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Book Review: All Systems Down by Sam Boush

I am old enough to remember when the entire eastern seaboard electrical grid went down. Since it happened just shortly after 9/11, most people were simply happy that it wasn’t another terrorist attack, and that it was no more than a simple glitch in the system. 343 more words

Book Review

The First World CyberWar

Trust me when I tell you that I’m not one for cyber-hype. 

I was over the whole cyborg-thing before there even was an Internet.  Nearly three decades ago, my fellow undergraduates wrote endless bad papers on… 997 more words


Dec 27 2017, Episode 397, Show Notes

Episode 396 of The CyberJungle is about 32 minutes long.  The interview with Fred Kaplan, the author of  “Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyberwar” begins at 13:30. 237 more words


Science Fiction to Reality

I love sci-fi and action movies. One of my favourite Sci-fi movie is the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. The best part of sci-fi movies is that what is a fiction today, can become a reality tomorrow. 541 more words

The dangers of a Wikipedia world

I envision a day when the Encyclopedia Britannica and even basic printed dictionaries will become banned material.

People will hide them in their basements, in their attics. 975 more words


Dmitri and the Wallet

How big is your wallet?  Look at the objects on this tabletop.  I bet your wallet is not as big as Dmitri’s is.  I don’t really know his name.   211 more words


laws for the U.S. and two other key nations

Create a 1-page 4 row by 3 column table in Microsoft® Word that depicts laws for the U.S. and two other key nations in the strategic, tactical, and operational areas of cybersecurity. 218 more words

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