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Digital Natives Vs Digital Immigrants

A “Digital Native” is somebody that is born in the mid 1990’s up until present. Thankfully, I am myself a digital native which means that I am a “native speaker” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet. 513 more words


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

What is this all about?

Digital natives are the people who were born into a generation of technology and were born roughly from the mid 1990’s on. 819 more words


Cybercultures, An Introduction.

The need to know…

Cybercultures is becoming a very talk about topic today. Cybercultures is a culture about the new or emerging developments from the use of computer networks for communication, entertainment and business. 263 more words


Identity, the Personalized Web, and Its Opposites

Identity is complex and it’s fluid. The extent to which an algorithm can interpret and model our tastes and judgments online is completely contingent on our ability to articulate and identify those tastes and judgments within ourselves. 169 more words


One Brain To Rule Us All?

The convergence of atomic and digital technologies is transforming the infrastructure of the internet, making it resemble a human brain rather than a machine.

“Discoveries in the ”nano” technologies of bio, molecular, and micro engineering will re-edit the nomenclature of “natural” versus “unnatural”, blurring if not erasing the line of distinction between “machine” and “organism”, “natural” and “unnatural”, “God-given” and “man-made”. 35 more words


The rise of the digital age

We are all aware of today’s rapid development in many industries across the world. The main hub of this modernisation is technology. Nowadays we communicate through e-mail, or apps such as… 458 more words

Children And Technology

Intro to Cybercultures

To study and understand cybercultures we have to first understand the web, how it came to be and of course where it’s headed. Kevin Kelly… 221 more words