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The importance of governance – a dozen good questions you should ask your Board

Information security is a Board issue. Not everyone seems to appreciate this, and one of the more disheartening aspects of my day job is how hard it is to get senior execs to take the time to have security awareness training and engage with security policy. 855 more words


Top CyberSecurity News For 21st September 2016

  1. Rand Study: Average Data Breach Costs $200K, Not MillionsFrom DarkReading. 

     Rand taps insurance data and other sources to calculate that cyber incidents cost firms a scant 0.4% of annual revenues, on average.

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Top CyberSecurity News For 20th September 2016

  1. Over 90% of Euro Firms Hit by Data BreachFrom InfoSecurity Magazine. 

    Over 90% of European businesses have suffered a data breach in the past five years but fewer than half are concerned about it happening again, and awareness of the coming changes in European regulations is worryingly low, according to Lloyds.

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More Tips to Protecting Your Business against Cyber-Attacks

When it comes to protecting your business, there is nothing like too much information. From the minute of details to the more elaborate ones, you have to actively safeguard your business from cyber-attacks. 175 more words

Insurance Policy: Monthly vs Annual Payments

Your insurance company will provide coverage and protection for whatever you put under their care as long as you do not default in your premium payment. 191 more words

Cyber Insurance Tips for Businesses

With the rate of cyber-attacks occurring almost every day, it would not be out of place to say any business could just be next. This doesn’t mean you should give up on securing your business. 205 more words

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How Much Cyber Insurance is Too Much?

Unlike some few decades ago, today’s businesses are more aware of cyber insurance and are willing to buy the policies. Yet there are some who just really don’t know how to proceed with buying cyber insurance. 166 more words