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Review-Decay (Tesla Evolution) by Mark Lingane

Synposis: The story begins with Melanie’s sickness being miraculously cured and advised by the doctor to stay away from her friend Sebastian because the same thing that made her well could make her sick.The steam academy is rebuilt, but the city is not the same. 206 more words


Machine Girl: Welcome to the Machine Chapter 12


Dragging herself to shore was difficult, the rollerblades were waterlogged and the river bottom was covered with around a foot of muck.  She could smell someone cooking over a grill nearby as she sat down to try and clean herself off a bit.   1,843 more words


Cyberpunks and Cyborgs

Cyberpunk first came about in the 80’s as a spin off from the science fiction genre which was at its peak at this time. Literature and films of the cyberpunk family predominantly involved themes such as biotechnologically enhanced human bodies, human and machine symbiotic relationships and an anti corporatist, post industrial world. 396 more words

Johnny The Punk

This weeks reading on “Cyberpunk” culture, through Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic, was particularly engaging and interesting personally due to my enjoyment of similar contexts in movies like… 309 more words