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Critical infrastructure: It’s time to make security a priority

The security of industrial systems has been a matter of analysis and debate for years, especially after the onset of threats against them such as the… 1,547 more words


Your Government Failed You by RICHARD A. CLARKE

An analysis of America’s national security policies evaluates the U.S. government’s mistakes and why they have occurred, in a report that poses alternative. While this was written in 2008, many of the bureaucratic nightmares either got worse or catastrophic. 101 more words


Cyberwar. Case: Ukraine

The things with Ukrainian cyberspace security are going not very good over the past two years. In 2014, Ukraine took the 5th place in the ranking of countries that suffered from cyber attacks. 574 more words


Microsoft Virtual Security Summit: March 29, 2016

The Microsoft Virtual Security Summit is a 3 hour long, virtual event packed with information on protecting your organization in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Cybersecurity has become a priority IT concern due to the nearly weekly announcements of cyberattacks. 231 more words


Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

Social Networking Site “Nudist Clubhouse” Was Hacked With Members’ Personal Data Stolen Nudist Clubhouse, a nudist forum / social network website, has been down since at least Thursday, March 3rd.  140 more words


Cyber Criminals Are Always Evolving. Can We Evolve With Them?

Since we conduct so much sensitive personal and business affairs on electronic devices, we are all ripe targets for cyber thugs. Strategic Risk, an excellent risk management and corporate intelligence publication based in Britain, has put out an informative… 491 more words


CyberWar Threat [YouTube Video] | NOVA #tech #hacking #cybersecurity #documentaries #telecommunications #Internet

The global cyberwar is heating up and the stakes are no longer limited to the virtual world of computers. Now, thanks in part to secret documents released by Edward Snowden, the true scale of the National Security Agency’s scope and power is coming to light. 173 more words