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Clicktivism: You want awareness or change?

Online Activism, aka Clicktivism

Clicktivism” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is “the use of social media and other online methods to promote a cause”. 1,610 more words


Can virtual third places be third places?

Somewhere in between

Third places is a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg (1989) and is used to describe places where people spend time between home (“first place) and work (“second” place). 1,014 more words


GDPR & Implications for PR professionals

A week after attending the event held by Education in Ireland, a national brand under the authority of Department of Education, we were forwarded the email above. 1,056 more words


We are not as safe as we think

Vietnam Airlines website hacked

The website of Vietnam Airlines, the country’s national flag carrier, was breached at 4PM on the 29th July 2016 with hackers stealing and leaking confidential data of more than 400,000 VIP clients under the Lotusmiles membership. 1,362 more words


Has Instagram changed the way we eat?

Remember the old days when you were dining out with your friends and as soon as the food was placed on the table, everyone took out their phones out to take pictures of all the food from as many angles as possible to post on Instagram and you were like “Come on! 986 more words


Privacy Paradox on Social Media

On Sunday, the 25th March 2018, Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal in full-page newspaper ads that appeared in seven British newspapers and three American ones. 913 more words



For #bcm325 we have been live-tweeting films/television shows related to cyberculture each week. I have chosen what I consider to be my most relevant tweets and discussions from weeks 1-8, as can be seen below. 1,357 more words