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Daily Travel Vloggers and YouTube. Passion or Poison?

Daily Travel Vloggers. If you subscribe to them on YouTube, the odds are you assume they have a perfect life. Travelling the world, working with prestigious brands, staying in luxurious destinations and rubbing shoulders with some of the YouTube and celebrity elite. 853 more words

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Digital Artefact: WTF is that?

So you may be wondering what a digital artefact is? Don’t worry, so was I (OK I’m still trying to get my head around it). Before I explain what (I think) it is, I should start with the fact that this semester at uni, I’m taking  328 more words

Travel Vloggers

Digital Life After Death

Do you have a digital plan for when you die? An idea of what you want to do with your online presence after death? “Nine out of 10 Australians have a social media account of some description, yet the vast majority have not even had a conversation – let alone written anything down – about what should happen to these accounts when they die,” (Brad Hazzard, … 265 more words


360 Drones >Eagles

Drone Ethnography

Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits

“Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.”

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