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Operation Lotus Blossom

Persistent Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Southeast Asian Government and Military Networks

Palo Alto Networks® Unit 42 threat research team has uncovered a series of potentially state-sponsored cyberattacks targeting government and military organizations in countries throughout Southeast Asia. 95 more words


De-Constructing Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid war- does it even exist? (Original Article in NATO Review)

The recent Russian intervention in Ukraine has generated much debate about the use and effectiveness of hybrid warfare, a type of warfare widely understood to blend conventional/unconventional, regular/irregular, and information and cyber warfare. 211 more words

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Something Isn't Fair About Cyber Warfare

Can you hack a nuclear power plant? Can you take the full control over the nukes with your mouse and a keyboard? Can you shutdown the entire system of everything and anything in a country you choose? 170 more words

These 5 Facts Explain the Threat of Cyber Warfare

America has spent decades and trillions of dollars building up the greatest military force the world has ever seen. But the biggest threat to national security these days comes from not from aircraft carriers or infantry divisions, but a computer with a simple Internet connection. 741 more words

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Did we spy or didn't we?

According to the Wall Street Journal, (via the Jerusalem Post) the US has accused Israel of spying on the Iran nuclear talks in Lausanne, and are furious that Israel is playing nasty with the information it gathered: 1,312 more words

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Hacks, Breaches, and Government Ineptness

While the headlines over the past week have been swamped with coverage over the candidates bidding for the 2016 presidential election and a “trans-racial” NAACP… 1,239 more words


Second cyber-attack exposes security clearance investigation results

White House officials confirmed on Friday that this latest cyber attack may have exposed data on security clearance investigations and other job background checks. The forms filled out in question are Standard Form 86, required to be filled out by applicants asking for deeply personal information about mental health, drug and alcohol use, past arrests and bankruptcies. 150 more words

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