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Google search history can now be downloaded in its entirety, mass embarrassment expected - ANDREW GRIFFIN Monday 20 April 2015

Everyone can now download their entire Google history, getting everything they’ve ever searched as a comprehensive document.

To do so, you can just head to  235 more words

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Password Security

About 20% of all passwords can be easily guessed. Lets be honest, as human, we hate the idea of having to remember all passwords for our online accounts & because of this, we end up using the same password on all our online accounts including banking sites. 565 more words

Wikileaks publishes hacked Sony emails and documents - BBC News 16 April 2015

Wikileaks has published hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.

The archive apparently includes Sony conversations with Downing Street and with Hollywood figures. 279 more words

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China just revealed a terrifying new cyberweapon - EDITORIAL BOARD, THE WASHINGTON POST APR. 12, 2015, 4:07 PM

China’s determination to censor information inside the country is exemplified by the world’s largest digital cordon, known as the Great Firewall.

People who try to gain access to Facebook in China, or search for terms considered a threat by the Communist Party, get screens saying their request or search has been “reset” or get nothing at all. 237 more words

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Report: U.S. officials say Russians hacked White House computer system - by Robert Hackett APRIL 7, 2015, 8:49 PM EDT

White House officials believe hackers who gained access to their computer network may be the same ones who broke into the State Department’s system, CNN reported. 166 more words

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Cyberspace and International Security - Discussion 7

Short post today. We have another strategic options memo due this week, so Professor Reveron shared an interesting article about the Russian government paying people to troll comment sections. 241 more words