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Out with the Old, Redux

As you may have guessed from the sparser-than-usual blog posts, I’ve been busy in recent weeks. In fact, my busyness has gone from being acute to becoming chronic: it seems as if for months now, I’ve been thinking that I just have to get through this week and then I will have time to do all the other things I need/like/want to do, only for the next week to arrive with fresh urgent priorities, and the sunlit uplands of the time when I will be able to garden again, or knit something, or even read more than the first few pages of the paper recedes further into that mythical future. 536 more words


Never on a Sunday

I have exciting plans for Friday, but they are of the ‘better to ask forgiveness than permission’ kind, so I shall refrain from posting them here just now, although I think it’s unlikely that the powers that be are monitoring me that closely.* However I do have other exciting plans for the weekend because it is the… 254 more words