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Average Cost of Data Breach: $6.5 Million, Claims Study

An annual study estimated that the average per capita cost is now $217 in 2015, while the average total cost of a data breach is $6.5 million. 509 more words


VIDEO: How this woman tracked down her identity thief

When Jessamyn Lovell’s wallet went missing at an art gallery in 2009, she took all the right precautions. She canceled all of her credit cards and put a fraud alert on her credit report to prevent anyone taking out new lines of credit under her name. 63 more words

ID Theft

How To Protect Your Wi-Fi (and other items)

Folks, there’s no good (tech) news, but (as usual) plenty of scary headlines. So I urge you to get proactive and harden your wireless router (as per the article below). 300 more words


New Malware Tracks Smartphone Using Commuters in the Subway

Researchers have uncovered that smartphone users’ movements and goings-on can be tracked with up to 92 percent accuracy, even with cellular and GPS connectivity at a minimum while underground! 495 more words


Countering Digital Terrorism

The 21st century has seen mankind evolve in leaps and bounds. This progress owes much to the age of digitization and ICT revolution. Content in any form travels at a lightening speed and ‘virality’ of ideas catches on within a blink of an eye. 1,090 more words

Digital Media

CyberWars: HR Professional's Role in Our New Reality

When it comes to privacy protection, 2014 was a year of contradiction. The number of data breaches in the United States hit a record 783 – up more than 27 percent from the previous year – while 3 percent fewer individuals were victimized by identity fraud during the same period of time. 109 more words

Privacy & Prevention

The Easiest Way to Get the Gold Out of Fort Knox: The Rising Threat of DNS Hacks

We’ve learned recently that the St. Louis Federal Reserve was the victim of a cyberattack.

It appears to be a classic “watering hole” technique going after victims where they’re known to gather….