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India needs an incorporated military, not jugaad, to battle future wars

India made another little stride towards guaranteeing its resistance readiness is significantly more incorporated with the arrival of joint tenet enveloping each of the three military administrations. 240 more words


‘There are minimal overheads and profits can be limitless’

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting UK workers files and data, and the Metropolitan Police have warned that “no one is safe”. 686 more words

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Selling Technology in tough times !?

Despite the turmoil surrounding the Middle East, one has to answer the question: how to sell technology in these tough times? Indeed, wherever we look, things aren’t as they used to be for sales professionals.   621 more words


Is it possible to hack a plane?

As connectivity becomes more embedded in every aspect of our lives, just how vulnerable is the aviation sector?By Tamlin Magee Aug 12, 2016|

From the discovery of a nuclear centrifuge-wrecking cyber weapon called Stuxnet in 2010 it has become clear that dangers composed in bits and bytes are now transferring across to the physical world, capable of shutting down power grids and hospitals, or seizing the core control systems of connected cars. 1,227 more words

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Cyber attacks cause share prices to decrease

FTSE 100 companies that suffer serious cyber attacks risk a £120m drop in market value, according to security experts at Oxford Economics.

The study, which looked at 65 severe breaches at listed companies found there was a correlation between cyber attacks and a decrease in the value of share prices. 186 more words


PCI Compliance for Highest Network Security

There are several things that lead to the more concern for the network security and one of the biggest threats is of course the data breach. 196 more words

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Home Router & Cyber Security

A question about using UpnP technical question was sent by readers. Whether it was good policy to disable this on home routers.

Definition UPnP: is short for Universal Plug and Play, which is a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equipment, software, and peripherals. 111 more words

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