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Breaking down 5 technologies of the next decade

Although we are living in exciting times with science and technology thriving, we have never done true justice to the power of scientific discovery and innovation. 1,052 more words


What Internet brought to us

Cyberworld’ the man-made portal to affect the mass through media. Media that is Graphical (i.e. Text, Pictures etc.) or Non-Graphical (i.e. Audios) or often the combination of both such as Videos, Games etc. 737 more words

Gaurav Kautkar

Current Generation's Obsession with Social Media

Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo, MySpace?, ETC!

The constant question getting asked around is: “What is up with the consistent usage of Social Media?” WHY. 467 more words


Living in an Algorithmic World

Back in the good ol’ days, we just shouted at the photocopier that we were sure was out to get us, as it ate the only hand-typed copy of our document.  627 more words


Survival in the Cyber World: How to Shield Your Privacy

The cyber world has made the lives of many people easier and simpler. It made tasks manageable and communication convenient. Through Internet, the world has shrunk into a fist-ball size that traveling around it can just be made with a single click using the computer mouse. 739 more words

Cyberspace + Crime

Privacy is at risk and you is at stake
Crime exist everywhere as you can be fake
Links reality to cyberspace
From social to virtual space, 43 more words