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Cyber War? Could World War III be a cyber war?

Peter Singer, strategist at New America think tank, is coauthor of forthcoming novel ‘Ghost Fleet,’ which explores what would happen if digital warfare erupts between nations. 27 more words

Cyber War

Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Concealed

a dark horse, a volatile setting where the climate spawns storms…
Athena emerged from Zeus’s forehead
with the wisdom of the owl
Jupiter, reigning over torrential skies…

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Cultural Consciousness


I’d scarcely noticed being out at sea till
the ship arching along the tidal heave whipped back
wooden eyes of the prow blind as ghost winds steer…

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Cultural Consciousness

GORDON CROVITZ: We’re Losing the Cyber War

Wall Street Journal — The huge theft from the Office of Personnel Management comes after years Obama administration passivity despite repeated digital attacks.

The Obama administration disclosed this month that for the past year China had access to the confidential records of four million federal employees. 71 more words

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China 'leading suspect' in US cyberattack, says intelligence chief

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Thursday that China is the leading suspect in an attack against the government’s personnel office, the first time a US officially has publicly pointed the finger at the Chinese government, reported The Wall Street Journal. 26 more words


Top level overview of the global Cyber Warfare market

This report offers detailed analysis of the global Cyber Warfare market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector. 662 more words

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With data under siege, it’s time for new attitude, new approach to cybersecurity

True or False? There was no way the Office of Personnel Management could have prevented hackers from stealing the sensitive personal information of 4.1 million federal employees, past and present. 19 more words