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Chapter Four

Darin stepped gingerly through the half-open garage door and was instantly hit with heavy bass in his chest. The dark space writhed with shadows that were briefly illuminated by the the spectrum of point lights that were scattered across the ceiling. 1,899 more words


Saturday Matinee: Electric Dragon 80000 V

“Electrict Dragon 80,000 V” (2001) Is a hyperkinetic experimental film directed by Sogo Ishii, whose noise-punk band Mach 1.67 provided the soundtrack. Tadanobu Asano stars as Dragon Morrison, a reptile whisperer with the ability to channel electricity who confronts Thunderbolt Buddha, a TV repairman/vigilante with similar electric powers. 54 more words


Edition 19: All the Answers by Peter Medeiros

When her dreams of perfect scores and entry to college are ripped into teeny tiny shreds, Cassandra is not prepared to lie down and take it. 5,930 more words


Machine Girl: Welcome to the Machine Chapter 7


It was with some trepidation that Eugene allowed Miss Victoria Geraldine Scott to leave the hospital.  Thanks to being able to take advantage of the ambulance bay they were easily able to avoid the ever-present protesters out front, but that was the least of his worries.   1,874 more words