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Manborg (2011)

Canada’s Astron-6 film collective literally made this film in their basements.

Yep.  You read that right.

Think of it as a deliberately silly homage to the sort of direct-to-video nonsense Full Moon used to make back in the 80s and 90s: a cyborg warrior, created to face off against the hordes of demonic invaders who have conquered the earth, fights stop motion monsters with the help of a ragtag group of human warriors and, of course, flying bikes. 101 more words

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…but that had never stopped her from faking it before”.

Lunar Chronicles

It hadn’t occurred to me to think that by the time Kai met Cinder, he was already dealing with a lot of s**t… From his dad getting sick and his eminent emperor-ship, and the Lunars descending on him and threatening him with war or marriage… And how unsettling it must have been for him to meet this girl he’s so attracted to right at this moment in his life. 28 more words

Lunar Chronicles


Human and animal, man and machine, the arts and the sciences. On the surface we may appear to live in a world that is structured around opposites. 405 more words

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Remote-Controlled Eyebrows for Your Birthday

We’re not sure that ’s dad actually requested remote-controlled eyebrows for his birthday, but it looks like it’s what he got! As points out, his father does have very expressive eyebrows, and who knows, he could be tired of raising and lowering them by himself. 153 more words

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