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Rules of the Road: The Need for Vulnerabilities Equities Legislation – Lawfare

When the government discovers a bug in any computer hardware or software system, should it immediately inform the device or software manufacturer, so the company can create a patch and protect its customers’ cybersecurity? 41 more words

Cyber Warfare

Here’s how NATO is preparing for cyber operations

Following last year’s declaration of cyberspace as an operational domain of warfare, NATO is still working on developing the details.

Source: Here’s how NATO is preparing for cyber operations

Cyber Warfare

Hacking Back in Black: Legal and Policy Concerns with the Updated Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act

What could go wrong? Surprised Erik Prince has not chimed on this.

For years now, there has been a discussion surrounding the feasibility of active cyber defense, and allowing private entities or individuals to “hack back” against hostile cyber activity… 17 more words

Cyber Warfare

How Britain’s GCHQ Decides Which Secrets to Share with You

The Trump Administration’s National Security Council has released an unclassified set of guidelines for determining when the U.S. government will disclose – rather than retain for espionage purposes – a computer vulnerability that it discovers to the relevant private sector vendor so that a patch can be distributed. 12 more words

Cyber Warfare

Money, espionage and image: Why North Korean hackers are making waves

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security announced this week that North Korean hackers were behind a malware attack known as FALLCHILL — just the latest hack blamed on the reclusive country. 798 more words


CYBERCOM working through intel side of cyber defense

While intelligence for cyber defense has been slow to come online, these capabilities are now being more integrated with defensive elements.

Source: CYBERCOM working through intel side of cyber defense

Cyber Warfare

Why This Topic!

Cybercrime netted a whopping $450 billion in profits last year, with 2 billion records lost or stolen worldwide. Security expert Caleb Barlow calls out the insufficiency of our current strategies to protect our data. 48 more words