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Favorite Cycling Routes: The Carretera Austral (Chilean Patagonia)

The Carretera Austral is said to be the most popular cycling route in the world, and I can certainly see why! This Patagonian treasure is full of colorful clean rivers, beautiful snowy peaks, and easy wild camping opportunities around every bend. 964 more words


Rest Days, Imagination, and the Art of Slowing Down: The Carretera Austral

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” 

Kevin and I have taken the last few days off in order to fly fish and enjoy the beautiful rivers and lakes around us. 686 more words

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The Carretera Austral: The Beginning of a Cyclists Paradise

“Cycling can be lonely, but in a good way.”

The Carretera Austral (or route seven if you are looking at a map) which passes through rural Chilean Patagonia has been described by all as a cyclists paradise, and after just four days of cycling on it, I can definitely see why. 239 more words

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The A.C. Kaminski guide to the Carretera Austral.

Chile’s region of Aisén, also known as northern Patagonia, has never been my favourite. That is possibly because its unquestionable natural beauty always seems to be overshadowed by the difficulty of access (read: limited public transport along the Carretera Austral – Chile’s most challenging road), frequent bad weather and a proliferation of little provincial towns (even the word ‘town’ is too grand; ‘village’ is more like it) with little to offer in themselves. 2,074 more words



I have my first lie-in of the trip. The gendarme warned me that the boat to Villa O’Higgins will most likely be delayed by one day. 968 more words