullying

Today I accomplished a task on my to-do list. I went to the library after work to start on my research for my project. I love doing research because it involves a whole lot of reading and writing. 342 more words


When Online is Out of Line: An Interesting Discovery

Soon enough my two-week enforced break period was up and I returned to the forum. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t returned. It would have saved me further drama, trauma and heartache. 932 more words

Internet Drama