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Putin’s Hackers Now Under Attack—From Microsoft

Microsoft is going after Fancy Bear, the Russian hacking group that targeted the DNC, by wresting control of domain names controlled by the foreign spies. 9 more words

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Hackers are free people, just like artists!

For the third world countries, hackers are criminals regardless of how ethical they are. Hackers are not legally protected. They are treated as unwanted creatures who work against the country. 817 more words

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How Hostile Spies Study Social Media to Crack CIA Cover, Spot Likely Agents

Intelligence officers’ tradecraft is highly guarded for good reason. One of its most important aspects is establishing a cover identity so foreign governments and hostile groups are not aware who is spying on them. 14 more words

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Staying Secret in the Age of Social Media

Intelligence officers must often use a false identity – a legend or cover. How has social media and digital technology changed how they create and preserve these cover identities, and what have counterintelligence units traditionally looked for when trying to identify foreign spies? 9 more words

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Maintaining A Spy’s Cover in the Internet Era

Tradecraft. A term popularized in the novels of John le Carré, but practiced by spies throughout history. Tradecraft includes a number of methodologies, ranging from chalk-marked dead drops, and honey traps, to wiretapping, losing a tail, and safe houses. 14 more words

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Meet the scholar challenging the cyber deterrence paradigm – Fifth Domain | Cyber

Right on “domain-specific strategy that is reliant on capabilities-based strategy for cyberspace rather than a threat-based strategy” (while capabilities must ultimately be linked to strategies that address addressable-threats) but nonsense on  “Cyberspace is not a military domain in our thinking; it is an interconnected domain in which the military must operate.” Seas and Oceans are interconnected with waterways too. 78 more words

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