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Humans are such easy prey

Traversing galaxies alone, I do as I am instructed.

Terminate all life on sight. Always terminate on sight.

I will not stop until my mission has been removed from The Program.

Visual Culture

In which I re-write the Justice League movie

Last November, I was busy creating a tiny human and so did not have time to go to the theater for Justice League.  I finally got around to seeing it a few weeks ago, and in general I felt the same about it as I did about the other DC movies: there was a good movie in there somewhere.  1,186 more words

General Nerdiness

Random Sketch: Ninja Seals are about to witness something highly irresponsible...or really cool!

Random Sketch: Ninja Seals are about to witness something highly irresponsible…or really cool! Get your swords ready, because bad decisions make great stories!

Drawn by Joe Yang… 7 more words


Chapter 6: Meeting in The King's Head

“This is Ellen. I told you I’d met someone, and this is she.” John smiled encouragingly at Ellen who was standing back, looking awkward. She sidled up to the corner table and now shook Nick’s hand, which was cold. 3,303 more words

It's Good For You


There are new innovations in development known as powered exoskeletons. These suits can be used for either medicinal or military purposes. With the medicinal applications, exoskeletons can be used to help patients who are physically impaired and have difficulty moving on their own. 142 more words

Simply Cyborg

In anticipation for Action Comics #1000, I figured I draw DC characters for this week’s theme. First up is Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, former member of the Teen Titans, recent member of the Justice League. 9 more words