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Matthew Berdyck claims to raise money for his environmental causes. What is the name of the organization? Do they have non profit status? How is the Internal Revenue Service informed of these donations? 78 more words

Matthew Berdyck

Tomorrow we will be supplying depositions to the prosecutors about everything we have on Sally Estabrook. We have to swear to the screenshots and they will verify with Facebook and WordPress that they were accurate at the time.

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Matthew Berdyck

Matthew Berdyck sent this to the Westerville Police

Sadly, I was helping with the investigation of a missing woman with Alzheimer’s disease, the mother-in-law, of eleven time Grammy Nominated Megadeth, and had information as to where she wandered off too, but when people started looking me up, they were greeted with the defamation, and did not listen to me.

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Matthew Berdyck

Don’t finish high school.

Start a website.

Stalk people online.

Kill the elderly, especially women, who help the homeless or have a mental problem.

Get serious.

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Matthew Berdyck

Which one stands out?

We will show you three videos on toxic waste

That was nice. A TED TALK, very professional.

Very good. Professional, educated, and informative.

Now we have this… 60 more words

Matthew Berdyck

Emails from a Mass Shooter

People will look to these blogs and wonder why the police didn’t act sooner on the subject of Matthew Berdyck.

Here is one of his actual emails, annotated for your reading: 338 more words

Matthew Berdyck