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Hard Justice! - Thoughts on the 'Justice League' trailer

Howdy amigos!

It feels like such a long time ago since we last saw any footage from the DCEU’s mega team-up movie, ‘Justice League’. On the podcast, we discussed in length the… 1,221 more words


The Illusion of Hope: A Brief Analysis of the Justice League Trailer

Possibly one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the decade, The Justice League has just released its second trailer and the world seems to be basking in its glory. 307 more words

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Trailer Breakdown for Justice League

It’s common knowledge that the best thing for anyone’s worldview is to develop a habit of gratitude. It’s not always easy to cultivate; however,¬†life just gives you things sometimes. 1,179 more words


An Obligatory Report on the Justice League Trailer

Somewhere in the space-time continuum, there is a parallel Earth in which I’m excited for the upcoming Justice League movie.

The titanic turds Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were strikes one and two; time will only tell if Wonder Woman will be the third or if it will break the mold and be the first good DC movie since at least 2012 by my reckoning. 313 more words


Justice League Trailer Released

As was touted on social media for days, we finally have an official theatrical trailer for Justice League. Yep, it’s basically everything a DC Comics fan needs it to be. 198 more words