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Unless you are Matthew Berdyck, these marketing techniques will fail.

Do not associate yourself with celebrities that don’t know who you are. Exaggerating your relationship with celebrities makes them want nothing to do with you. 269 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies

Matthew Berdyck likes to intimidate people, especially elderly women online. There are no less than 7 females from the dating site OKCUPID.COM that felt he was threatening and harassing online. 219 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies

Found On A Chan Board

Seems a certain DUMBFUCK is making the chan boards. It’s all icing on the cake for this DUMFUCK. 10 more words

Bill Schmalfeldt

Matthew Berdyck thinks that just because someone put a camera in his face and showed a clip from his “documentary” that it legitimized him. Not when the reporter, …

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Matthew Berdyck Lies

Matthew Berdyck claims to raise money for his environmental causes. What is the name of the organization? Do they have non profit status? How is the Internal Revenue Service informed of these donations? 78 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies