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Dyn DDoS Roundup

There’s so much talk about the recent DDoS that it gets its own digest.

Lots of stuff going on here. All of the “a thing is happening” articles are too many to track. 329 more words


WEEK 8-Cyber Crimes in Singapore

Last week, we covered internet security in class and I was most intrigued by those famous hackers like Kevin Mitnick. They have very competent computer skills but resort to crimes to showcase their talents. 371 more words

Know your enemy: Training can help avoid cybersecurity pitfalls

Ransomware, spear phishing, exploit kits. These are just a few of the threats targeting one of the most vulnerable links in any cybersecurity architecture – the unaware human. 630 more words

Security News

The single biggest existential threat that’s out there, I think, is cyber.

– Michael Mullen

In order to understand something we should be eager to learn.

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Companies urged to use multiple vendors in wake of cyber attack

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Companies can reduce the risk from the type of cyber attack that took out major websites on Friday by using multiple vendors for the critical internet service known as a domain name service, or DNS, companies and security experts said on Sunday… 503 more words

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