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Identity theft victims: You might know the culprit

Tracy, a health-care worker in Kentucky, is among the victims. The thief who stole her Social Security number opened several new cards in her name last year, racking up $1,500 in purchases and pushing one account past its credit limit. 64 more words

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime Trends & Predictions for 2015

Making a prediction of cybercrimes trends for a particular year is a bit like a roll of the dice. These predictions can be absolutely accurate, in the range of anywhere between 0 and 100 percent! 544 more words

Cyber Crime

NEWS: Unicorn Lend Support in Fighting Global Cyber-Crime through Award-Winning LMS

Unicorn, the global top five LMS provider, is taking a central role in helping tackle the global risk from cyber-crime by working alongside AXELOS – a joint venture between the UK Government and Capita plc – to raise frontline cyber awareness to up to one million users worldwide. 473 more words


Hacking in the Headlines

With the recent hack of online affair website Ashley Madison, cyber-crime is in the spotlight. However, it’s been an issue plaguing both companies and users for many years and one that shows no signs of halting. 144 more words

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Hackers can Disable a Sniper Rifle-or Change it's Target

Welcome to the 5th Dimension of Warfare gents. We know about Sea, Air, Land and Space, now we get to truly be one of the first Generations to see how War plays out in the 5th Cyber Arena….Scary? 426 more words


How your Facebook account can be hacked

I have recently came across a few articles about the price range of certain services provided by criminal hackers in the Darknet. It seems that hacking a Facebook account costs about $50 and for a Gmail account the cost is $100. 449 more words


We Are All Big Brother Now

This article presents an interesting question…in a world where connectivity and constant surveillance are a given, where is the line drawn in who is REALLY… 240 more words

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