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This week’s ransomware attack against San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency underscores just how real the events in my Cyber War I novel are.  My soon-to-be-released story is fictional of course, but I didn’t make this stuff up. 162 more words

Cyber War

An American Solution to Cyber Insecurity

If Donald Trump wants to take one important, indeed, vital step he will create a well-funded new Cyber Security Agency that is free of NSA and other deeply compromised interests. 1,255 more words

Technology And Security

Dear India and Cyber Wars

The First Worm

The Morris worm or Internet worm of November 2, 1988 was one of the first computer worms distributed via the Internet. According to its creator, the Morris worm was not written to cause damage, but to gauge the size of the Internet. 1,330 more words


Goodbye Godlikeproductions

As some of you may know, I used to be a regular on the conspiracy website Godlike Productions. My handle was Caylus Ark for the longest time – before that, it had been Liathwulf. 2,012 more words

Attacked By A Zombie Army

Excerpt :

“Recently, The Internet connection in the office, and subsequently the productivity of the workforce, had crawled to a standstill over the span of a few hours. 532 more words


The Internet. Our Election. And A Reminder: Stay Calm and Vote.

The concern over possible internet interference on Election Day is not a hoax. Major service providers (AT&T, Comcast, Time-Warner, Cox, T-Mobile, Direct TV, Verizon) along with online news sources (CNN), social media (Facebook, Twitter), entertainment (Netflix, Hulu), gaming and email communication providers have all suffered outages in the past several days. 520 more words

2016 General Election

A Timeline of Russian Cyber Attacks

In connection with the upcoming Cyber Law & Business Report segment on Russian cyber attacks, below is a timeline of significant Russian-connected cyber attacks.

2007: Estonia… 790 more words

Cyber (Data) Security