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Machine Girl: A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - Chapter 16


Victoria woke up to her cellphone ringing at 1:30AM on Monday morning.  She fumbled for it without opening her eyes, finally getting it to her ear.  1,964 more words


Monday Musings: You Deserve a Sneak Peek Today!

Yes, things have been rough lately.  Holidays, work, more work, large objects to my face (glasses go boom!), and more!

Still, though, the words have continued to pour from my pen.   1,745 more words


Buddy, Sheep, & Mercerism

First off, no, I haven’t seen Bladerunner. I tried last night and I managed to make it about 10 minutes in before I fell asleep–I’d had a long day–but I think I got the gist of the setup. 991 more words



Concepts and visuals from movies such as Ghost in the Shell, Inception, Dark City and The Thirteenth Floor kept swirling in my mind as I turned the pages of… 399 more words

[Shadows of London] The Story So Far

(This is a summary of several games played in the Shadowrun setting with the Edge of the Shadows ruleset.)

London, 2062. The heavens are the wreckage of a eco-dome destroyed by terrorists. 1,044 more words

Roleplaying Games

Book Review: Rath's Gambit by Piers Platt

I was given a free advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

After completing Book 1 – Rath’s Deception – I was excited to continue with this series. 568 more words

067. I am Addicted to the Internet


We are living in an information overload society. Everyone is entitled and capable of uploading personal datas onto the internet. Everyone is their own little brand ambassadors. 61 more words