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Day 477 (Thailand Day 24)

I felt quite restless today. It seems cycle touring is a great way to feel as if you should always be doing something or getting somewhere. 134 more words


Day 476 (Thailand Day 23)

My body didn’t let me sleep in, so ingrained in my system is my 5.30am wake up time. I wasted some time on social media before getting onto my chores. 202 more words


Day 475 (Thailand Day 22)

I did it! I rode all the way into Bangkok city. I enjoyed the ride right until I got into the centre, by which time the adrenalin rush of crazy highway-riding had waned and I was tiring from concentrating so hard. 426 more words



I’m not done Montana yet, but I have a pretty crazy amount of photos to dump here. I don’t have much to say except the past week has been incredible weather and riding. 617 more words

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B(v)iking Scandinavia Part 2: Stockholm to Oslo

This is coming to you directly from the Oslo burbs. Which, unsurprisingly(?) are at the top of what Norwegians probably call hills, but we cursed as mountains as climbed them yesterday afternoon. 465 more words


Canada Day 19-23: Riding Golden to Lake Louise, Castle Mountain, Banff and Canmore

Canada Day 19: Riding Golden to Lake Louise and Castle Mountain

Today was the last day of climbing in the Rockies, I started nice and early and slowly worked through the first few hills. 1,243 more words

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Day 474 (Thailand Day 21)

My mission today was to ride further than I have ridden before. I need to check my previous stats but I might have succeeded. I got on the main highway and didn’t leave it until I turned off towards Samut Songkhram. 310 more words