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The five statements below are the causes behind a lot of computer security risk and exploits. If you understand them well enough today, you will be ahead of your peers. 12 more words


Despite digital transformation efforts, federal agencies yet to fully embrace identity management

Enterprises in the private sector have undergone tremendous change in recent years — end user mobility, cloud, shadow IT, and substantial digital transformation — and federal departments and agencies have been no different. 497 more words


Successfully defending against social engineering attacks

While it’s the technical aspects of cyberattacks that often make headlines — software exploits, worms, ransomware, and other forms of malware — it’s actually the subversion of people (end users) that make many, if not most attacks today, successful. 523 more words


National Science Foundation funds additional cybersecurity research

One might think that, since the dawn of the network firewall and intrusion detection systems in the 1980s, the tech industry would have a handle on the technologies necessary to adequately secure networks, applications, data, and people. 399 more words


Global Mining Standards and Guideline Group (GMSG) - Johannesburg Workshop

By The Open Group

Roy Irvine, The Open Group EMMMTM (Exploration, Mining, Metals & Minerals) Forum Director, attended the GMSG workshop in Johannesburg, held on September 20-21, 2017, in association with the… 676 more words

The Open Group

Cómo evitar un ataque Ransomware

El Ransomware ya es considerado como una de las grandes amenazas de seguridad actuales y cuesta a las empresas miles de millones de pérdidas anuales. Ha llegado el momento de proteger su organización de cualquier ataque potencial. 652 more words


The effect of geopolitics on cybersecurity can be seen daily – from Chinese cyber espionage to Russian attacks on the Ukraine and North Korea’s financially-motivated attacks against SWIFT and Bitcoins – and, of course, Russian interference in western elections and notably the US 2016 presidential election. 34 more words