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China just made VPNs illegal

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the new rules on Sunday, as reported by the South China Morning Post. Calling it a “clean-up” of the country’s internet connections, the Ministry said the new rules would go live immediately and be in place until March 31st, 2018. 232 more words


Presidential Volunteer Service Award for CSFI Volunteer Work

Arvin Verma is an extremely passionate and dedicated cyber security professional currently working as a third party security risk management specialist at PepsiCo. He has previously worked at organizations such as Ernst and Young, Boeing, and Navistar, providing and delivering a diverse set of technical and business solutions across the information technology and cybersecurity arena. 261 more words


War Games: The March of Military Tech

Throughout history, times of war have always caused us a society to enter a period of rapid technological advancement. In the aim of defeating an opposing force military forces work hard to engineer more reliable and efficient ways of killing people. 363 more words


Testing, Testing: Ethically Testing for Usability

Usability can be defined as how easy it is for users of all abilities to access a site and navigate it easily. Aspects of usability range from easy visibility -colors and animations can impact this, for instance- to the amount of physical work required to use the site. 312 more words

What is your understanding of cyber terrorism?

What is your understanding of cyber terrorism?

The term cyberterrorism is a term that individuals either fully understand or only partially understand its true meaning and principles.

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Digital Trust-guarantee for integrity?

I’ve just read an interesting blogpost by Jesper KrĂ„khede, who is the Cyber Security responsible at Sogeti in Sweden.

Short summary: The future will not be less digitized than today. 99 more words

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Wi-Fi security: When the router is the weak link

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Routers are supposed to be the first line of defence against hackers and malware. But, sometimes, they turn out to be the weak link and recent news headlines showed that even the latest routers can come with security flaws. 549 more words

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