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Six U.S. Senators Urge Obama to Prioritize Cyber at G20 in China

Six U.S. senators have urged President Barack Obama to prioritize cyber crime at a this weekend’s G20 summit in China in the wake of the $81-million heist from Bangladesh’s central bank, according to a letter obtained by Reuters. 347 more words


Verint - Un nuevo enfoque en ciberseguridad

A medida que los titulares de los diarios presentan nuevos casos de disrupciones masivas en los bancos de datos de grandes organizaciones privadas y gubernamentales, va tomando más fuerza la idea de que es imprescindible defender los bienes de las empresas contra ataques cibernéticos. 353 more words


Adding pepper to your cryptographic salt

Below are a few of my trivial, bit-twiddling encryption schemes. Alone, none of these are secure. You can, however, run your plain-text through one prior to implementing a more secure protocol. 436 more words


The UAE Spends Big on Israeli Spyware to Listen In on a Dissident

When a government seeks to rein in a political opponent by listening in on his calls, reading his text messages, and spying on his meetings, how do they go about doing so? 1,224 more words

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The Great Blue Desert

We’re just here to help, holding a distant orbit around the largest planet of the Solar System. Looking out at Jupiter as it fills our windows even from here, I’m awed by its swirling majesty. 890 more words

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Report: Russian Hackers Target New York Times

Every day, the scope of alleged Russian hacking against U.S. organizations widens. On Tuesday, CNN reported that the FBI is investigating hackers believed to be working for Moscow who “carried out a series of cyber breaches targeting reporters at the New York Times and other U.S. 545 more words

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DHS "Partnership Bulletin"

DHS has just published a new edition of The Partnership Bulletin.  The Bulletin provides a twice monthly  snapshot of upcoming stakeholder and cross-sector training opportunities and exercises, along with major critical infrastructure events and key announcements.  118 more words