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Day 234

Sig’s first address is a club; some sucker going by Jones rents a space out of the back. Nothing on the books, but there’s always a money trail if you know what to look for. 529 more words


Today's Art ( 22nd September 2017)

Well, although I was still in the mood for making cyberpunk art, I was feeling slightly rushed when I made this digitally-edited painting, so I didn’t really have the time or the enthusiasm to add rain effects to it ( 35 more words


Araphel by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends the nuances of espionage thrillers with the technology and pace of cyberpunk to create a story that engages the mind and the heart. 661 more words


Day 233

I retrieve my gear while Sig works, hoping the security guy I paid off didn’t look too closely in my bag. It’s right where he said it would be, unharmed and not missing any items. 561 more words


Blade Runner 2049 ~ CyberPunk

The kids who trashed my computer; their kids were going to be Holy Terrors, combining the ethical vacuity of teenagers with a technical fluency we adults could only guess at.

410 more words

Today's Art (21st September 2017)

Well, I was still in the mood for making cyberpunk art, although I felt slightly less inspired than I expected. So, today’s digitally-edited painting ended up being slightly smaller than usual as a result. 18 more words


Day 232

Short post before the day ends. I’ll be halfway through my busy season at work this Friday; hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a few longer posts this weekend. 250 more words