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Lights, CAMERA, Action !

Most people detest the idea of the “Big Brother” type society, always being watched, monitored and effectively having your natural behaviour and reactions manipulated by the presence of the all-seeing eyes that we all have become oblivious to, that’s right cameras. 2,741 more words


Sports Safety Equipment

Because of injuries to sportsmen during various sporting activities, safety standards have been set by government, national health & public health organizations to identify risks and safety gear required in particular sports, whether action or high contact sports, to reduce risk of injuries which can be caused. 355 more words

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Improving the Cycling Safety of Our Children

Cycling is an amazingly rewarding activity, with the health benefits, freedom, and the communal aspect of the sport all contributing to its rapid growth over the past few years. 830 more words

Bicycle Melbourne

Get on Your Bikes and Ride

Get on your bikes and ride!

This time around we have a little introductory blog from PC 5815 Steve Hudson the “diesel engine” of the Safer Cycling Team. 1,166 more words


Helmets, speeding and cake!

Well then, after our little introduction last time around this is where the traffic blog begins in earnest. So let’s start with a subject that causes the foundations of social media to shake with the choruses of “Yays” and “Nays”, every time it gets a mention on our… 2,053 more words

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The wrong question

Want to spark a heated debate among cyclists? Ask if one should wear a helmet when on your bike. An extraordinary amount of time, energy and money is spent on arguing this issue. 321 more words


Disc brakes vs. Rim brakes

There are generally two kinds of brakes used for bicycles:

Disc Brakes:

Disc brakes can be either hydraulic or cable operated. Cable operated brakes are usually the entry level and are more economical in terms of cost. 283 more words