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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention (Suleiman, 2002) is a strange film, “a deadpan comedy of sorts, almost silent, with touches of Tati and Keaton – and certainly quite unlike anything you’ll see about this region on the news” (Bradshaw, 2003). 1,066 more words

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Chronicle of a Disappearance

Chronicle of a Disappearance (Suleiman, 1996) is one of the most unusual films that I’ve ever watched. Normally I leave even the most abstract films with some sense of what happened, but when this one finished, I had no idea what I’d just watched. 962 more words

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Wednesday Wisdom - Thinking Words, #22, 2016

“…evils are not caused by God; rather, that they are a part of the nature of matter and of mankind; that the period of mortal life is the same from beginning to end, and that because things happen in cycles, what is happening now — evils that is — happened before and will happen again.” 170 more words


Floating Machine

Has you can see from this precise concept draw the idea it’s to create a floating machine that surf the sea. The inspiration for the movement came from the far (from Linz ) Japan. 154 more words

The female body is emotional

Without a doubt I have had the discussion of female problems associated with UTI’s, Bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections with over 400 women in the past two years.  2,188 more words


Leading Forward

There are times when I get into this trance or mood where I sort of know what to do. It maybe just a childish thought of mine but it connects me to an established path I once paved before me. 272 more words


Grey Matters

Blogging for beginners..

Over the past month/maybe a bit longer I have been  searching frantically for all the answers (and taking slight advantage of the free Wi-Fi at a quaint cafe down the road): 627 more words