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Henry Henshaw (Cyborg Superman)

During the Supergirl trailer we meet also the last recurring character of the series, Hank Henshaw, portrayed by David Harewood. In the show, he’ll be a former  1,096 more words


Action 901- Reign of the Doomsdays begins

Kenneth Rocafort and Jesus Merino join Paul Cornell as Reign of the Doomsdays begin, in Action 901 (July 2011).

Superboy, Supergirl, Steel, the Eradicator and the Cyborg Superman as well as Superman battle and battle against the Doomsdays. 51 more words

Action 738 - a new villain, an old one, and Jimmy on the run

Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan Jr become the new creative team with Action 738 (Oct. 97).

Superman returns to Earth, as this issue follows from the conclusion of the Genesis crossover series.  125 more words

Action 717 - Superman gets caught

Michelinie, Dwyer and Rodier continue with the Trial of Superman in Action 717 (Jan. 96).

The Cyborg Superman is working for the H’tros, and is out to capture Superman, Mope, and the other escapees.  54 more words

Action 691 - assault on Engine City

The Reign of the Supermen moves towards its finale in the Stern, Guice and Rodier story in Action 691 (Sept. 93).

Lots of explosions in this story.  176 more words

Atomic Avenue Top sellers as of 3/13/2015

Superman 78 – Hank Henshaw cover, With the Cyborg Superman announced for the Supergirl show his appearances are starting to move.  This one has a large print run thanks to the death of Superman run. 64 more words