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RELEASE: "Cyclical" LP - Daktyl Brings Serenity to Reality

Daktyl’s been on my radar for a bit now and just like any low-key producer, hadn’t really come out with any EP’s or things of that sort that I could enjoy at once. 215 more words


IT'S THE REMIX: Alison Wonderland - U Don't Know

Before we discuss the 2 remixes, if U Don’t Know this track, then here’s the video, in which Alison Wonderland is all tied up & hey, it’s McLovin! 88 more words


What happens when we invent/discover something?

In a reality bound by laws, what is actually happening when we discover something? What happens when we “invent” a new object? What happens when we “invent” a new model of reality? 175 more words

Ups & Downs

Sacred Dance

In the beginning was
The frequency and vibration of
Will, or intention –
A field of tonal harmony (Ohm).
Space-Time; greatest of all inventions.
Like sand on a Plexiglas plate, 43 more words


This Ain't No Video Game (And I Think I Surpassed 140 Characters)

You can’t simply say #AllLivesMatter
It seems too many people
Went looking for a loophole
“What exactly do you mean by, ‘all’?”
They asked indignantly… 24 more words


Four Poems on the Four Seasons


Spring and the chill rain falling,
Softly drumming the trees,
Bushes and their leaves,
The world as gentle as a thrall… 428 more words


The 2000s Should Never Make a Comeback...

It’s a cold, rainy day in Boston (it snowed for little while….why) and while I was riding the age-old T and daydreaming, I began thinking of fashion’s cyclical nature—naturally. 255 more words