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Small mistakes, big data breaches

We all make mistakes, especially simple mistakes, such as a typo here and there in email or grammatical oversights in a report. And who hasn’t called or texted a wrong number?  620 more words


Seven hacker documentaries you can’t miss

The Summer grinds toward its unofficial Labor Day end. The days are still long and hot. The humidity is thick. It’s a time of the year when I like to tuck myself indoors and catch up on movies I’ve missed and old favorites. 488 more words


To lower enterprise risk, get cyberresilient

The digital transformation of business puts information technology at the center of your enterprise. At the same time, it greatly expands risks to the enterprise. As these cyber risks become central to both operational and business risk, they’ll have a greater influence on the enterprise’s overall risk. 444 more words

Digital Enterprise

Firewalls represent the technological gateways into and out of companies, as well as serving to compartmentalize internal systems and networks to segregate them from one another. 52 more words


Cyber Disruption, State Government and the Constitution: Eric Sweden, NASCIO

By The Open Group

In the digital age, whether an organization will experience a cyber disruption is not a question of “if” but “when?” Although disruptive events may be inevitable, organizations can be prepared with some strategizing and planning. 3,347 more words

The Open Group

Pire que le ransomware ? Tout simplement génial…

Si vous ou votre entreprise avez été victimes de l’attaque massive de ransomware (ou « rançongiciel ») qui a récemment secoué l’univers numérique, vous avez peut-être vu, sur votre appareil infecté, un message vous informant que vos données ne seraient déverrouillées qu’après le paiement de 300$ en bitcoin. 401 more words


¿Incluso peor que ransomware? ¡Esto es genial!

Si usted o su empresa han sido víctimas del ataque de ransomware que sacudió el mundo digital hace unos días, es posible que haya visto un mensaje en su dispositivo que le informaba de que sus datos serán desbloqueados después de pagar un rescate de 300 dólares en bitcoins. 363 more words