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Total War: Warhammer Review – A Retrospective on the Entire First Installment

Total War: Warhammer
Creative Assembly/Sega

When my gaming geek buddies first told me that Creative Assembly and Sega were teaming up to make the next Total War game to set in the Warhammer universe, my eyes nearly rolled back in their sockets with glorious anticipation. 1,013 more words


Escape From Tarkov (Alpha) Review – Quite Possibly The Future of Action/RPG MMO’s

Escape From Tarkov
Battlestate Games

First person shooter games have arguably been the most popular genre of video games in the entire history of the gaming industry. 1,285 more words


7 Days to Die Review – One of the Better Zombie Games Left Out There

7 Days to Die
The Fun Pimps

Zombies have long been a part of the general public’s collective consciousness ever since the 1950s. Along with werewolves, fairies, ghosts and goblins, vampires, and such, they never really struck me as being particularly scary in any way, shape, or form. 939 more words


Stellaris Utopia Expansion Review –Stellaris Ascends to the Next Level

Stellaris Utopia Expansion
Paradox interactive

Space 4X games have been one of my favorite gaming genres for a long time now. Ever since I played… 1,062 more words

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review – An Interesting Space Romp

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Bioware/Electronic Arts

I’ll just say right off the bat, I’m a huge science fiction fan. Next to fantasy, science fiction has to be my favorite genre. 1,080 more words

Gaming PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Alpha Impressions – There’s a New Sheriff in Town

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Bluehole, Inc.

I’d dropped over a sprawling complex of warehouses and office buildings, knowing that the areas containing buildings held the most valuable weapons and survival equipment. 1,197 more words

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Galactic Civilizations III Finally Gets its Crusade

Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade
Stardock Entertainment

I’m a huge fan of strategy games, and particularly fond of science fiction 4X games. The ability to take up the reins and guide an entire alien (or human) civilization and make that giant leap into the stars is something that has always fascinated me. 684 more words