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Reeve thinks big in this British prizewinner, envisioning a distant future in which immense mobile cities roar over continent-sized wastelands, preying on each other. 193 more words

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Starred Review. Grade 5–7—Reeve’s “Hungry City Quartet” (HarperCollins) remains a landmark of visionary steampunk imagination, with a future where traction cities roll about chasing down smaller cities, which they devour for parts in an exercise called Municipal Darwinism. 232 more words

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Walker and Reis Deliver Big Again in Cyborg #2 (Review)

If you missed last month’s review of Cyborg #1, click here to read it or click here to follow on Twitter for updates about new posts. 1,073 more words


Episode 104: Everybody's gone to the rapture... sort of

Alas, the world has conspired to kick all of our asses this week so sadly, we’re not able to podcast and bring you the sonic euphoria you have come to expect from our dulcet tones… So to make up for it we’re bringing you the episode in text form. 738 more words


Expanding the Horizons: Ghost in the Shell

This week I continued my autoethnographic reflection on Ghost in the Shell. Last week I examined the representation of Motoko as a female cyborg character in the film. 982 more words


Mechanical and Cyborg Enhancements: GITS

Auto ethnography according to Carolyn Ellis, Tony E. Adams & Arthur P. Bochner is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno). 1,768 more words


When the special handwritten letter is no longer handwritten, is it still special?

Human-technology relationships have been growing steadily closer in many facets of life, physically augmenting our bodies, through technologies such as the hearing aid, intellectually stimulating our thoughts, by giving us access to great wealths of information through the internet, and socially enhancing our experiences with other people, as we can be connected, even when in different hemispheres, through mobile phone technology. 688 more words