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Shadowrun: Morality Play (Play Report)

Icarus Protocol

Now that I have got used to how Shadowrun as a system works, I can start to push how I make Runs and the overall complexity. 2,304 more words



I have recently had some excited conversations about progressing the carving research (the idea of using a tangible user interface (katana) to subdivide the virtually developing morphogenetic prototype)) 294 more words

Did you know?

The term ‘cyberspace’ was coined by science fiction author William Gibson in his 1982 short story, ‘Burning Chrome’. [Source]


Shadowrun 5E "Not With a Whimper" Session 3 Report

Note that since my players will read these I have to avoid spoilers and background information while the current mission is still in session. Look for our epilogue episode and write-up for more in-depth analysis and feedback. 1,171 more words


Machine Girl: Welcome to the Machine Chapter 15


Victoria couldn’t sleep.  Her body was exhausted but her mind wouldn’t stop churning the day’s events over and over.  The men who had died in the car accident in the morning.   1,961 more words