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Bandcamp picks: BlessU - Death of Empathy

“A lot of LSD was done during the making of this album” is the only available description on the bandcamp page of BlessU’s release, Death of Empathy 170 more words

Village Of Sound

Printed People - How to Colonize the Galaxy

My big toe was the first thing I noticed. It didn’t hurt exactly, not like an injury might, but it existed in my mind in a way that it hadn’t a few seconds ago. 1,944 more words

Published Short Stories


Author: Stephen King

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Clay Riddell has finally gotten his big break, signing a ridiculously good deal for his comic Dark Wanderer… 385 more words

Book Review

750 words.

The city of Indus, one of the largest cities left in the world. A sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers rising so high that, from the ground, the sky couldn’t be seen save for a few select spaces. 764 more words


Today's Art (17th January 2017)

Well, I was still in the mood for making minimalist silhouette art, so I thought that I’d try to make a 1980s-style cyberpunk painting where the foreground mostly just consists of brightly-lit signs. 57 more words


Next Up: A Cyberpunk Adventure

The recent publication of the “Augmented Reality” cyberpunk sourcebook led me to realize that other old game systems are still being played, and there might be interest in adventures for other old games.   334 more words


Neat Interview

A Conversation with Mike Pondsmith, Creator of Cyberpunk 2020

A really interesting interview with the creator of one of favorite games, Cyberpunk 2020. Of note is that Walter Jon Williams, one of the seminal Cyberpunk authors, was a play-tester for the original… 21 more words

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