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I came across a rumor regarding Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One. It was said that even though we will see the Dark Lord of the Sith in all his glory, he may be injured while fighting the rebels. 199 more words

25 Craziest Real Life Cyborgs

Just like machines, humans are also mechanical, but not in the sense that they literally have gears, devices and wires built into them. However, what happens when that which is natural starts to blur the lines with the artificial? 11 more words


Another season of 'Luke Cage' coming soon as 'Aquaman' prepares to swim out in 2018

It’s a day of confirmations and good news for fans of both Marvel and DC. 

Marvel kicked off the exciting day when it confirmed another season for the invincible hero, … 280 more words


Travelling Sound Experience

Looking from some perspective, the whole process of this cycle it has been a long journey of constant research and making trials. Joining together all the thoughts and working with the group to develop the final products has been a challenge with such a short amount of time, but it has been a whole new learning process. 475 more words

Augmented Bodies

By Order

My name is Vantu.  I am a composite man, a cyborg from a family of ignorant tradesmen toiling for bread in Region Three, where the tortured ground took less radiation and disease than other places during the Thousand Years’ Horror but still struggles to produce useful crops.  3,561 more words

Science Fiction

Aquaman Working Title Revealed

Director James Wan and star Jason Momoa are currently working on Aquaman and also doing social media promotion. Something else that came out of all this was the reveal of Aquaman’s working title. 91 more words