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We need a better cyber war policy — later

It is quite possible — and highly likely in my opinion — that the DNC was attacked by the Russian government. Many  Internet security researchers agree.  464 more words


US Still Has No Definition for Cyber Act of War

Reading the headline is very painful for me.

We were struggling with this definition back in the late 1990s and we continue struggling with this definition today. 721 more words

Information Operations

The U.S. Is Lifting the Veil of Secrecy on its Cyber Tactics

Picture this: A supporter of the Islamic State gets a chat message. It’s from a top commander, and it instructs the man and his fervent cohort to meet outside the city of Tel Osqof, 20 miles north of Mosul, at 7 a.m.  757 more words


The Cyber Threat: Cybercom Trains for Infrastructure Attack as Power Companies Play Down Threat to Grid

Cyber Guard war games simulate major cyber attack

Washington Free Beacon, by Bill Gertz, June 6, 2016:

The U.S. Cyber Command will conduct large-scale military exercises this week simulating cyber attacks against critical U.S. 442 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Paranoia Agent - The Internet Psychosis Edition

Before You Read This Consider The Following Information: Recently, studies showed a link between people who use the internet obsessively and the development of psychosis eg schizophrenia… 2,470 more words