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Terrorism on an International Level

A Federal Statute, for example, defines terrorism as, “committing acts constituting crimes under the law of any country to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence government policy by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping” (Brenner 2007, p. 323 more words

Fighting the Quiet WMD: Cyber-Warfare

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In this first post, I want to discuss the topic of cyber-terrorism. As Taylor, Fritsch, and Liederbach (2015) describe in their book, Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism… 543 more words

Hactivism or Cyberterrorism?

Often times the lines get blurred between hacktivism and Cyberterrorism.  How do you determine which is which?

Hactivism: “The use of computer technology to achieve a political agenda through legally ambiguous means. 412 more words

Let's Talk Tech: Hactivism

Hactivism itself is not much different than physical forms of protest. It’s creating a mild inconvenience for a large corporation accompanied by a message of “we don’t like what you’re doing”, like when the infamous group Anonymous crashed PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard’s websites for not supporting donations to Wikileaks ( 472 more words

Let's Talk Tech

Week 6: Politics and Internet

 Source: (Egan, 2016)

Where there are humans, there will be politics! I have decided to give my opinion on Anonymous. Specifically, whether the Anonymous hacktivist collective is global democracy in action or plain old cyber-terrorism? 453 more words

The Truth About Clone Queen.

The Truth About Rachael Wolfe, Ry De Jong, and Jarod Yates.




*extortionist. RachaelWolfe.com collaborated with DoctorJamesKrider.com and MarcellaLove.com to successfully extort some petty cash from Brendon K family  and $8,000 from OggiesPizza.com.   1,047 more words

Terrorisme et TIC : Carte blanche à Ammar404 !

Publié sur Nawaat,  Arabe et English.

La loi de lutte anti-terrorisme du 25 juillet 2015 apporte certes en apparence son lot de nouveautés en matière de crimes liés aux nouvelles technologies, mais plusieurs de ses dispositions contiennent des lacunes, comme les vagues définitions, les privilèges d’immunité accordés aux investigateurs, les atteintes aux droits fondamentaux tels que le droit à la vie privée ainsi que le droit d’accès à l’information, et l’exclusion de l’instance de protection des données à caractère personnel de la composition de l’ultra-commission de lutte contre le terrorisme. 2,453 more words