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The "Safest" OS No More- An Inside Look Into the Sickening of the Mac OS X

OS X junkies feel assured in the fact that they, in contrast with their Windows using friends , are perfectly safe from any type of malware.   208 more words


#Anonymous launches #OpBaltimore

It had to happen.

Anonymous Stands With #Baltimore. | #OpBaltimore

— OpBaltimoreOfficial (@AnonOpBaltimore) May 1, 2015

In what’s become a completely inevitable pattern, in response to the death of a young black man at the hands of the police, Anonymous has taken to YouTube, Twitter and Pastebin to announce their latest: #OpBaltimore.

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Exclusive Interview with AnonGlobo of #Anonymous

AnonymousGlobo is one of those Anonymous Twitter accounts that simply seems to be ahead of everyone else; whatever it’s tweeting about right now will be all over the headlines in a week’s time, most likely for having been the victim of hacktivist attacks. 652 more words


#HowOldRobot Privacy Concerns

When Edward Snowden shed light on the United State’s secret surveillance program, Prism, the public learned that intelligence agencies were able to collect photos, emails, and other information from companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.   423 more words


One Day Only: The Hacker Wars is 99 Cents to Rent, $9.99 to Buy on Amazon

Today, May Day, 2015, The Hacker Wars, the definitive documentary account of hacktivism’s golden age, is on sale at Amazon.com. You can rent it for 99 cents or purchase it for $9.99, $12.99 for HD. 59 more words


Tech Support Scams / Pop-ups are on the rise!

Tech Support Scams / Pop-ups are on the rise!

Be aware about the ever growing amount of “Tech Support” Scams and Pop-ups!  And please, do not fall for these website pop-ups or phone calls designed to rip-YOU-off!  423 more words

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