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Top 10 Cycle Tours: (#9) Luberon

This post hasĀ been a while coming, but then it’s a long ride from the last entry in this list – New Zealand – to the foothills of the French Alps… 517 more words


Beast in a Box (Again)

Well, the ‘slow boat from Jakarta’ plan didn’t work out.

It proved to be too many things: too complicated (the Beast being treated as cargo and sent separately); too time-consuming (endless running between offices near the port); too tiring (language barriers and miming can wear you out) and too relatively expensive (24 hrs on the ship would cost the same as the ridiculously cheap hop between Jakarta and Singapore). 514 more words

Cycle Touring

Day 30, Halfway

I sit with a map of Europe in front of me. It is small, in the back of my 2015 diary. I have drawn a thin but bold pencil line through it, dictating both the route I have taken so far and the route I plan to take over the next 30 days or so. 302 more words

Rats, Knuckles & King Coconut

From the title of this blog you could be mistaken for thinking we’ve spent the last few weeks hauled up in a prison drama: Soap bars are dropped and Big Mama gets his way, hairy knuckles dish out tough love to double-crossing rats and a Rastafarian King Coconut is the don…in the meantime (soap bars aside) and back to reality, a rat ate my shoes! 1,073 more words

Cycling in Slovakia

When I first planned a route for this cycle trip I did not intend to cycle through Slovakia. At that point I had heard of the Eurovelo 6 but did not really know much about it and did not particularly plan to cycle it. 696 more words

Kashgar: A Bazaar Place - 6th Jan

We made it to Kashgar! On 29 December we arrived at our Grail – what kept us motivated through the wind, snow and trials of our final days in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. 1,897 more words

Cycle To The East

Show us your map of Tassie!

Therese finished work today- Yippee 12 months leave! So now we are excited, packed and ready to go. I have to say farewell to my girls (the 4 chickens) who are going to a new home courtesy of our comrades at… 179 more words

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