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A new take on the cybersecurity talent gap

There has been a lot of writing about the cybersecurity skills gap that challenges enterprises and government agencies.

I’ve certainly written my share on the subject, including this post of mine from about a year ago, … 495 more words


6 classic hacker movies for your Thanksgiving weekend

Who doesn’t love a good hacker movie? I know I do!

The long Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a flick that puts cyber issues front and center. 449 more words


What you need to know about IoT hacking and medical devices

Some pretty frightening news has come out of the healthcare industry in recent months related to cyberattacks and medical devices.


One key step to protecting at-risk enterprise applications

Cybercrime is growing, and the perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated.

Worse, they’re getting really good at networking – sharing techniques, code and successes that can multiply the effects of an attack exponentially. 464 more words


What’s the risk of the presidential election being hacked?

How vulnerable is the U.S. presidential election to hackers? It’s a topic being discussed widely in advance of Tuesday’s voting day.

When it comes to the security of electronic voting machines, there is considerable concern.  715 more words


Subtle signs an employee's smartphone has been hacked

Any IT professional will tell you that the biggest threat to enterprise mobile security is mobile users.

Even if you create and communicate explicit mobile security policies and best practices, even if you provide instructions on how to improve their security posture, too many of those enterprise users just don’t listen! 365 more words


How long does it take to hack an unsecured IoT device?

Cyber hackers in September launched one of largest-ever DDoS attacks, using a network of connected devices. Most of these devices were CCTV cameras, but that’s not really relevant: What… 345 more words