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How hackers work like a PAC

For many nation states, cyber warfare has become an attractive option because it can be conducted without making great efforts or consuming a lot of resources. 1,072 more words


US Airstrike kills British Hacker

A British hacker, Junaid Hussain, who had joined ISIS was killed in a US airstrike last week, according to information released by the US Central Command, which is coordinating the fight against the terrorist group. 176 more words


RFID Microchips in Clothing (Part 2)

“I’d Rather Go Naked”

Spyware vs. Spy Wear: Emergence of RFID Microchips in Clothing

In part 1 of our story, we discussed how clothing manufacturers have started to embed RFID microchips into their apparel. 324 more words

Crime Awareness

RFID Microchips in Clothing (Part 1)

They say “Clothes make the man”…what happens when “Clothes reveal everything about the man?”

The Emergence of RFID Microchips in Clothing (Part 1)

Imagine walking into a store you have never previously visited and a clerk walks up to you and asks, “How are those size 36 Dockers pants working out for you? 215 more words

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Mr. Robot's Black Hat Bag of Tricks

Note: For all you Mr. Robot fans like myself who were looking forward to tonight’s Season Finale, bad news:

1 Update on 8/26/2015 at 5:01 p.m. 1,121 more words


China's Cyberwar

The scale of a massive cyber-attack on America’s governmental infrastructure that was revealed last week is still coming to light. As is the case with virtually all preemptive strikes, hackers believed to be linked to the People’s Republic of China have executed an attack so comprehensive and sophisticated that it could only have one aim: the preventative neutering of America’s defensive capabilities. 839 more words