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Money Maker: Investing in Domain Names!

Domain names can be a solid investment yet can also be risky. If you want to buy a few domain names and sit tight, this might be a good way to rake in some extra money. 196 more words

Market Madness

U.S. Court Rules For Facebook In Its Case Against Typosquatters On 105 Domains; $2.8M In Damages

A victory for Facebook in its case against typosquatters — those who own domain names that are similar to those of a popular site, which they use to confuse people and potentially capitalize on that. 416 more words


ICANN now accepting new gTLD applications; are cybersquatters still a real risk?

Today marks the opening of a revolutionary registration program at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The new generic top-level domain (gTLD) … 509 more words


Apple Going After iPhone Cybersquatters

While Apple doesn’t have a problem offering a Cinemax movie app to its users, it does have a problem with websites that use the name of their prestigious iPhone to re-direct people to sites where they can get porn for their iPhone. 166 more words


Trademarks are a defense against cybersquatters

Popular internet domain names are a hot commodity… and brands and business names are often used as internet domain names.  (for example: www.coca-cola.com and www.nike.com… 183 more words

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If you're a big brand, and haven't registered your .co extension...you may be outta luck

To keep up with the influx of individuals and/or companies registering new URLs,  or the lack of options for smaller businesses….  allow me to introduce you the newest web domain: 241 more words


What's mine is yours!

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Internet’s popularity and ease of access has encouraged businesses to establish their image and reputation online. No matter what the business its Internet presence starts with a… 156 more words

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