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Unsafe, even when you feel safe

Today most companies use SSL/HTTPS to encrypt data transmission, but as the below report, available in The Washington Post, describes this may not be enough. While most companies today invest heavily against attacks, such as DDoS, only few provides sufficient  protection of their customer data during the session. 1,341 more words


Chicago Man Receives Refund Check After Identity Thieves Filed His Taxes

(CBS) — Imagine your tax return is rejected by the IRS because somebody has already filed a fake return in your name. Then the next day, you get a refund. 207 more words


2 Investigators: Chicago Lab Analyzes Cyber Evidence To Track Down Criminals

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bank robbers, killers, terrorists and other criminals leave behind digital and cyber evidence. Analyzing that evidence is the job of forensic lab investigators here in Chicago. 473 more words


What Countries Should I Block?

Blocking countries is a bit tricky using traditional methods, and a broad stroke approach will be followed with headaches the more and more you block. Not mentioning proxies, which leaves the broad stroke approach a weak methodology, and somewhat a waste of time. 804 more words

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‘Mobile Apps, Potential Target of Cyber Attacks’ – McAfee Report

With the development of technology, a tremendous rise in smartphone usage has been observed. Whether its for booking a cab, keeping a track of birthday, surfing the net, ordering food, or using maps for direction, man has developed smartphone dependency to make life easier, faster and smoother. 1,158 more words

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Book Review : Breach

TITLE : Breach
AUTHOR : Amrita Chowdhury
PUBLISHER : Hachette India
GENRE : Fiction (Cyber Crime Thriller)


The blurb

How secure are your secrets in the virtual world? 844 more words

Book Review

When it goes beyond trolling

If you’re being harassed and stalked by a verbally violent, threatening person and you can’t pin them down via their IP address to report them to their local police, report them to the FBI. 159 more words