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Let's get vehicular

The new edition of Cyclecraft was published last week. I haven’t had a chance to give it a good read yet, but at first glance it appears to contain much of the same dogma previous editions contained. 528 more words


The myth of incompetence

You won’t need me to tell you that John Forester is the ‘father of vehicular cycling’.

One of his biggest apparent obsessions is the notion that cycle tracks and cycle paths foster ‘incompetent’ cycling. 649 more words


A letter from Zohra

I recently chanced upon this amazing letter, written to the British Medical Journal, almost exactly 13 years ago.

Why do school children cycle on the continent, but not in the UK?

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Cycling on the pavement

I wrote a rather long piece a few months ago about a West Sussex County Times article entitled Councillor warns of road ‘peril’. This was an article that, for some reason,  decided to focus entirely on the dangers of ‘selfish cyclists’ who are using pedestrianised areas in Horsham, and which simultaneously managed to ignore completely the (acknowledged) dangers of reckless driving. 2,626 more words


West Sussex County Council member for Highways and Transport, Lionel Barnard, admits that Sussex roads are lethal for children attempting to cycle to school

Lionel Barnard, West Sussex County Council Cabinet member for Highways & Transport

I wrote recently about the plight of the villagers of Cowfold. West Sussex County Council is proposing to axe the number 86 bus through the village, which would leave the children of the village with no way to get to school, except by being ferried by motor vehicles. 494 more words

Road Safety

RAC driver helpfully adds realistic road conditions to a Bikeability lesson

My Bikeability class were practising right turns into a junction yesterday, on a reasonably quiet back street.

While we were doing this, an RAC breakdown driver – sensing that the road conditions under which we were performing this manoeuvre were decidedly unrealistic compared to the road environment UK cyclists would ordinarily have to deal with – considerately chose to help us out. 128 more words

Road Safety

The 'primary position' - putting UK cyclists between a rock and a hard place

Don’t worry if a driver is beeping at you. In fact, it’s good. It means the driver is aware of your presence, and has seen you.

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Road Safety