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Who Are the Shadow Brokers?

What is—and isn’t—known about the mysterious hackers leaking National Security Agency secrets.

Source: Who Are the Shadow Brokers?

Cyber Warfare

A change to the cyberthreat

How do you make decisions when you do not know what data is real and what data has been manipulated?

Source: A change to the cyberthreat

Cyber Warfare

Romania foreign ministry target of ‘surgical’ cyberattack – Fifth Domain | Cyber

A Romanian cyber intelligence official has confirmed the foreign ministry had been the target of a “surgical, targeted, specialized” cyberattack likely orchestrated by another country. 11 more words

Cyber Warfare

North Korea, Iran, and the Challenges of Dealing With Cyber-Capable Nuclear States

With the attention of the United States and its allies at present focused on North Korea’s nuclear activity, North Korea potentially has greater latitude to act aggressively in the cyber realm, especially against the private sector. 13 more words

Cyber Warfare

After WannaCry, Senators want policy on vulnerability disclosures

The Protecting our Ability To Counter Hacking, or PATCH, Act is a bipartisan bill to address issues of cybersecurity transparency and accountability that arise from researchers hoarding zero-day software vulnerabilities that can impact government agencies, vendors and customers. 9 more words

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