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Stockholm ABCs: ABBA, bicycles, and coffee


While I admit that was too vain to ask for directions from the achingly cool hipsters and confirm my fatally uncool status, the 12 year old in me that was OBSESSED with ABBA would not allow me to spend time in Stockholm without visiting the ABBA museum. 515 more words

All Of The Things

Part 4: Fundraising Incentives

This is part four in our series, Organizing a Charity Fundraising Team for Athletic Events. Check out last week’s post on Gathering Sponsors. 635 more words


Another Letter from Your Bike

Dear Sir,

I know that it has been a while since my last correspondence. I don’t want to bother you, seeming that you are so busy. 391 more words


I Guess I'm a Badass Then... (Rule #9 Says So)

Weather, Schmeather! “It’s only water” is my usual reply to people when they see me coming in from a rainy ride. Cold weather? Yeah, done that too. 84 more words


Cycling contributes to living a younger mental state

The results of this study published in “Journal” on the physiology show, riding a bike can not only keep the nerve’s sensitivity, also needs to fully mobilize the multiple body systems, such as muscle, heart and lung, thus helping to maintain overall health. 210 more words


Engineering grad still bikes 45 kilometers for work everyday!

Dan Dyck recently graduated from McMaster’s well-respected Faculty of Engineering and soon landed a quality control job at a firm in Burlington. He’s raking in more money than ever before (similar to many recent grads and their first jobs) but it still determined to live under his means and pay off his debt quickly. 35 more words

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