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Digital Life After Death

Do you have a digital plan for when you die? An idea of what you want to do with your online presence after death? “Nine out of 10 Australians have a social media account of some description, yet the vast majority have not even had a conversation – let alone written anything down – about what should happen to these accounts when they die,” (Brad Hazzard, … 265 more words


360 Drones >Eagles

Drone Ethnography

Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits

“Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.”

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Education and The Internet

After my last cybercultures class, I began to wonder, should knowledge should be open to all to both use and contribute to? Yes, and it’s this intuitive philosophy that forms the base of The Open Education Movement, which has been gaining momentum since 2006, the same year Dr. 423 more words


Header Designs

I designed a few images to accompany my first blog post of research for Cybercultures.  I tried to capture the idea of a conversation in a digital space, leading into the future of my research, which will analyse the impact of social media on brands and consumers.   46 more words

Daily Creative

Cybercultural Tragedies

My original broad concept for my research project was to look into the ways in which Cyberculture might be seen to reflect aspects of oral cultures. 285 more words


Building from Cyberpunk


My immediate research goal for DIGC335 is to unpack ‘cyberpunk’ as a term, as an aesthetic, and as a theory, and nail down the history and themes involved. 197 more words


Cybernetics, Cyborgs or Just Drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles, quad-copters or drones whatever you like to refer to them as offer a unique perspective into a space with a camera lens controlled by you. 278 more words