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LogMeIn Acquires Password Management Software LastPass For $110 Million

With an increasing number of data breaches putting users’ personal information at risk, a company that helps online users better manage their account..

Source: LogMeIn Acquires Password Management Software LastPass For $110 Million


California Now Has the Nation's Best Digital Privacy Law - KIM ZETTER 10.08.15. 9:58 PM

California continued its long-standing tradition for forward-thinking privacy laws today when Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweeping law protecting digital privacy rights.

The landmark Electronic Communications Privacy Act bars  454 more words


CSAM Back to Basics: Networks

Software, and the computer hardware to run it, provides transformational capability on a stand-alone basis. For soldiers from World War II forward, artillery targeting calculations… 751 more words


Small businesses need to take cybersecurity seriously

It seems we can hardly go a few weeks or months without hearing about another high-profile data security breach. Millions of people have had their credit card information, personal identity, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, and other such sensitive data siphoned off by hackers. 191 more words

Small Business

CSAM Industry Vertical: Cyber Insurance

When most people think of cybersecurity, they think of IT departments protecting corporate networks, or individuals at home on their personal computers. But cybersecurity is differentiating rapidly as more people realize its actual goal is to improve the reliability of some other business process or product, and not an end in itself. 936 more words


CSAM: Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

Cybersecurity sure seems like it’s harder than it ought to be. Why is that? Next time you feel like berating your local ISO or System Administrator, maybe think about these things instead: 461 more words