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Cyber Crime Update: Cyber Criminals Getting Smarter, More Sophisticated and More Organized

Just this morning alone I have received two specially crafted scam emails from cyber criminals targeting unsuspecting Nigerians (mostly those that have bank accounts). I must say I am impressed! 122 more words

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Riddle Me this Batman: Doing Google Search Warrants

One of the unique aspects of my “job” is I get to see investigative reports on various cases and how they develop. Recently, I was looking at the investigative efforts of an agency on a child porn case. 740 more words

Just Another Reason Why You Should Dump Facebook

Facebook’s War on Freedom of Speech

By Douglas Murray

  • Facebook is now removing speech that presumably almost everybody might decide is racist — along with speech that only someone at Facebook decides is “racist.”
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For Cyberattackers, Time Is The Enemy

This is a very interesting post from PaloAlto concerning the profitability, or lack thereof, for cyber attackers.  I am particularly intrigued by the statistic that delaying an attacker’s success for 40 hours can eliminate 60% of successful attacks.


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Первичный анализ очередного фишинга

Краткий разбор свежего семпла подручными средствами (а-ля сам себе sandbox)

И так, приступим к вивисекции.

Пример письма опубликую как только получу разрешение. Если вдруг кто-то забыл, как выглядит типичный современный фишинг – смотрите пример из … 39 more words


Are Private Equity firms taking the risk of cyber-crime seriously?

For the last couple of years not a day has gone by without the world’s news portals being awash with stories of government – including NASA and the Pentagon, as well as large multi-national corporations such as HSBC, Target, Talk Talk, and Sony being hacked losing literally millions of peoples’ personal data and financial information. 400 more words

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NASA hacking?

A post on allegations of NASA being hacked from Del Brazil of Advent IM

There have been allegations of numerous hacks into the systems controlled or operated by NASA. 664 more words