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Here Are The Companies That Won A Spot On $460M Cyber Command Deal

U.S. Cyber Command plans to outsource support for defensive and offensive maneuvers to a team of six contractors, including Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC and CACI. 188 more words

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The nation’s top spy says hackers are spying on presidential candidates — Kopitiam Bot

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.sg) The nation’s top spy said Wednesday that hackers, possibly working for foreign governments, are trying to spy on the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns.

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117 Million LinkedIn Passwords Stolen In 2012 Are Now For Sale —

A hacker known in the Dark Web as “Peace” is trying to sell the account information, including login credentials, of 117 million LinkedIn users. The social network admitted to the massive data breach after the hacker offered the stolen data for sale.

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Who Do You Know Who's Been Hacked?

Everyone thinks that hacking only happens to other people. All of us know a business owner who’s website has been hacked. It’s like we’re saying “I saw that you put your hand on the hot stove and burned yourself, but until I get burned myself, I won’t know how bad it hurts.” 130 more words

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Change your LinkedIn password right now — BGR

Remember when LinkedIn was hacked a few years ago and the company confirmed that login credentials and other data belonging to 6.5 million accounts were stolen?

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Banks are helping hackers pull off the perfect heist — BGR

News broke in February that hackers were able to steal no less than $81 million from the Bank of Bangladesh in what MANY described as a perfect heist.

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The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

A couple of days ago I was recommended these 2 documentaries, they are short but concise and they show how cyber criminality is on the rise. 141 more words