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The 'Transformers' Cinematic Universe Just Added Two 'Ant-Man' Writers

The ridiculousness that is the ever-expanding Transformers shared universe just expanded a little bit today. Not only are The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman and several other franchise writers involved, but two more of Marvel’s own have been welcomed into the hold, according to… 166 more words


Masterpiece Star Saber!!!

Today we have an actual Transformer! Hell, not just any one though, oh no…Master Piece Star Saber! For those not familiar with the character, he was in one of the final Japanese series, Victory. 942 more words



Now I have fans who say, “We are so sorry, Michael Bay, you still suck but we love you.” That’s what the director of “Transformers” told Simon Ang during an interview in Seoul. 891 more words

Is it cause he's yellow? (Why do kids like Bumblebee so much?)

Unfortunately Netflix lost the agreement to Hasbro for all the old Transformers, so therefor I cannot watch it any more. However I am sure that Hulu will end up carrying the new series that is coming out this month (April 2015). 387 more words

Optimus Prime

The new Transfomers series

I am very excited! This is because I found out that there will be a new Transformers series coming out. It takes places after the last series that the Transformers had, Transformers Prime. 188 more words

Optimus Prime