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Cómo evitar un ataque Ransomware

El Ransomware ya es considerado como una de las grandes amenazas de seguridad actuales y cuesta a las empresas miles de millones de pérdidas anuales. Ha llegado el momento de proteger su organización de cualquier ataque potencial. 652 more words


The effect of geopolitics on cybersecurity can be seen daily – from Chinese cyber espionage to Russian attacks on the Ukraine and North Korea’s financially-motivated attacks against SWIFT and Bitcoins – and, of course, Russian interference in western elections and notably the US 2016 presidential election. 34 more words


Smishing, la última ciberamenaza móvil

Si hay algo en lo que un profesional de IT y un ciberdelincuente pueden coincidir es en que el punto más vulnerable de cualquier red lo constituye el propio usuario. 424 more words


Few people would argue that cybersecurity is in a parlous state. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a connected car wash and fish tank hacked respectively and a smart gun unlocked and fired thanks to a magnet at the latest DefCon. 107 more words


Governments push on with Cybersecurity Law and Policy Initiatives – an Overview so far in 2017

Another day, another massive personal data security breach… but how have law-makers and regulators reacted in developing cyber-security policies so far this year?

This week it was reported that Equifax – the US credit bureau – suffered a giant cybersecurity breach this summer compromising the personal information (including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, as well as driver licence numbers) for nearly half of all American citizens – affecting a total of 143 million people living in the US!

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Risk-based Approach

Smishing is the latest way scammers exploit your mobile users

If there’s one thing enterprise IT professionals and cyber criminals can agree on, it’s that the biggest points of vulnerability in any network are users. 365 more words


Cuando tu asistente personal es un espía

No pasará mucho tiempo antes de que muchas o incluso la mayoría de nuestras actividades diarias, dentro y fuera del trabajo, se lleven a cabo con la ayuda de asistentes digitales personales (PDA) como Alexa, Cortana, Google o Siri. 418 more words