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Cyber-war: Indian hackers hack 250+ Pakistani websites after attack on Kerala govt's website

Late Saturday night, the official website of the Kerala Government: kerala.gov.in, was hacked by a person identifying himself as Faisal Afzal aka ‘Faisal 1337′ for reasons unknown. 120 more words


Could an 'unhackable kernel' keep all computers safe from cyberattack?

AN AUTONOMOUS helicopter gunship is flying over a military base in Arizona. Suddenly, officers on the ground lose radio contact: hackers have taken control of an on-board computer. 147 more words


5.6 million fingerprints stolen in U.S. personnel data hack: government

Hackers who stole security clearance data on millions of Defense Department and other U.S. government employees got away with about 5.6 million fingerprint records, some 4.5 million more than initially reported, the government said on Wednesday. 307 more words


Pentagon is building a system that instantly detects security breaches

The Department of Defense wants to be able to combat cyberattacks before hackers get the chance to steal sensitive files and employees’ data, as well as access the country’s weapons systems. 84 more words

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Following Up: U.S. Again Confirms it Lacks Cyber-War Superiority

The Big Media’s habit of burying the most important news – or its most uproarious gaffes – just keeps growing and growing. Yesterday, I posed on… 345 more words

Following Up

The history of Cyber Warfare

From governments to major corporations, cyber attacks are growing rapidly in scope and frequency across the globe. These attacks may soon be considered an “act of war” so having the latest information security training is becoming increasingly important. 16 more words


The new war front

Obama says cyber attacks from China ‘not acceptable’ via Yahoo News Digest

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Recent, events involving cyberhacking has shown that the new stage for warfare will be in cyberspace. 160 more words

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