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Information Security Analyst Interview

Please tell us about yourself

With increasing threats from hackers and cracks in the security of data available online, information security analysts are a busy lot! 1,154 more words

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Rising Threats to Business Computer Systems

The extent of Cyber Security Service needed a decade ago was one backup system and a firewall. That is no longer the case today. Threats consist of much more than a nuisance virus now and then. 348 more words


The Illusion of Immortality

DAY 13 of My500WordChallenge

I realized this past year I had waited far too long to share my story.  Always thinking there would be a “happy ending” or the final chapter where my hero saves me – if I could not save myself.   1,442 more words


The Emergency Alert System Dilemma: How can authorities leverage technological advancements to aid (and not diminish) strategic disaster risk reduction endeavors?

People across the globe have come to rely heavily on technology, which has proven to be an exceedingly effective tool for wireless emergency alert systems. Wireless emergency alert systems can take a number of forms, but primarily use cell tower and Internet pathways to notify the public on a variety of emergency situations by sending text alerts to mobile phones. 227 more words

Business Continuity

The Week In Games: Cyber Sleuthing The Winter Away

(Source: kotaku.com)

Who needs a Breath of the Wild-style Pokemon game when we’ve got a new Digimon to look forward to?

The annual slow start to game releases that is the month of January always manages to catch me off guard. 328 more words


Twitter must die - or stop this filthy secret-sanitisation business

The recently exposed Twitter Shadow-banning fiasco, is one of the most recent and obvious manifestations of Twitter’s slump towards irrelevance. The blatant and obviously political, refusal to verify the account of Julian Assange was another recent blatant mistake. 907 more words


EU under pressure to bite back in cyber war

Calls for more uniform approach and better regulation amid mounting threats.

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