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Day 7 Caceres to Plasencia

Caveat Emptor 2: Travelling light as I am, I have left behind my DSLR. All photos are from my phone or iPad with the limitations that they have. 687 more words

The Cork Board

25 May 2015 - to Stockholm

I woke up at 07.00 excited about getting down to Stockholm, my first major milestone after Nordkapp, and time for a day off, or maybe even two if the mood takes me. 1,228 more words

Bicycle Touring

Mind-blowing Peace Options!!

Hello Dear Friends,

What an adventure!  I never know what is going to happen next and am constantly pulling myself back into the ‘present moment’…remembering not to think about how soon I’m going to get to the next turn…or where I’m going to sleep tonight…or some past annoyance that circles around my brain when it has nothing else to do. 740 more words

We're going on a bike ride !!!

We’re going on a bike ride…. It’s going to be a big one !!!

It’s funny how little ideas can suddenly become very big adventures. With finishing my four year university degree this summer and Ed having worked relentlessly for the past few months, we felt it was about time for a holiday. 731 more words


23 May 2015 - to Uppsala

I had a bit of a lie in after yesterday’s epic ride, not getting out of my den until 8 o’clock; what a luxury! I still felt tired however at least my legs didn’t feel stiff, just slightly achy knees, and a wonky hand, and a sore posterior. 1,410 more words

Bicycle Touring

Lightweight bike touring gear list..

Over time gear changes (mostly gets lighter), philosophy changes, bikes change and as a consequence so does my packing list for a bike trip. The last time… 1,488 more words


The Giro dogs and other animals

I’ve got a bit behind with the blog due to inclement weather since Padua, so apologies if I’ve ruined the story with my random Facebook updates. 1,591 more words