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Spider-Who Part 31: Cyborg Spider-Man

The Sinister Six has reformed, this time being led by Doctor Octopus who has just gotten adamantium octo-arms. This time the villainous team consists of Electro, Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, and Hobgoblin. 137 more words

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The Coming Merge Of Human And Machine

For most of the past two million years, the human brain has been growing steadily. But something has recently changed. In a surprising reversal, human brains have actually been shrinking for the last 20,000 years or so. 2,493 more words

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[Colleague_2.1 and 2.0 also available]

09:22 Broomer, Kyle wrote:
Busy this morning hey? Missed our 9 o’clock catch-up the day we have SERIOUS news! Pop round my desk when you’re free… 522 more words

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Nerd Updates #015

News or rumours on Bayblade, American Horror Story, Harry Potter spin-off, Wonder Woman, and DC redesigns.

Remember Bayblades? Those spinning tops made by Hasbro that hit each other till one stopped? 676 more words

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The New Cyborg: Downgrade?

DC Comics is in the midst of changing the looks of a several of its characters. In fact, the entire line up of the Justice League, with the exception of Shazam, are getting major costume overhauls. 424 more words

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