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Transhumanism Noir Chronicles #1

“All superfluous life is to be wiped out, all natural forces tamed, the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists, who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves.

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Lobsters – Charles Stross

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Charless Stross

Edict Zero - FIS - Teaser Preview - EP401

Here’s the teaser preview for the upcoming episode of Edict Zero – FIS, “Paradigms”, which has a release date of May 31. As always, if it’s not quite ready, it may not hit until a day after. 68 more words

Audio Drama

Sakura Blossoms, Hummingbirds, Body Scans and Blackmail.

Near the bustling corporate zone’s epicentre, fading Korean street signs subtitled in Japanese vied against newer ones set in vibrant Kanji. Early evening clangor fell to a murmured hush outside Mishima Plaza entrance gate. 1,085 more words


On Forwards and Cyberpunk

Many Forwards, Introductions, and Continueds, are stuffy. They do one of two things, typically. Either they don’t address the topic of the work that follows thoroughly enough, or else they reveal far too much, depriving the reader of an otherwise exciting exploration into the text. 273 more words