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Russia Wages All-Out Cyberwar Against Ukraine

Russia has hacked the White House, gained access to President Barack Obama’s emails, and even infiltrated into Pentagon’s network.

So, it’s little surprise that Moscow has been waging an all-out cyberwar against Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and military. 8 more words

Cyber Attacks

The Army is in talks with "cyber effects" vendors

The Army is seeking the assistance of cyberattack tool sellers, joining a growing number of Pentagon entities aiming to amass advanced cyber capabilities.

A new market survey aimed at identifying suppliers is the third Defense Department document issued over the past month that points out a need to be able to execute “cyber effects.” 19 more words

Cyber Attacks

Invisible soldiers on the way; Cyber war, how real is the threat?; bottle feeding obesity link

Cyber terrorists, or hostile powers have featured in Hollywood films as being able to knock out air traffic control systems, power grids and financial centres, but how real is the threat? 117 more words


The Chinese military is afraid wearables will reveal its secrets

China’s military released an ominous warning on May 10, telling troops and the wider public that network-connected wearable devices pose a national security risk when used by military personnel. 392 more words

re: Global Governance - CA edition

Author’s Note: I just finished an exam earlier for a class being taught for the first time at my UC, “global governance”. I finished reading Kissinger’s version of Global Governance, not to mention studying and two writing my arms off in-class essays. 1,039 more words
Cultural Consciousness


The fact is the Web Sites we shut down are the Media machine not the actual First reporting sources. (i.e. the NOT the Actual Bad Guys) ISIS hunters and almost more so, normal everyday people report stuff to various Anonymous groups, to me (since 2007) and some contact Gov Orgs and Host directly. 531 more words