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Digital Artefact: Learning to Code with Arduino

Over the last few weeks I have explored STEM learning and code and have created a digital artefact reflecting on my experiences. I wanted my artefact to be empowering for myself and others. 97 more words


Full Reference List for Prezi DIGC335

The presentation can be found here.

The full reference list pdf can be found here: My References.

VR Research Project Idea

Apologies for the terrible setting.

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Progress Report - #foodporn

To briefly recap my digital artefact, I will be looking into the cyber cultures of the ever-evolving online food industry and specifically looking at how the social media platform, Instagram, has impacted it. 991 more words


Instagram Cyber Culture: #vegan

My digital artefact involves experimenting with instagram as a cyber culture for the food industry. My research aims to observe and determine what contributes to a successful food cyber culture social media, such as: 298 more words


CyberPoverty: technology and the divide paradox

“With technology, we’ve never been closer together”

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that sentence in my life. I’m sure you, whoever is reading this, will agree. 1,258 more words


Daily Travel Vloggers and YouTube. Passion or Poison?

Daily Travel Vloggers. If you subscribe to them on YouTube, the odds are you assume they have a perfect life. Travelling the world, working with prestigious brands, staying in luxurious destinations and rubbing shoulders with some of the YouTube and celebrity elite. 853 more words

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