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Supergirl 6 review

In the last 5 issues, Supergirl’s spent her time between trying to adjust to her new foster parents, trying to live a normal life on Earth and fighting Cyborg Superman, who happens to be her Kryptonian father. 590 more words

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Supergirl 4

Today, Patrick and Mark are discussing Supergirl 4, originally released December 14. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Patrick: Hey, why do we hate midichlorians so much? 1,447 more words

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Supergirl 4 review

Cyborg Superman has gone mad. Supergirl’s New 52 series revealed that Cyborg Superman is in fact Kara Zor-l’s father, resurrected by Brainiac. He’s got some of Superman’s powers in addition to his technological abilities, but no true emotion. 516 more words

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8: Medusa

Setelah Jeremiah Danvers kembali pada episode lalu maka mid-season finale ini kedatangan Eliza Danvers yang berkunjung ke National City untuk acara Thanksgiving. Episode yang bersifat sebagai pembuka… 348 more words


The Phantom Zone Podcast - Episode 008: I'm Cyborg Supermang

The Phantom Zone discusses Network oversight and Cyborg Superman . Also, Kevin Smith Return to The Flash is discussed.

Official Theme Song by Erik Dudley. 20 more words


Supergirl Season 2 "Medusa" Recap

In the spirit of this being Supergirl’s Thanksgiving episode, I want to say I am thankful for the following: the chemistry between Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, Alex finally getting the girl, the return of Eliza, and some David Harewood versus David Harewood action. 1,273 more words

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A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Medusa” (Mid Season Finale & Crossover Primer)

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ever since we first saw Supergirl and The Flash crossover last season in “World’s Finest”, we’ve been dreaming of a massive crossover between… 1,535 more words

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