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Security is another very important and vital sector for our economy.In the last 20 years,there has been a rise in private companies providing security services and there has also been a rise in employment opportunities offered from the sector as policemen/policewomen and guards like G4S as well as regular estate guards.Thousands have been employed this way and millions of families rely on them.The industry has grown over the years to combat the rising crime rate but still robberies happen and incidents of insecurity have been reported all over the country.The rise of terrorism has also made security of business premises and churches a mandatory measure and the government has embarked in heavy investments in security infrastructure to tackle this growing problem. 288 more words


How the Russians hacked Obama's email

The hackers are everywhere. The latest to face the wrath of the hackers is none other than President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. 34 more words

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Members' Update

Atmabodh organised the final round Adyopant Legal Rights Awareness Street Play Competition on 14.04.2015 at Palika Bazar Rooftop Park. Sh. Dharmesh Sharma, Member Secretary, Delhi State Legal Services Authority was the Chief Guest and Prof. 33 more words

Tips for staying safer on Facebook

I wouldn’t touch Facebook with a bargeman’s pole, but for those who do.. (and please, direct your Facebooking friends and family to this tutorial also.) 236 more words


My Identity stolen a third time ??? Yep ... Friday

As a financial advisor we drink the EXACT same cool aid we have for clients   … Same investments, same conservative philosophy, long-term thinking, tax strategies, generally optimistic, but skeptical when necessary  … … 170 more words

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RSA Conference 2015: Cyber-Security Experts Point to Cyber-Criminals as Biggest Threat

In a finding that comes as a surprise, the majority of threat actors attacking organisations are cyber criminals. This is the view of hundreds of cybersecurity professionals and experts who completed a wide-ranging survey for ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and RSA Conference. 534 more words


The war over Zero Rating: All you need to know about net neutrality

A telco offering users free access to one website, while charging for other websites is discriminatory, opponents to zero rating argue.

The crescendo of shrill cries outside forced the top management of Flipkart into quiet introspection within. 2,994 more words