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Multi-linear or Cyclical Narrative

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  • a multi-linear narrative in which we see an intersection (of characters/places/objects, etc.), in whatever format or medium you like (a cartoon, a short video…)
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Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

I’ve written about the standard ketogenic diet (SKD) before and a modified version, the targeted ketogenic diet (TKD). The cyclical ketogenic diet, like the TKD is another variant of the keto diet, with an emphasis on athletic performance. 475 more words

Eating And Diet

Fashion is Cyclical

While having some ‘me’ time last weekend, I was channel surfing and a particular channel playing Hindi songs from the 70s caught my fancy. The lyrics, melodious tune, sweet singing, well choreographed and enacted songs were indeed a treat. 295 more words


The sound of silence

I was walking in the landscape
Of my crowded mind
Surrounded by noisiness
And poisonous commotion

Until I found a place
And peace of mind… 73 more words

Human Nature


something about traveling through space with two siblings? there were moments of it being me and moments of it being as though i were watching a television show–the accent was inconsistent–on my way to alaska–something foreign and removed about it–it was an extremely small town, isolated–people were uncertain about the new family–water from my sink wouldn’t flow–i was afraid i had broken it–i had a big bag of belongings–i think i was at a post office? 298 more words