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Cyclical Evaluation

After finally completing our second preliminary task, I am able to evaluate the final piece and the processes we went through to complete it.

I personally, am very disappointed with the outcome of this piece as I feel we put in A LOT of effort and the standard of work is very low. 317 more words

'Cyclical' Evaluation

Once all the planning, filming and editing processes were complete we compiled all the videos into once serif page and put them all together to give us a final product. 386 more words

considering cairos

I will spell (k)cairos with a “C” if I please. There’s something sensual in the way the “C” sound slips off the tongue – so near an “S” at its softest, and sharp like a hiss when it’s hard. 121 more words


Update 26/9/16 - 'Cyclical' Filming & Editing

After completing our planning for ‘Cyclical’ we jumped right in and began to start the filming process (which proved to be a very long one). We tried to be as organised as possible by writing down which shots we had done, and for what ‘life’ they were for in order to avoid confusion as to what we had filmed, and what needed to be. 332 more words

Update 20/9/16 - 'Cyclical' Planning

Since completing our first preliminary task, we have been re-assigned the same task as before, with the option to either complete the task with our previous partners and re-film the same scenes, or create a new group with new ideas in order to get a fresh start. 735 more words

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention (Suleiman, 2002) is a strange film, “a deadpan comedy of sorts, almost silent, with touches of Tati and Keaton – and certainly quite unlike anything you’ll see about this region on the news” (Bradshaw, 2003). 1,066 more words

Film Reviews

Chronicle of a Disappearance

Chronicle of a Disappearance (Suleiman, 1996) is one of the most unusual films that I’ve ever watched. Normally I leave even the most abstract films with some sense of what happened, but when this one finished, I had no idea what I’d just watched. 962 more words

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