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Giant hack may be first step in pursuit of bigger US secrets

Giant hack may be first step in pursuit of bigger US secrets.


Please click on link to read the complete report from the Associated Press. 842 more words

Workers Ignoring Known Cyber Risks, Surfing Adult Content and Downloading Unapproved Apps

Blue Coat Systems global survey of 1580 respondents across 11 countries highlights a global trend of employees ignoring cyber risks while at work. Results from the survey found that universally, workers visit inappropriate websites while at work despite typically being fully aware of the risks to their companies. 503 more words

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Career Spotlight: What I Do as an "Ethical Hacker" | LifeHacker #cybersecurity #hackers #hacking

You occasionally hear about major security vulnerabilities being discovered before they’re exploited, like the notorious Heartbleed bug last year. Security researchers work hard to weed out those dangerous flaws before they’re found by hackers of more malicious intent. 76 more words


Hackers could cripple the West with a hi-tech blitz on energy-sector infrastructure, U.S. general says

The West is losing the worldwide fight against jihadist terrorism and faces mounting risks of a systemic cyber-assault by extremely capable enemies, the former chief of the National Security Agency has warned. 456 more words



We all know that digitalization is a threat to privacy, but this is usually presented as a threat to an individual, or hailed as a weapon against tyrants. 442 more words

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Think Tank Review - April issue Preview

The library team is selecting publications for the next Think Tank Review, which will see the light of day around 25 April. Here is a topical preview – by no means exhaustive – of papers published by think tanks in March. 545 more words

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Everything They Don't Tell You: When Hackers Talk To The Press (Ethics, Fiction and Fact)

One theme (or “subtext”) of AltSciFi is to highlight the ways in which science journalism is often better categorized as science fiction.

The points and comments outlined below are culled from a presentation by well-regarded information security journalist… 998 more words