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I wouldn't do that, they said.

It was a dark winter’s night. The wind rustled treetops reaching into blackness and the floor of the valley was wet with melting snow. The only light, the warm glow from the windows of the solitary inn, cradled against the elements by the hillside. 472 more words

The Cork Board

Turkey to Bulgaria

We managed to cycle 5 straight days out of Istanbul. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. After being off the bikes for 2 months we managed to do normal mileage every day (with tons of rolling hills, our average elevation gain each day was between 600-900 metres). 1,037 more words

Rest day at Kawayu Onsen (Kansai)

Today I rested at camp. I have visited the riverside onsen, caught up on my blog, completed some projects for work, and cycled the 4.5km to Hongu to use the free wifi at the visitor centre to upload blog posts and email documents to work. 45 more words


Kumano Kodo Hongu Taisha to Koguchi (Kansai)

It stormed last night and I wake early to find the world awash with water. Everything is wet and soggy. Not inside my tent; just in the world outside. 2,143 more words


Shiramo-no-sato to Kawayu Onsen (Kansai)

I wake before the sun and am on the road as it crests the mountain range.

My first big decision of the day is whether or not to ride through a 1.5km (1 mile) long tunnel or whether to avoid it by following some steep mountain roads. 1,531 more words


Wakayama to Shirama-no-sato (Kansai)

I wake early with the grey light of dawn shining through my bedroom window. The rain looks like it has stopped and I can’t wait to hit the road. 1,405 more words


ECR Fettling

Given that I’m heading off to the mountains of Crete in 10 days time I figured I should probably spend a bit of time fettling the configuration of my ECR for what will be its shake-down cruise prior to a bigger journey at the end of the summer. 290 more words