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'Zero Days' Interview with Eric Chien

Alex Gibney is the most prolific documentarian working in movies today, and his latest documentary, “Zero Days,” may prove to be his scariest yet. 1,059 more words

Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency

Former insiders and whistle-blowers provide a view of the formidable military intelligence outfit

Unit 8200 of the IDF is Israel’s version of the NSA; but more than that, it is home to many of the worst cyber terrorists and cyber criminals the world has ever seen, people who have caused destruction on a massive scale through use of Stuxnet and other nefarious techniques. 3,397 more words


There's a Stuxnet Copycat, and We Have No Idea Where It Came From

After details emerged of Stuxnet, arguably the world’s first digital weapon, there were concerns that other hackers would copy its techniques.

Now, researchers have… 769 more words


IRS possessed Stingray cellphone surveillance gear, documents reveal | US news | The Guardian

Often not much bigger than a suitcase, Stingray devices are easily portable in gathering information by imitating cellphone towers. Illustration: Electronic Frontier Foundation via Flickr… 183 more words