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SEO - what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is a technique for:

  • designing and developing a website to rank well in search engine results.

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Biometrics - Overview

Biometrics – Overview

The term Biometrics is composed of two words − Bio (Greek word for Life) and Metrics (Measurements). Biometrics is a branch of information technology that aims towards establishing one’s identity based on personal traits. 2,154 more words

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Software Engineering Overview

Let us first understand what software engineering stands for. The term is made of two words, software and engineering.

Software is more than just a program code. 2,828 more words

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Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Donald Trump is serious threat to US national security

A retired four-star Army general said that he believes that President Trump is a “serious threat to US national security.”

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey tweeted Friday that he reached the conclusion about Trump because the president “is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks.” 193 more words

Creating a Secure Password

When you create a password you should keep the following things in mind. It will ensure that it is not easy to crack in a Brute Force attack :- 213 more words

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How to hack the Internet speed

In this short article you will see show you how increase you your Internet speed. If want to increase your Internet speed, then follow this step below. 69 more words

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Top 15 Google tricks

Hi Friends, we are all known world largest search engine Google. In this article I will show you 15 funny Google tricks that you can do with Google and share it with your friends. 883 more words

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