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Floating Machine

Has you can see from this precise concept draw the idea it’s to create a floating machine that surf the sea. The inspiration for the movement came from the far (from Linz ) Japan. 154 more words

The female body is emotional

Without a doubt I have had the discussion of female problems associated with UTI’s, Bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections with over 400 women in the past two years.  2,188 more words


Leading Forward

There are times when I get into this trance or mood where I sort of know what to do. It maybe just a childish thought of mine but it connects me to an established path I once paved before me. 272 more words


Grey Matters

Blogging for beginners..

Over the past month/maybe a bit longer I have been  searching frantically for all the answers (and taking slight advantage of the free Wi-Fi at a quaint cafe down the road): 627 more words


Sharon M (Sharon), Ectopic Cushing's

I was diagnosed with Cushings in 2005. I had surgery in 2006 which required my lower right lung to be removed. Mine was rare because my symptoms cycled. 92 more words


When the Levees Broke: Dialing Zero

Although I know that the Gulf Coast represents a hotspot for hurricanes and other tropical storms, I did not have any knowledge of Hurricane Betsy in 1965. 278 more words

How to better macro economists & still make money on cyclical sector company?

Off late, I’ve been noticing some or other news about steel companies. Be it government action on Minimum Import Price (MIP) or inventory flush down across globe or uptick in demand in next cycle. 840 more words