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Conan Exiles: The Frozen North Review – Fun & Frosty Times Are Here

Conan Exiles: The Frozen North

I urged my veteran warrior on through the arid desert for several scorching days. As it was similar to what traversing the Death Valley must be like in the dead of summer, I had my character wearing only the lightest of garments. 972 more words

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Nex Machina Review – Action Galore, Retro-Style

Nex Machina

I remember my arcade forays back in the day like they were just yesterday. I’d saunter straight on in to my local arcade straight off of a busy downtown city street. 1,161 more words


Foxhole Review – A Beautiful Blending of Genres & Outstanding Sandbox Experience


Lately, my friends have had to endure hearing me lament about the apparent death of the real-time strategy genre. I believe that the genre as a whole peaked around the time of… 1,153 more words

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Solstice Chronicles M.I.A Review – Bloody Swaths of Mutant Gibs Await Ye!

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A

I’ve always loved a good isometric game. Action RPGs in particular have been a mainstay of that top down genre, giving you a view of all of the unfolding events. 1,202 more words

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Steel Division: Normandy 44 Review – Can You Say: Strategy in Spades?

Steel Division: Normandy 44
Eugen Systems/Paradox Interactive

World War II games sort of remind me of the whole zombie craze. Both reached the heights of their respective popularity years ago, yet many gaming developers clung to the notion that they could still turn out a good zombie or WWII title here and there. 1,070 more words

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords Review – A Worthy Spiritual Successor to Freelancer

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Little Green Men Games/Iceberg Interactive

Okay, I’ll admit it from the get-go: I had no idea what Starpoint Gemini Warlords was all about. 939 more words

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The Forest Review – Harrowing, Blood-Caked Fun

The Forest
Endnight Games Ltd.

Our seemingly pleasant commercial airlines flight had quickly gone south—the plane’s fuselage creaked and groaned as it began to break apart into pieces. 1,312 more words