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Cyber Security Awareness

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The Department of Homeland Security encourages everyone– at home and at work– to take some time this month learn how to be safe online. 51 more words


Donald Trump insinuates 10-year-old son could be key to cyber security

During the first Clinton-Trump showdown, we witnessed something less than surprising. Republican candidate Donald Trump interrupted his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton 51 times, lied… 429 more words


Apple vulnerabilities in OS X, Spyware related Zero-Day, and in local iOS 10 backup.

Some of my friends and other people I talked thought Apple Mac OS X is secured against malicious attack, spyware and viruses. Well, that’s a bad expectation. 680 more words

Online Buzz

Ask Erka Koivunen anything for #CyberSecMonth

European Cyber Security Month (or National Cyber Security Awareness Month as it’s known in the US) is just around the corner. And considering the recent disclosure of… 235 more words


An Israeli Car Cybersecurity Company Has Raised $2.5 Million In Financing

A software called Carwall, created by Hod Hasharon company’s software can secure your car from cyber attacks by locking down all of its electronic control units. 126 more words

Donna Archerdoa – Cyber Security Portal

Ransomware Dundee: A Report on Cyber Crime Down Under

Taking advice from the internet and using it in real-life situations is not usually a lifehack that I would advise; that being said, I am here to offer a bit of advice. 393 more words

Cyber Forensics And Information Security

What is Computer Virus

Computer Virus

Computer Virus is piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data. 255 more words

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