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Darktrace Launches SCADA Industrial Immune System

Darktrace has announced the launch of the Industrial Immune System, a new product capable of detecting emerging cyber-threats within Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Applying Darktrace’s machine learning and mathematics to operational technology (OT) environments for the first time, the launch marks the beginning of a new era for the protection of Critical National Infrastructure, delivering real-time detection of today’s most advanced cyber-attackers and subtle insider threats. 410 more words


Cyber Essentials for Home

Cyber Essentials is the new government standard for implementing a baseline of security in a business. To keep your own computers at home secure, does it make sense to implement it at home? 295 more words

Cyber Security

Effective Ways to Address Cyber Security Within an Organization

Cyber Security is a word synonymous with crime, terrorism and hacking.

These are all dangers of not educating an organization with the tools need to prevent security breaches. 209 more words


Don’t Share These 5 Things on Facebook

From vacation photos to wedding albums, interesting news articles to political discussions, Facebook is a wonderful tool we can use to share information and interact with friends, family, and acquaintances in one place. 40 more words


Smart Cities: Wide Open to Cyber Attacks, Civilization Threatening Events and other Unintended Consequences

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

Key Article Point:

The more technology a city uses, the more vulnerable to cyber attacks it is, so the smartest cities have the highest risks… 2,846 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Insurance industry leads the way for cyber best practices

It was reported earlier this month in the Wall Street Journal that many Corporate Information Security Officers (CISOs) are turning to the insurance sector for assistance and guidance when it comes to understanding cyber security. 271 more words

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Cyber Security Lesson 4: Recognizing E-mail Scams

In Lesson 2, we mentioned that hackers tend to use e-mail communication to trick their victims into downloading malware or leaking their secure information (i.e. 1,848 more words

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