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SEC sees cyber attacks as one of greatest risks to financial services industry

The financial services industry must manage many risks today – from banks that, should they fail, could compromise the global financial system to making sure new investment vehicles such as ETFs work as promised. 447 more words


Guccifer pleads guilty to hacking of American political figures — TechCrunch

A hacker who first exposed the existence of Hillary Clinton’s private email server and who found his way into accounts of several American political figures pleaded guilty to identity theft and hacking charges today.

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Increasingly unfounded cloud fears stubbornly remain

There’s a new cloud security survey out this week, and it shows what I’ve been arguing for some time: Security, while still named a top concern of cloud adoption, is… 487 more words


Why incident response plans fail — TechCrunch

Following a cyber attack on critical infrastructure, emotions run high and the clock starts ticking. Suddenly what appears to be a well-structured incident response plan on paper can turn into a confusing “storming session” around who owns what.

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Leading universities need to improve cybersecurity studies

Despite at least two decades of high-profile security incidents and data breaches, a recently released study has found that U.S. universities are not stepping up their game when it comes to teaching cybersecurity as a discipline. 401 more words


Even your connected car will need antivirus software — TechCrunch

Connected cars can talk to each other (vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V), and they’re starting to be able to talk to the city they’re driving around (vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I).

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