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Keiretsu Special Action Operatives

Whilst pre-ordering two Osprey rule sets the other day, I picked up Fistful of Kung Fu. I’ve only managed a read-through so far, but it seems like a fun little game fully capable of handling cinematic cyberpunk, Splinter Cell type games. 104 more words


Starting New Campaign: Shadowrun, Eden's Ark

As I have been moving through my two Shadowrun games, Icarus Protocol and Mostly Flesh and Steel, one of the problems that has come up was my inexperience with the system. 1,517 more words


Ultra-goo Blowing 36 & the

Dangerous four
scanning eight
the coating replicator
obliterate a not.
Suspend the protein alloy.
Cryofixation thirty-six and the,

Electron amoebas
grey mobility modern blowing Caine, 113 more words

Nano X

Day at the Spa

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation, but sometimes it isn’t possible in our daily lives. Outfitted with the latest in Spa Technology, these highly trained therapists can give you peace of mind and body.  21 more words


Schemata II

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Sequence by Wearmouth & Barnes

I liked this cover. The elements of this book that lay the foundations for how a cyberpunk world could be created are subtly portrayed without taking away from the fact that this is first and foremost a thriller. 270 more words


Mahouka: Ideas, Ideals, and Light Novel culture

Welp, I’ve been binge watching the show for a while now. And after covering over half of the total episodes, I conclude that Mahouka embodies plenty of what I like and dislike about recent anime culture surrounding Light Novels. 510 more words