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Biracial Butterfly

WEEK 8: Biracial Hapas

WHAT at Hawaii being the international destination but whatever. A massive improvement from the shoots we had the past few weeks. I kind of like the concept of the shoot, they had to portray women with mixed heritage. 1,089 more words


Bonakid Pre-School

WEEK 7: Covergirl Commercials

First and foremost expect very short write-ups. The photoshoot was replaced this episode with a covergirl commercial. I don’t like ranking commercials and I’m actually having doubts whether I should rank them or not but I decided to do so. 633 more words


Kung Fu Panda

WEEK 6: Ninja Warriors

I’m fine with this. The way the shots were edited together could’ve certainly been better but can’t complain much lol. The idea of the photoshoot was kind of cool but the outcome of the edited shots aren’t that much of impressive. 838 more words


Cirque Mess

Week 5: Cirque de Soleil

From the best shoot of the cycle to the worst one, yes just like that. I like the styling and that’s it. 605 more words


Unravel That Beauty!

Week 4: Beauty Shot with Fabric

“Whoever gets best photo will be immuned,” What were you thinking Tyra? Of course you don’t need to tell us and the girls that lol. 1,494 more words


Dream On

Week 3: Elongating Oneself

This shoot is simple and it’s one of the reason why I like it. On the shoot, the girls were shown to be trying hard and posing over the top but the results are satisfying, although some did actually overdid the whole purpose of the shoot. 1,423 more words


Better in a Forest

WEEK 2: Posing Topless on a Horse

This time the girls go nude, and for some reason all of them just cheered when Jay revealed that. 1,445 more words