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Come play with me, love

You, a David Addison

And me, Maddie Hayes

Paying homage this Valentine’s Day to my all-time favorite TV romance with a little haiku, as one is wont to do. 51 more words

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver was released 40 years ago today. #taxidriver #movies #scorsese #deniro pic.twitter.com/F7APxtOHDS

— Rhys Tranter (@RhysTranter) February 8, 2016


Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd modelling for Cover Girl. This image was sourced from an advertisement featured in an October 1971 edition of Vogue (from my personal collection); 1971 was the same year Ms. 13 more words



You don’t see a whole lot of telethons anymore. That’s probably a good thing. Though I don’t doubt the amount of good that some of these charity events did in raising funds for needy organizations, they often represented television at its worst. 843 more words


Taxi Driver

I actually never had a desire to review this…considering that I just saw it last month. But, I think the reason I don’t want to give a full review is because this movie ruined me for a week and a half. 367 more words


AFI #95 - The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show


Directed by Peter Bogdanovich

Netflix says: There’s not much to do int he windswept Texas hamlet of Anarene, where the town’s only cinema is about to close forever. 297 more words