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Noodles I Know

“Erde-DAMNIT!” yelled the noodle shop proprietor yet again.

“What is it this time Blake?” called one of the regular customers from the front bar. “Is it the Trice again?” 448 more words



Episode 01.00 has been added!

Visit the Table of Contents to read it.

Hopefully I’ll have some fun update pictures with the following episode announcements.



Cyberpunk 2020 'Remastered'

I really enjoy noodling over ideas about how older games could be ‘remastered’ (not in terms of rules, purely graphic design). One particular book I’ve been thinking about recently is Cyberpunk 2020, and how it would look if I were given the chance to redesign it. 319 more words

Mark Plemmons

Exclusive - New Woob Cyberpunk Album Reveal Trailer/s

Combining 2012’s sci-fi short Tokyo Run with 2015’s Mass Distraction cyberpunk EP narrative. The new Woob album to be (released later this year) is a dark and heavy insight into a dystopian future nobody wants. 18 more words


Commission accomplished

Portraying a fictional character in a fantastic setting – otherwise known as “rolplaying” – can be tremendous fun.

What starts out as a rough sketch of a person slowly evolves into a full-grown protagonist (or antagonist, depending on your style of play). 724 more words


Tech-noir tactics ALL WALLS MUST FALL indie game Kickstarter succeeds and exceeds

Independent developer, inbetweengames, recently announced its tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall successfully completed its Kickstarter funding campaign (€36,576, $39,193) at over double its initial goal (€15,000, $16,073). 419 more words


Book Review: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson 

I first met Stephenson back in 2004 in a copy of Cryptonomicon I found at Barnes and Noble. I read the first couple chapters, enjoyed it and then made a terrible mistake. 473 more words

Book Review