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Video game violence, the never ending debate.

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you would understand that I am a huge fan of video games and will always have an opinion on them relating to a topic in the course I am doing. 360 more words

Video Games

Guess who?

According to Stacey M. Koosel in her article Exploring Digital Identity: Beyond the Private Public Paradox,  in the same way that new media is transforming culture, we are transforming ourselves into digital identities.   412 more words


Cyberpunk culture and wonderful stories

Hello followers and fellow bloggers. This session I am undertaking the interesting subject of Cybercultures at University and I am more than keen to learn all about what they are, the different aspects of them in our culture, and how they relate to both today’s society and the time around the rising of the internet. 328 more words


Cybercultures, the basics.

Cybercultures is the study of other types of various network communications, social gaming, social media, mobile apps, augmented reality, wearable computing and texting, and includes issues related to identity, privacy, and network formation. 182 more words


Online Identity

An online identity is the persona you create on social media sites and in online communities. Your offline identity or ‘the real you’ is the person that family and close friends know. 366 more words


Digital Footprint

If you want to see something quite scary, just Google your name. You might need to put the city you live in or in my case just your name will turn up numerous results you didn’t even know existed. 421 more words


Cybercrime, Get Ready!

Its becoming harder to protect what you put out online, than your physical belongings at home.

Recently, a friend of mine was burgled. Her house was broken into while she was at work and a lot of expensive things were stolen. 798 more words

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