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Review: Android: Netrunner

Introduction —

Over the last 30-years, one of the most interesting aspects that has come from the prevalence of widespread internet usage is a new breed of warfare, “cyber-warfare.” State-sanctioned by the government, corporate entities, or neer-do-wells using the tangible and the intangible wires of the global consciences that we call, the Internet, in order to unleash a wave of cyber-destruction and intrusion all around the world, every single day. 686 more words


Battlefield Digital Forensics

In a quick break this weekend I had a chance to read this new paper developed by NATO to explain and train special forces in the art of digital intelligence and evidence collection. 76 more words

Cyber Defense

Zero Days

Zero Days is the latest film from Alex Gibney, whose Jigsaw Productions manages to put out 2-4 documentaries of high quality every year. It’s astonishing really, the quality and prolific nature of the company has really hit a stride between Going Clear, last year’s offering about Scientology, and this year’s Zero Days. 250 more words



I mention some prior art in this post. I am in no way affiliated with those mentioned nor do I intend to develop this system with any of their code. 979 more words


The Pentagon is developing cyber warfare tools to fight ISIS

US Cyber Command chief Adm. Michael S. Rogers has created a dedicated unit tasked with developing a suite of malware and digital weapons that can be used to wage (a digital) war against ISIS. 180 more words



 BY PNW STAFF    JULY 12, 2016

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Since the official end of the Cold War, the United States has been the world’s sole superpower, leading the world in wealth creation, technology and military might that, at times, seems unassailable. 785 more words

Signs Of End Times

Google Notifies On 4,000 State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks Per Month

It’s 2016, so of course I’m typing state-sponsored cyber attacks. “A senior executive of Alphabet Inc’s (O:GOOGL) Google unit said on Monday that the company was notifying customers of 4,000 state-sponsored cyber attacks per month. 29 more words