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Future campaign "planning"

I really appreciate the format of Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games when it comes to story. The principle of “play to find out what happens” is well aligned with my GMing style, and the game provides some great resources to make it easier. 948 more words


The Death of Zaul Beckman

My name is Zaul Beckman, and I’m going to die.

How do I know I’m going to die? Because right now, the ground is coming towards me at around 125 MPH, and gaining every second. 1,442 more words

Science Fiction

Machine Girl: Hard Times Call For Hardware - Chapter 15

Someone seemed to be pouring cold water into her head.  Trickles of ice ran from her data jack across the inside of her scalp and then abruptly disappeared.  1,072 more words


Are we living in a Cyberpunk anime future?

Currently there is less than 2 weeks until the U.S presidential election in a new time where we are dealing with a new kind of war which is being fought on all fronts. 832 more words


Cyberpunk and the Sci-Fi Curve

Cyberpunk and the Sci-Fi Curve

Cyberpunk is a fan favorite literary, film, and gaming niche within science fiction, which has long since turned into a “supergenre;” sci-fi plays host to many popular subgenres (among them… 1,448 more words

Blade Runner

JM Hawaiian Shirt Update 7

Based on my printed shirt, I’ve tweaked my art for the millionth time:

Though the end result looks like the whole thing simply had the brightness turned up, I tweaked almost every element individually: The CPUs, the Ono-Sendai logotype, the blue diamonds, the flowers & fans stokes, the flowers & fans fills, the circuit traces, the purple background and the blue background. 12 more words



Necrotech by K. C. Alexander
Published 2016 by Angry Robot

This was a lot of fun. Riko is a street thug, the muscle in a gang of criminals clinging to existence in a near-future cyberpunk dystopia. 379 more words