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Cyber Criminals Are Always Evolving. Can We Evolve With Them?

Since we conduct so much sensitive personal and business affairs on electronic devices, we are all ripe targets for cyber thugs. Strategic Risk, an excellent risk management and corporate intelligence publication based in Britain, has put out an informative… 491 more words


CyberWar Threat [YouTube Video] | NOVA #tech #hacking #cybersecurity #documentaries #telecommunications #Internet

The global cyberwar is heating up and the stakes are no longer limited to the virtual world of computers. Now, thanks in part to secret documents released by Edward Snowden, the true scale of the National Security Agency’s scope and power is coming to light. 173 more words


Privacy groups fight to expose secret cyber ruling - By Cory Bennett and Julian Hattem - 11/21/15 02:08 PM EST

Civil liberties advocates are trying to bring to light a secret legal document that could upend the congressional fight over cybersecurity.

For years, the Obama administration has repeatedly declined to reveal a 2003 decision from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), claiming that it no longer relies on the opinion. 176 more words

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Cyberterrorism fears rise in Canada following Paris ISIS attacks

Originally posted on www.humbernews.ca with Travis Kingdon

In the wake of the Paris attacks there are calls for enhanced cybersecurity and cyberterrorism initiatives.

The concern stems from the inability of international cyber surveillance agencies to pick up any chatter or planning on the internet or other communication networks about last Friday’s terror attacks. 375 more words


Fear of the government makes Americans more likely to reach for a gun

Americans are scared of the government. Political corruption is at the top of US citizens’ most common fears, according to a recent survey conducted by researchers at California’s Chapman University. 707 more words

Companies Choose Sides on Surveillance Legislation

There is a battle brewing on Capitol Hill over the future of data security and surveillance. The proposed law is called Cisa (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act). 658 more words

Regulation - What Is It Good For?

10.23.15: Cyber Terrorism

The Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) filed a lawsuit in the United States today against the website DolarToday.com. The lawsuit alleges that the website engages in  455 more words