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Cycle 19!

We both really thought the last cycle was ‘THE ONE’ my husband even brought me a pregnancy test to do when I thought I was a week late, turns out I wasn’t late at all. 256 more words


Highest Achiever

After a long deliberation of the final 3 choosing the winner is kinda hard for me. I mean, all girls have done quite well throughout the season. 1,833 more words


North, South, East, Nine West

Week 11: Nine West Campaign

So we have reached our final week and I am so glad that I have finally finished ranking these photos. I got over ranking 12 photos every photo shoot, but it was fun I guess. 2,536 more words


Dreams Do Come True

Week 10: Dream Come True

So this is our second to last shoot… And to tell you the honest truth I’m over this cycle. I don’t think it’s the cycle itself, more or so the fact that I’m covering 12 pictures every photo shoot. 3,069 more words


Watch My Water Fall

Week 9: Waterfall Warriors

So we’re in our second shoot overseas and I’m actually pretty excited to rank these pictures. We have 6 girls who remain. 2,863 more words

Cycle 19

River of Love

Week 8: Love Triangles with Rob Evans

So here we are in the beautiful Jamaica where we have our first over seas shoot. The narrative follows a girl who is not only in love with her partner “Rob” but the other model in the photograph. 2,838 more words


Bad Girls Club

Week 7: High Fashion Mug-Shots

So these next few photo shoots I’m not really a big fan of. I mean they’re still pretty good, but because this cycle has many amazing photo shoots, I don’t really care for these next few. 3,013 more words