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Bruce Lee inspired Linearity & Cyclical debate

When I first encountered Bruce Lee’s ‘Be Water’ philosophy circa 2002-2003, the internet was just beginning to buzz. Pre-social media times of course, (younger generation fathom a world without smart phones and WiFi). 1,228 more words

Linear vs. Cyclical Experiences

When a basil plant reaches its flowering stage it displays the beauty of the flowers as the pinnacle of its growth. It also begins to slowly die. 107 more words

Off The Mat

The Big Bad Bear Case

My aim with this article is to outline, with facts, large global structural issues that I believe everyone, bulls and bears alike, should be fully aware of. 4,470 more words

Market Analysis

Sundowning is not just an institutional thing

As soon as the sun goes down, my panic skyrockets and my flashbacks pick up stronger. They build each other up cyclically. The panic increases the flashbacks which increases the panic which increases the flashbacks and around it goes… add into the mix that the flashbacks trigger the self harm urges, which also feed into the loop, and I’m a mess shortly after dark. 144 more words

Three ways to deal with depressive thoughts

My depressive thoughts sometimes feel like being in a big grey cloud of “nothing matters, so why do anything”.

I asked my therapist for advice to deal with those thoughts, and she had three tips: 59 more words

Elephant Cycle

I’m working on a continuation of the Phoenix life cycle video.  In this part, an elephant sprays water that changes color as it moves.  Each frame is done with watercolor paint on paper. 60 more words