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Further exposure of trolling, sockpuppetry and misuse of social media

An upcoming post will deal with why I’m no longer using Storify. This one deals with the multiple social media accounts run by Andrea da Silva Goncalves. 282 more words

Andrea Silva Goncalves

Read more, tweet less...

Having been involved in the business of exposing Twitter trolls for at least the past two years, it’s always surprising when self-proclaimed liberal types fail to do any kind of research before choosing to brand me as a… 193 more words

Andrea Silva Goncalves

Piles of fun courtesy of Twitter Support

Playing into the hands of liars will do little to improve Twitter Support’s lack of credibility.

Even CEO Dick Costolo admits that Twitter sucks when it comes to dealing with trolls and abuse. 476 more words

Andrea Silva Goncalves

Like a bad smell that won't go away

As posted earlier today, we’ve seen how inveterate cyberstalker Andrea da Silva Goncalves trolls my Twitter timeline, lying in wait until some potential bullying ally comes her way… 357 more words

Andrea Silva Goncalves

The smear campaign widens

@Toddy Rigg aka Jonathan Rigg (see previous post) is director of Meadows Care Homes in Rochdale and a friend of Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk.   114 more words

Andrea Silva Goncalves

Surprise, surprise !

Didn’t I know it..?

Andrea da Silva Goncalves will be urging Toddy Rigg to report my tweets to Twitter Support.

The Great Libertarian Defender of Free Speech strikes again!

Andrea Silva Goncalves

Meghan's Story - A For Effort, C For Creepy

The following is a story that was submitted to the site:

I met a guy on a dating site who seemed to have potential. Not exactly my physical type, but he was smart, well-read, articulate, and has traveled pretty extensively – check, check, check, check for my ideal partner, so I had an open mind about it. 894 more words

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