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Bearable Wearables

Apple loves a party, and in two days time the familiar stampede of fans to the futuristic glass house on George Street, Sydney will celebrate yet another chapter of Appleā€™s expensive product history. 399 more words


The phone hacking scandal- was it a sex crime?

One of the major scandals to emerge in 2015 was the celebrity phone hacking scandal. Several celebrities’ intimate moments were exposed to the public domain. Such victims were actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco. 317 more words


Photo Hacking

We’re now living in the age of selfies, Snapchat, Instagram, and ultimately – risky texts/pictures. There has been scandals on Snapchat hacking and distributing of “sexting” pictures, but the most prominent targets of photo hacking are celebrities, and female celebrities in particular.In August 2014, a group of about 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with many containing nudity, were posted on the imageboard 4chan, and later shared by other users on websites and social networks such as Imgur, Reddit and Tumblr. 629 more words


The Web Changes News

The creation of the world wide web completely revolutionized our lives and how we undertake daily tasks. We now use the web to make friends, shop online for virtually any product we might need, banking, doing business, looking for a job, and arguably the most important of all, for accessing all the world’s information. 728 more words


Forget control- The web is now in charge

It is impossible to argue that the web is not in control in today’s world. Regardless of age or technical capabilities, there is a general acceptance that everything is shifting to on-line and almost everything ends up on the web. 1,716 more words


Open Source Software- an opportunity for change

It is only recently in my studies of cybercultures that I have come across this term open source software. Not only did I realise how instrumental it is to on-lone society but also learned that I had been using it in the form of my blogs! 271 more words


Online life vs. real life

Today, 74% of all internet users now use social media. From Facebook to Instagram, an on-line presence of some degree is paramount in today’s society. Although there are many… 293 more words