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Cybersecurity Experts Hunting for Hackers

Network security professionals are turning to an emerging concept known as “cyber threat hunting” to ferret out hackers from critical systems …

Source: Cybersecurity Experts Hunting for Hackers

Cyber Warfare

Jumping the Air Gap: How to Breach Isolated Networks | The Cipher Brief

Connectivity continues to enmesh businesses, governments, societies and people – a trend that will only accelerate with the growth of public cloud services and devices linked together in the Internet of Things. 13 more words

Cyber Warfare

Searching For Digital Hilltops: Doctrinal Approach To Identifying Key Terrain In Cyberspace – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Just as planners must characterize the operational environment in the physical domains, cyberspace operators and planners must do so in this new warfighting domain. Defining the operational environment includes identifying critical assets, centers of gravity, avenues of approach, decisive points, and key terrain. 100 more words

Cyber Warfare

Sizing Up Trump’s Cyberwar Strategy - MIT Technology Review

The United States is taking damage in the global cyberwar, and Trump won’t be able to fix that without help.

Source: Sizing Up Trump’s Cyberwar Strategy – MIT Technology Review

Cyber Warfare

Next Steps for U.S. Cyber Command after Split with NSA | The Cipher Brief

We all know it’s coming, and soon. There is significant momentum for elevating U.S. Cyber Command to a full combatant command. We should expect that soon. 49 more words

Cyber Warfare

chasing the phantom

Inside the Hunt

for Russia’s Most

Notorious Hacker

by Garrett M. Graff | illustrations by Chad Hagen

Source: Wired.com

On the morning of December 30, the day after Barack Obama imposed… 48 more words

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