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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Known as one of the best mechanics in New Bejing, Linh Cinder runs a mechanic stall at the local market. One day, Cinder is sought out by Prince Kai to fix a personal android of his that stopped working abruptly. 384 more words

Book Reviews


Numerous outlets have written about the amazing story of James Young (Polygon, The Independent, Gizmodo, etc). Now that the official documentary is out in the UK, you can see the amazing prosthetic developed under the codename “The Phantom Limb Project”, a collaboration of the Alternative Limb Project and Konami. 46 more words


On Forwards and Cyberpunk

Many Forwards, Introductions, and Continueds, are stuffy. They do one of two things, typically. Either they don’t address the topic of the work that follows thoroughly enough, or else they reveal far too much, depriving the reader of an otherwise exciting exploration into the text. 273 more words


People Care Too Much About Cyborg's Steroid Past

Cris “Cyborg” Justino is an elite female mixed martial artist who once got caught using steroids.

It could be fairly argued that because she’s a woman who has gotten caught doing this, she’s had to face outsized criticism compared to the many, many high level males who’ve done the same. 13 more words

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“We live in a cyborg society. . . . This blog chronicles our new, augmented reality.” At Cyborgology, writers, academics, and sociologists explore both the promise and the perils of living in constant contact with technology.