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Of all fictionalized planets
I may have boosted Cybertron.

It is the setting where drones became androids into thinking machines. Asimov coined the self preservation of the programming of robotics itself in the second commandment of his Robotics. 314 more words


Transformers Cybertron: Red Alert and Cannonball by Hasbro

As threatened promised, Transformers Thursdays are going to be all about the Unicron Trilogy this February and today I’m going to stick with the Cybertron… 924 more words

Transformers Cybertron: Crosswise and Smokescreen by Hasbro

I am officially declaring February “Unicron Trilogy Month” because I don’t forsee myself picking up any new Transformers for a little while and I really need to start clearing out some of these totes of change-o-bots that I’m not keen on keeping anymore. 856 more words

Heading to TFNation August 19-21!

I am pleased to announce that I will be making my way “across the pond,” as they say, to TFNation in Birmingham, England this August 19-21! 42 more words

Richard Newman

The Unicron Trilogy Part Three - Cybertron

The last leg of the trilogy, Cybertron, known in Japan as Transformers Galaxy Force, this series was under a lot of pressure from the offset to not fuck up like Energon and Armada before it, would the world be subjected to three bad shows in a row (Two and a half, Armada did redeem itself in the end) or would Cybertron be the salvation of this trilogy? 2,147 more words

Transformers Cybertron: Hot Shot and Excellion by Hasbro

It’s likely that next week I’ll have a new figure to look at for Transformers Thursday, but in the meantime, I’m rolling up my sleeve and digging into one of the Unicron Trilogy totes for this week’s feature. 893 more words

Review: Transformers-Dark Cybertron

Written by John Barber and James Roberts

Art by Atilio Rojo (Cybertron), James Raqiz (Lost Light crew), Livio Ramondelli (Dead Universe), Brendan Cahill (Chapter 1, Chapter 11, Finale), Nick Roche, Robert Gill, Andrew Griffith, Alex Milne… 693 more words

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